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Get ALL WEAPONS Right From Start:: Cheat
KingDaniel  posted on Nov 18, 2007 5:33:33 AM - Report post

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Hiya there,

OK,After a lot of experimenting I came to spawn ALL the weapons in this game. So,IF you wanna grab the weapons right from the START of the Game, follow these simple steps below.
PLEASE refer to my other Forum TOPIC titled 'Get ALL Ammo types:Cheat', for the method required to cheat/hack and spawn the different ammo types. The SAME method applies for SPAWNING the WEAPONS too.


So,OK, Go to your Bioshock/Content directory where Bioshock is Installed and then to the 'System' Folder. Under the System Folder Create a New Text Document(.txt) by any name you like. e.g: Weapons.txt or yourname.txt !

ADD the below given code in it and SAVE the file:

GiveWeapon ShockGame.Shotgun
GiveWeapon ShockGame.MachineGun
GiveWeapon ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher
GiveWeapon ShockGame.ChemicalThrower
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Pistol
GiveWeapon ShockGame.CrossBow

Please do NOT add any numbers like 1 or 99 after the code GiveWeapon.

NOW, go the User.ini file located in the \Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\Bioshock directory (For Windows XP) or \Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock (For Windows Vista).

((These are HIDDEN files in XP, so enable the option in Control Panel>Folder Options>View and select 'Show hidden files and folders')).
I don't have Vista,so the same should apply for Vista too?

NOW OPEN the User.ini file and now BIND any key under the [Default] section like
e.g F10=exec weapons.txt
or F10=exec yourname.txt or T=exec weapons.txt , depending on whatever name you have given.
Now save the User.ini file, and press the desired KEY in the Game to get all the WEAPONS the easy way.

SO,this way you get ALL the weapons RIGHT from the START of the game OR whenever you may wish.!

BUT,it's better to GRAB/spawn them in the level 'Welcome To Rapture' After you have taken the Pistol, to avoid any conflict with scripted game Events. I haven't tested and Played too far right now with this Cheat/Hack method,so IF you encounter any BUGS or CRASHES in the game, Please post any reply here. THANKS for that!

I didn't spawn the weapon CAMERA as that's needed to progress further in the game and to accomplish one objective.

So,please enjoy this for the time.There is another method to spawn and GRAB all the weapons,but that's too much technical and needs too much of editing.

Cheers and Regards,

[Edited by KingDaniel, 11/18/2007 6:48:19 AM]

fishy_joe  posted on Nov 18, 2007 5:43:50 AM - Report post

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GMR8365  posted on Dec 07, 2007 10:07:57 PM - Report post

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try this for all weapons:

GiveWeapon ShockGame.Wrench
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Pistol
GiveWeapon ShockGame.MachineGun
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Shotgun
GiveWeapon ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher
GiveWeapon ShockGame.ResearchCamera
GiveWeapon ShockGame.ChemicalThrower
GiveWeapon ShockGame.CrossBow

and this for all ammo:

GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Pistol_Bullet
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Pistol_AntiPersonnel
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Pistol_ArmorPiercing

GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.MachineGun_Bullet
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.MachineGun_ArmorPiercingBullet
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.MachineGun_FrozenBullet
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.MachineGun_RubberBullet

GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Shotgun_00Buck
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Shotgun_IonicBuck
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Shotgun_HighExplosiveBuck

GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_FragGrenade
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_RPG
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_StickyGrenade

GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Film

GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_Kerosene
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_LiquidNitrogen
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_IonicGel
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_Accelerant

GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Crossbow_Bolt
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Crossbow_TrapBolt
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Crossbow_SuperHeatedBolt
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Crossbow_ArmorPiercingBolt
GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Crossbow_DiseaseBolt

for slots to plasmids:

GiveItem ShockGame.ActiveGeneticSlotUpgrade

GiveItem ShockGame.PhysicalGeneticSlotUpgrade

GiveItem ShockGame.EngineeringGeneticSlotUpgrade

GiveItem ShockGame.WeaponsGeneticSlotUpgrade

GMR8365  posted on Dec 07, 2007 10:14:00 PM - Report post

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And this for all plasmids(ver. 1.0) with some bugs:

GiveItem ShockGame.ActivePlasmid

GiveItem ShockGame.AirBlast
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.AirBlastTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.BerserkRage
GiveItem ShockGame.DecoyHuman
GiveItem ShockGame.ElectricBolt
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.ElectricBoltTwo
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.ElectricBoltThree
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.ElectricBoltZero
GiveItem ShockGame.IcicleAssault
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.IcicleAssaultTwo
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.IcicleAssaultThree
GiveItem ShockGame.Incineration
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.IncinerationTwo
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.IncinerationThree
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.IncinerationZero
GiveItem ShockGame.InsectSwarmPlasmid
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.InsectSwarmPlasmidTwo
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.InsectSwarmPlasmidThree
GiveItem ShockGame.LifeDrain
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.LifeDrainTwo
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.LifeDrainThree
GiveItem ShockGame.SecurityBeacon
GiveItem ShockGame.SpringboardTrap
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.SpringboardTrapTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.SummonProtector
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.SummonProtectorTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.Telekinesis
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.TelekinesisTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.Teleportation

