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    Shinsen posted on Nov 22, 2007 9:55:25 AM - Report post
    I really believe the opinions expressed in the subject. Upon finding the messsage board on it, I was shocked no one posted on it! I LOVE this game!
    The plot of Lost in Blue is simple: 18-year-old boy Keith and 17-year-old girl Skye were both on a ship when it crashed in the middle of its voyage. Washing up on a beach, Keith scavenges for food and eventually finds shelter.
    The next day, when he wakes, he crosses the river to the east and discovers Skye, washed up in a lifeboat.
    In the end, Keith steps on Skye's glasses, thus rendering her useless for anything more than cooking and tending the fire. It is up to YOU, Keith, to scavenge, fish, and hunt for food, eventually getting off the island.


    It turns out the island is being used as a homebase for an illegal operation. Keith is able to contact help using a radio, hijack their boat using sea charts found in the Boss's room, or ship off in one of their crates. Many more ways to escape the island are supposedly out there. Upon the game's completion, Skye becomes a famous writer. Her book, based on her experiences with Keith, is a national best-seller. It describes her feelings for him...and Keith, just the average guy in the crowd, listens to her read it in the middle of a crowd...but he can't reach her now. He has no option but to walk away; how could someone like him bridge the gap between them? But in the very end, you see their envisionment of them back together, holding hands and gazing out at the sunset.

    Sad ending, beautiful ending. And it was a REALLY good game! The mechanics were perfect. You could spear fish or make a fishing pole, and a veteran of the game could actually tell what kind of fish was on the line by the directions in which it was pulled! The hunting was no less spectacular; trapping your first deer was an experience to behold, and spending hours hunting rabbits in the grasslands is a memory I'll treasure forever.

    I haven't found a better game for DS yet! 2007, and no competition. It earned a 'respectable' 8.0 in Nintendo Power, but it deserved more than that.

    No one seems to listen to prophets. I mean, you have to transform a stick into a snake to get attention, and the next day...

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