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Favorite Mod
theophelos  posted on May 11, 2008 10:39:49 AM - Report post

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himmm, first fav is project realtiy. 2nd is a mod called umm... forgoten hope 2 and yea, other mods i have played i forgot but there good to.
theophelos  posted on May 11, 2008 10:42:12 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Jupilaire

Well I've tried a lot of mods for Battlefield 2.

The first one was Mercenaries 7.0, it was great but a little bit to confused and easy. As the v0.8 came out there were to many bugs to play it correctly.

So I tried Allied Intent , now called AI X(tended). And it is amaaaaazing. More easy than BF2 in shooting, but the bots in SP are crazy headshooters lol . What makes AIX one of the best mod, is first the size and creativity of the maps. you have plane, tank and infantry maps as you want and pretty lot of them. THe second main advantage compared to BF2 is the equipment, like special forces or snipers have the grape to acces every rooftop, or the engineer or antitank who got a mortar, which is reaaaally deadly.

I tried some other mods like Airmod, which is a funny mod wherre everithing flys ! Ideal for pilots.

But I recently discovered an other mod : Project Reality 0.7
And without any hesitating this is tjhe best mod for me.
First its online. There is one imposed rule on all servers : Teamwork, if u dont get in a team and dont follow orders you're kicked out. Every team has got to work together. Then you have the equipmnent. You can choose the unlimited kits like engineer, rifleman or medic, but if you want to get sniper or Special forces or heavy riffleman or others, you need to request a kit at a rallypoint. What is a rallypoint ? As squad leadder and with the Officer kit , you can put rallypoints on the map, on the condition that at leat 2 mates are near you. The you will be able to respawn ont this point, because in PR0.7 you can only respawn at your mainbase or at those rallypoints set up by leaders and the commander
So this is a little part of what Project Reality looks like.
The other advantages are giant maps and the reality of the fight.
You move slowly and when you loose more then 50% of your health, you're beginning to bleed, and to loose your health, making that realistic with awfull suffering sounds and drunk player view lol. You got to wait for your medic to heal you.
With Project reality, BF2 becomes some Operation Flashpoint like that is really pointing on evry detail of reality there could be on the Battlefield.

To know more about that mode go to their wikipage:

So try AIX and Project reality .

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spawn points are as followed( u have stated some but forgot these) rally points, main bases, bunkers, firebases, and like normal, and CPs u control. but in insurgancy, spawn points is like every car there is (for the insurgants. anyways, thanks for stating this :P:P:P:P

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