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Clive Barker's Jericho CH Trainer
DABhand  posted on Oct 29, 2007 6:22:18 PM - Report post

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Whats next cal, make one that moves and shoots for you :P

But good work on the key presses, sometimes not that easy

dh19440113  posted on Oct 29, 2007 11:52:29 PM - Report post

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This game has so much potential, but the level designer mess it up. A team based fps don't work in a game with narrow corridors and clastrophobic space. Team member dies too easily. I tried to beat the game without cheat, but all you do is revive team members, you don't get to shoot your just a medic.

The designer needs to take a look at hellgate london non linear level/sidequests, quake wars/unreal tournament for defensive warfare and team cohesion, with a little serious sam's enemy hoarding.

[Edited by dh19440113, 10/29/2007 11:58:22 PM]

Shatsky  posted on Oct 30, 2007 12:27:55 PM - Report post

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Well spoken indeed.

I as well saw GREAT potential in this game, and to be honest i dont think its that bad.

The graphics are absolutely stellar, as well as the environments, obviously its no Doom3 or Bioshock but i thought the environments were pretty damn well done.

As far as the teamplay goes i definately agree that the narrow streets need to go, that or they have to turn FF OFF!
As mentioned above, the moment you get into a firefight you play medic, or you lose.

Which somewhat defeats the purpose of the team based(ness).

One thing you may want to try is positioning your squads prior to firefights, they give you this option for that reason. Put the squad with black and church in the back and they will snipe a majority off them.

Priority Number 1 Is to ALWAYS keep Rawlings (the priest) alive at ALL costs, the reason being is he heals people as well thus giving you more time to kill stuff.

All in all i thought this game was great until i got stuck at the second roadblock (2 flamethrowers, you need jones to get those monsters to blow up the gas tank behind the door).
And yea these kind of little tasks are completely unneeded.
I couldnt pass it and LUCKILY this site offered a trainer.

Here i am!

greenarrow2k6  posted on Oct 30, 2007 7:16:43 PM - Report post

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The newly updated number 4 option is not working for me. There is no auto sequence of keys pressing by the trainer - s scene where you have to destroy multi machine gun turrets. Anyone having such a problem?

Oh yes, no reload option will be great.

Saatana1982  posted on Oct 31, 2007 12:11:21 AM - Report post

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I have the same problem as Greenarrow2k6 the trainer option 4 does not work and i am getting frustrated on the reaction sequencies that the game seems to give front of you constantly.

I am using the retail version of the game i tried it with and without no-cdpatch and i followed the instructions to the letter started trainer first pressed f1 and tried to run the game first then trainer but no affect on the working of the trainer either way.

All the other options work just fine except the 4th option.

Thank you kindly for the trainer much appreciated (had to take nervous break after "the Children" tough).

Oh and little warning when you get to a spot that has these pressure plates you need to press do not cross the pit untill you have made sure two of your guys stand on the plates because atleast i was unable to change my character after i crossed the pit and there seems to be no way to get back to move your characters on the other side.

[Edited by Saatana1982, 10/31/2007 12:15:21 AM]

PWizard  posted on Oct 31, 2007 5:24:32 AM - Report post

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I had a little trouble with this option too. I would activate F1 and 4 at the main menu, start a new game and when I made it to the first action sequence I would die. However, if I went back to the title menu (quitting current game, not just pausing), activated 4 again then continued the game from where I left off, the option worked fine. Can you guys try that?

[Edited by PWizard, 10/31/2007 5:25:12 AM]

Caliber  posted on Oct 31, 2007 5:26:27 AM - Report post

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for option 4, this is the way i programmed it:

1) Run the trainer
2) Run the Game
3) Get to the Main Menu (has Campaign, Bonus, etc. listed)
4) Press F1 to activate the trainer (hear activated)
5) Press Numpad 4 to activate Auto QTE (hear activated)

6) Start a new or Continue your Campaign!

If you do not do it at the Main Menu, then Auto QTE will not work. Pressing option 4 during the sequences has no effect, it must already be activated before you start from the Main Menu-

Is anyone seeing this option work? I played the game for hours with it- Really helped when killing lava worm thingies, etc.

Hope this helps!

Edit: Thanks for the info Pwiz- not sure why it would need to be activated twice, but thanks for your info. One reason might be that you press the Numpad 4 so quickly after Pressing F1. Perhaps, there needs to be a pause between the two after you hear "activated". Wait a second or two while the trainer is accessing the game and then press Numpad 4.

[Edited by Caliber, 10/31/2007 5:28:28 AM]

[Edited by Caliber, 10/31/2007 5:30:02 AM]

fault2k  posted on Oct 31, 2007 5:41:28 AM - Report post

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yeah hear this game is great if i get it ill be sure to upgrade mt pro to a lifetime member ship
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