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Winter Assault 1.51 CH Trainer
Gothicknight  posted on May 16, 2008 11:01:49 PM - Report post

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Great trainer. Thank you very much. Would love to see and instant build/reinforcement option though. Hopefully u guys can work it in

Thanx again

JayDubb1978  posted on Aug 15, 2008 12:29:37 PM - Report post

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If this works with the computer, i dont know if i want to get my arse kicked that bad. I suck at war hammer!
jediguran  posted on Aug 15, 2008 3:16:35 PM - Report post

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Hey people

Well since I have been having trouble finding a trainer that only works for me and not the computer I decided to look elsewhere for a solution.

I found one, sort of. It is not really a trainer, but a mod-making tool that enables you to change stats for units and buildings etc. Takes some time to use but works very well. It also works for the original game and ALL expansions to DoW and seems to work no matter which game version you have.

IMPORTANT: To make it easy for you to undo all changes you make to the game, go to your DoW-folder and copy the W40k-folder, WXP-folder, W40k.module file and WXP.module file and place them somewhere where you want to store them (not sure if you need to copy the folders, but I did just to be on the safe side).

1. Go to www.corsix.org/cdms/ (contains a great guide of how to use the tool, but unforetunately not much about changing in DoW-files)
2. Download the latest release
3. Install the mod tool
4. Start the program "ModStudio" (if you get "msvcp71.dll file not found"-error, go to corsix.org/misc/msvc71.zip and download the zip-file and unpack it in the directory you installed the mod tool in, then restart the "ModStudio" application)
5. Once started choose "Load DoW/WA Mod"
6. Browse to your DoW installation folder
7. Open either W40k.module (original DoW campaign) or WXP.module (Winter assault campaign)
8. Let's chose WXP. You will see a file-tree to the left with only one entry, "data". Expand it.
9. Expand the folder "attrib".
10. To change unit hp, armor etc., expand the "ebps"-folder, then "races", open the race you want to modify, choose either structures or units and finally double click on the structure/unit RGD-file.
11. The file will open in the right window with all data for that unit.
12. Expand the things you want to modify, change the value displayed to the far right and when you are finished with that particular file save it using the "save"-button in the lower right corner.

Example: Lets say you want to make imperial guardsmen invulnerable. Open up Data/attrib/ebps/races/guards/troops and double click on the "guard_infantry_guradsmen.rgd" file. Left click the "health_ext" entry ( no need to expand it) and change things like "armour", "armour_minimum", "hitpoints" or "regeneration_rate" to some high value.

Note: To change morale or the squad cap of troops just look in the data/attrib/sbps-folder and change the "squad_cap.ext" or "squad_morale.ext" for the desired unit (morale only exists for infantry since vehicles have no morale, doh!)

IMPORTANT NOTES (SPOILER WARNING ALSO): The changes you make will affect all units of that particular type no matter which side they are on. This means that playing through the campaign may be difficult or impossible depending on what changes you make or which side you play. Playing the order campaign with imperial guard all the way is straightforward and you can modify both imperial guard and eldar files without problem since the eldar doesn't turn on their allies in the campaign. Playing with the eldar in the end of the campaign will be very difficult if you have made the imperial guard units too hard to kill. Playing the disorder campaign is even more dificult with altered files since the orcs and chaos fight one another just as much as they fight the order races.

A solution is to create one verion of the *.module files for each of the races and save them separate folders (like "Imperial guard WXP"-folder )and when you play another race, simply overwrite the file before you start.

As I stated, this is hardly a trainer, but has helped at least me to play the DoW:WA as I want it! (with many, many units that are hard to kill

All credits for this goes to Corsix for an excellent mod-tool.


[Edited by jediguran, 8/15/2008 3:17:24 PM]

Sublym3  posted on Aug 30, 2008 5:59:03 AM - Report post

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I tried the above and it has permanently changed the game I backed up all the files and when I restored them the changes are still there.
comradeoldmatey  posted on Nov 18, 2008 4:02:31 AM - Report post

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I bought a registration for the trainer manager just to get this trainer. I followed the instructions and have checked the trainer troubleshooter guide. I'm using v1.51, no mods, I start up the trainer, then the game, and press f1 at the menu screen. The trainer says W40KWA.exe loading! but never makes the activation sound and if you progress on to a skirmish nothing happens when you try to use the numpad commands. I've tried extracting the trainer both out of the dawn of war folder and in it, neither works. The trainer doesn't crash it just gets stuck loading the exe file. I know this is an old one but any help would be appriciated. Thanks.

Using XP, will supply any other specs needed for a diagnosis. Thanks.

PWizard  posted on Nov 18, 2008 5:50:21 AM - Report post

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sounds like antivirus or other software interfering with the trainer and not allowing it to attach to the game.
comradeoldmatey  posted on Nov 18, 2008 9:30:01 PM - Report post

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Cheers for the response, got it working after a few more attempts. Great trainer.

