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Armor Skills
domination  posted on Nov 30, 2007 12:33:42 PM - Report post

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Ok i chose this topic for some people that dont understand some skills on armor, and what it does.

Note: Not all armor skills will be on hear , only more questionable ones. And some Armor skills will be paraphrased.

Name: Points to Actvate: Skill Activation:

*Artisan + 10 Sharpness+1

Description: Allows weapons to reach maximum sharpness
in Bar.

*Sharp Sword + 10 Sharpness
*Blunt sword - 10 Sharpness

Description: Retains shapness longer.

*Fencing + 10 ESP

Description: Prevents attacks from being deflected.

*Gaurd +15 Gaurd+2
+10 Gaurd+1
-10 Gaurd-1

Description: While blocking , it takes less stemina , less damage , and less push back.

*Shapening skill +10 Shapening skl. Inc.

Description: Allows hunter to grind ounce with stone.

*Expert +20 Reckless abandon+3
+15 Reckless Abandon+2
+10 Reckless Abandon+1

Decription: Skill Increases Affinity percentage on weapons and is judged by weapons sharpness.

Additional Info.: Assuming that Affinity is 0.

Reckless Abandon+1 10% up (Blue shapness 15% , and white 20%
Reckless Abandom+2 20% up (Blue sharpness 25% , and white 30%
Reckless Abandon+3 30% up (Blue sharpness 35% , and white 40%

*Special Attack +10 Spc. ATK. UP

Decription: Skill increases status ailments like Stun , Sleep , and Poison.

*Element Attack +10 Elmt. Attack Up

Description: Increases elements like Fire , Water , Thunder , Ice , Dragon, Ect.

*Gaurd Up +10 N/A

Decription: Able to block all attacks like , Gravious Beam , Gas, Plesioth Beam , Fatalis Fireball Etc.

*Earplugs +10 Earplug
+15 High Earplug

Decription: Immunity to monster screams.

Additional info. Monsters that require EarPlugs: Garuga , Rathian , Rathalos , Lunastra , Teostra , Kushala Doara , Congalala , Blangonga , and Rajang.
High Earplugs: Khezu , Barsarios , Gravious , Diablos ,Monoblos , Tigrex , Lao Shan Lung , Fatalis , and Akantor.

*Wind Press +20 Dragon wind Breaker
+15 High wind press
+10 Low wind Press

Discription: Immune to certain wind affects.

Additional Info.: Monsters that require Dragon Wind Breaker: Kushala Doara , Chameleos , Lunastra , and Teostra.

Monsters that require High Wind Press: Rathalos , Rathian , Monoblos , Diablos , Tigrex , Lao Shan Lung , and Fatalis.

Monsters that require Low Wind Press: Kut Ku , Gypceros , Garuga , Kehzu , Barsarios , Gravious , Daimyo Hermitaur , and Showgun Ceanataur.

*Farsight +10 Auto Map
-10 no map

*Psychic Vision +15 Auto Track
+10 N/a

Description: Auto track Allows you to know where the monster is at all times and its behaviour. The lower version of Track is you need to paint ball it yourself and you can tell its behaviour.

Hope i was of somewhat help guys

MHserious  posted on Dec 01, 2007 1:18:54 AM - Report post

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[Edited by MHserious, 12/1/2007 1:19:36 AM]

Ladst3r  posted on Dec 01, 2007 7:47:03 AM - Report post

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originally posted by MHserious


[Edited by MHserious, 12/1/2007 1:19:36 AM]

dont spoil domination's work.

[Edited by Ladster, 12/1/2007 7:47:22 AM]

domination  posted on Dec 04, 2007 10:10:02 AM - Report post

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Ouch ! my pride I think i need a hug
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