GiveItem ShockGame.BioAmmoEfficiency
GiveItem ShockGame.BoozeHound
GiveItem ShockGame.Bloodlust
GiveItem ShockGame.ChameleonBlood
GiveItem ShockGame.FastTwitch
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.FastTwitchTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.GeneticHacker
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.GeneticHackerTwo
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.GeneticHackerThree
GiveItem ShockGame.HealthyConsumer
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.HealthyConsumerTwo
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.HealthyConsumerThree
GiveItem ShockGame.MedHypoOmnisynthesis
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.MedHypoOmnisynthesisTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.MedicineFriendly
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.MedicineFriendlyTwo
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.MedicineFriendlyThree
GiveItem ShockGame.NearSightedCameras
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.NearSightedCamerasTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.OrganicPockets
GiveItem ShockGame.ThoroughScavenger
GiveItem ShockGame.Revival
GiveItem ShockGame.RevivalTwo

GiveItem ShockGame.AlarmExpert
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.AlarmExpertTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.EfficientCrafter
GiveItem ShockGame.ElectronicsExpert
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.ElectronicsExpertTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.ExtendedShutdown
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.ExtendedShutdownTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.HackingExpert
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.HackingExpertTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.ProlificCrafter
GiveItem ShockGame.SecuritySystemsExpert
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.SecuritySystemsExpertTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.ShorterAlarm
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.ShorterAlarmTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.SlowFlow
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.SlowFlowTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.StationExpert
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.StationExpertTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.VendingExpert
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.VendingExpertTwo

GiveItem ShockGame.ArmoredBody
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.ArmoredBodyTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.ChargedBursts
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.ChargedBurstsTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.DeepResearcher
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.DeepResearcherTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.ElectricBody
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.ElectricBodyTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.EyeForDetail
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.EyeForDetailTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.FreezingNimbus
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.FreezingNimbusTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.MachineBully
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.MachineBullyTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.MeleeMaster
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.MeleeMasterTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.SneakAttack
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.SneakAttackTwo
GiveItem ShockGame.SuperHeated
GiveItem ShockDesignerClasses.SuperHeatedTwo

GiveItem ShockGame.AggressorBuff
GiveItem ShockGame.DelayGathererAlarm
GiveItem ShockGame.EnvironmentResetting
GiveItem ShockGame.GathererAttractant
GiveItem ShockGame.GathererBuff
GiveItem ShockGame.HighPressureArmor
GiveItem ShockGame.HighPressureConservation
GiveItem ShockGame.HighPressureEntropicDampening
GiveItem ShockGame.HighPressurePlasmidSynergy
GiveItem ShockGame.HighPressureSecCrateAccess
GiveItem ShockGame.LocalizedHighPressure
GiveItem ShockGame.LocalizedLowPressure
GiveItem ShockGame.LowPressureArmor
GiveItem ShockGame.LowPressureConservation
GiveItem ShockGame.LowPressureEntropicDampening
GiveItem ShockGame.LowPressurePlasmidSynergy
GiveItem ShockGame.LowPressureSecCrateAccess
GiveItem ShockGame.ProtectorBuff

GiveItem ShockGame.TestPlasmidA
GiveItem ShockGame.TestPlasmidB
GiveItem ShockGame.TestPlasmidC

all this stuff i take from: Bioshock\Content\ConfigINI.IBF(open with simple notepad)

irmrbean  posted on Dec 08, 2007 5:39:29 AM - Report post

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Could this same method be used to fix the Lot 192 thing if you forgot to turn the trainer off? something like
GiveItem -1 ShockGame.Lot_192

id try it myself but i cant get the ammo cheats to work with steam version

jstgtpaid  posted on Jan 04, 2008 2:43:17 PM - Report post

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Thank you KingDaniel for your excellent cheat codes and information!

Also, thank you GMR8365 for your contributions to the list and pointing us to the config file...

I have used the cheats to obtain all the weapons and I have used the ammo cheats to get most of the ammo, but there are two types of ammo that are still blacked out and I don't believe that I have the correct code to obtain them. The ammo types that appear to be missing are the HighExplosiveBuck for the shotgun (the third ammo type for the shotgun) and the stickygrenade for the grenade launcher (the second ammo type for the grenade launcher). I have used the following codes for ammo, but those two types remain blacked out.

GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_FragGrenade
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_RPG
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_StickyGrenade
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_LiquidNitrogen

GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_00Buck
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_IonicBuck
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_HighExplosiveBuck

I am using the retail CD version that has been patched to 1.1.

Thanks in advance for your help!

fnog  posted on Jan 10, 2008 10:20:13 AM - Report post

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Ok My only question is.

Is there any way to make it so that when you use the research camerra that it always gets a HUGE ammount of proggress done on the research bar? Or make it so that it gets fully researched with one photo?

Im going to eventually import the modifications to my 360 once I see that everythign is bug free.

AQT  posted on Feb 03, 2008 2:57:24 PM - Report post

Premium Plus
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These are cool, guys!

Is there a way to make all of the weapons be upgraded? (the weapon-upgrade vender thing)

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