[Edited by comradeoldmatey, 11/18/2008 9:30:25 PM]

Polar2k1  posted on Jan 29, 2009 7:41:02 PM - Report post

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I get almost the same error. I turned of all anti-virus and firewalls, no mods. I've started the trainer as administrator and as a normal user. I am running Vista 32bit, Dawn of War V1.51, and Dawn of War: Winter Assault V1.0. Once trainer is running I start the game, once at the menu screen I press "F1" and receive the confirmation tone. I choose the Order Campaign, mission 1, after it loads I click "Start Mission", and the game closes stating the following:

The applicationg W40kWA.exe has encountered an error. We applogize for any inconvenience.

Report says following files will be included:



14:56:30.46 GSTransport::Connect - GT2AddressError
14:56:30.46 GSTransport::State::SendSystemEvent - error sending to ( -1 6112) using socket (error 10065)
14:56:30.46 SPOOGE - Driver[Dx9 : Software TnL] on adapter[0], version[4,32]
14:56:30.46 SPDx9 -- Driver Name = ialmrnt5.dll Device = \\.\DISPLAY1 Desc = Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family
14:56:30.46 SPDx9 -- Driver Vendor = 0x8086 Device = 0x27A2 SubSys = 0xFF311179 Rev = 0x0003
14:56:30.46 SPDx9 -- Driver Version Product = 0x0006 Version = 0x000E SubVersion = 0x000A Build = 0x1145 (4421)
14:56:30.46 SPDx9 -- Driver GUID = {D7B78E66-64E2-11CF-8C63-3BDFA2C2CB35}
14:56:30.46 SPOOGE -- 93.00MB available texture memory
14:56:30.46 SPOOGE -- 93.00MB available texture memory
14:56:30.46 GAME -- Beginning FE
14:56:30.81 MOVIE -- Opening movie 'movies:relic_intro.lua'
14:56:50.64 MOVIE -- Closing movie 'movies:relic_intro.lua'
14:56:50.64 MOVIE -- Opening movie 'movies:dow_intro.lua'
14:56:50.70 MOVIE -- Closing movie 'movies:dow_intro.lua'
14:56:54.50 MOD -- Initializing Mod w40k, 1.0
14:56:54.50 MOD -- Warning: Failed to open folder 'W40k\Locale\english\Data'.
14:56:54.50 MOD -- Warning: Failed to open folder 'W40k\Data_Shared_Textures\Full'.
14:56:54.50 MOD -- Warning: Failed to open folder 'W40k\Data_Sound\Low'.
14:56:54.50 MOD -- Warning: Failed to open folder 'W40k\Data_Whm\Low'.
14:56:54.50 GAME -- Warning: Campaign 'DATA:SCENARIOS\SP\DAWNOFWAR.CAMP': the section CampaingIntro is missing!
14:57:00.15 RENDER ANIM -- Art/UI/3D_Models/Campaign_Menu: Unable to open file!
14:57:00.15 Unable to load CampaignFrontendModels.lua!
14:57:00.15 GAME -- Using player profile Kelly
15:01:05.93 APP -- Game Load
15:01:05.93 GAME -- Ending FE
15:01:05.93 GAME -- Beginning FE
15:01:06.09 APP -- Game Start
15:01:06.09 GAME -- Ending FE
15:01:06.09 GAME -- Beginning single player mission 'savegame14' (4 Computers)
15:01:06.09 GAME -- Initializing sync checking...
15:01:06.10 GAME -- Initializing FX Manager...
15:01:06.14 GAME -- Initializing Rendering Systems...
15:01:06.15 GAME -- Initializing NISLets...
15:01:06.23 GAME -- Initializing World Blueprints...
15:01:06.25 GAME -- Initializing Scene Graph...
15:01:06.26 GAME -- Initializing MOD systems...
15:01:12.26 GAME -- Initializing Session...
15:01:12.28 GAME -- Initializing Players...
15:01:12.37 GAME -- Initializing SCAR (Pre-Sim) systems...
15:01:12.53 GAME -- Initializing Team Colour Systems...
15:01:16.26 GAME -- Preloading all models...
15:01:17.40 GAME -- Applying Team Colours...
15:01:18.42 GAME -- Initializing UI...
15:01:18.43 GAME -- Initializing LUA...
15:01:18.45 GAME -- Initializing SCAR (Post SIM)...
15:01:32.00 GAME -- Precaching Events...
15:01:32.01 GAME -- Initializing Sim-Vis Handlers...
15:01:32.34 GAME -- Initializing AI...
15:01:32.35 GAME -- Initializing SCAR...
15:01:32.57 GAME -- Preparing Sim-Vis...
15:01:32.59 SIM -- Setting SyncErrorChecking level to Low
15:01:32.59 GAME -- Local player (Kelly, 0) finished loading (c1752c96) (27 seconds)
15:01:49.39 GAME -- Starting mission...
15:03:40.64 GAME -- SimulationController::Pause 0
15:04:18.43 GAME -- SimulationController::Pause 1
15:04:37.42 GAME -- SimulationController::Pause 0
15:04:40.03 GAME -- SimulationController::Pause 1
15:04:40.03 GAME -- Ending mission (?)
15:04:40.03 GAME -- Resetting SIM...
15:04:40.03 MOD -- Shutting down Mod 'w40k'...
15:04:40.53 SPOOGE -- 93.00MB available texture memory
15:04:40.53 SPOOGE -- 93.00MB available texture memory
Application closed without errors

I hope this helps

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