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Cheats & Hints
N1YTR0  posted on Sep 08, 2007 7:04:35 AM - Report post

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Seeing as there's no cheat page for this game yet - if there ever will be - if there are any real cheats for the game - i'll put up the very few semi-cheats and other stuff that i know of about the game...

*Cheats* (Kinda)
Double Exp:

Go to Ultimate Battle and choose the event "Dragon Tag"
Choose the character that you want to double the Exp of.
(Must have items equipped)
Choose the same character as your second choice.
(Both selections must also be on "custom", not "normal"
This will double the Exp points rewarded to your character, even if the second character doesn't fight.

Dragon Balls

Go to the Saiyan Saga
All 7 Dragon Balls in order are obtained within these Story Events:
00- Mysterious Alien Warrior
..7 Star Dragon Ball - Northern Capital (Hercule)
..3 Star Dragon Ball - Eastern Capital (Yamcha)
..6 Star Dragon Ball - Southern Capital (Tien)
01- Kakarot
..1 Star Dragon Ball - Eastern Capital (Hercule)
03- Gohan and Piccolo
..4 Star Dragon Ball - Central Capital (Chiaotzu)
..2 Star Dragon Ball - Southern Capital (Hercule)
04- Saiyan Blood
..5 Star Dragon Ball - Eastern Capital (Yamcha)

You do NOT have to speak to the people in the capitals to obtain the Dragon Balls. Simply look around you with the right analog stick and if the Dragon Ball is not there, leave (R1), then return until they show.
(Sometimes it takes 5-6 tries if not more)
When it doesn't show after about 10 times, move off to a different Dragon Ball Location within the same story line then come back to it.
(Doesn't apply to 01 and 04 because there's only one)
When all 7 Dragon Balls are obtained, fly to the white POI in the middle of the map either on Planet Earth (Shenron) or Planet Namek (Porunga) to make your wish.

1,000,000 Zeni

In the Story Event 11, "Two Majin Buu's" within the Buu Saga, fly to the Mountain Road as Majin Buu. (with Hercule)
High-leveled Yamcha will offer you a challenge in which you must survive until time runs out, or kill him. The reward is 1,000,000 Zeni.
(Recommend Game Level 1 and Health & Defence Potaras on Majin Buu to help)
Once victorious, you can re-select the same scenario to get another 1,000,000 Zeni.

Infinite Practice Energy

Choose Goku normal form to practice with.
Go into Kaioken. (L2+O)
As your energy lowers near to the bottom, press L2+O again and the energy flow will start over.
As useless as it is, this cycle can be infinitely repeated.

Easy Beat-Down

For this to work, your character must have Dragon Homing Uses +2 equipped and as much extended attack and speed as possible for a better outcome.
When in good positioning, use a smash attack to send your opponent flying, and hold X just as/before your smash attack connects to dash at your opponent.
As soon as the dash takes effect, let go and hold square again to do another smash attack, followed by dashing once more.

(Depending on your opponent, they may use the vanish technique to escape your attack. Also, for a quicker hit, don't hold square until the smash attack is fully charged, this gives the opponent less chance of vanishing to avoid your hit)

With Dragon Homing Uses +2, you can do this 3 times, followed by a vanish smash attack as your final move.
So the whole thing will look like this:
Square (Hold), X, Square (Hold), X, Square (hold), X, Square (Hold), Triangle.
[Holds only require about a quarter of a second's charge to have the smash effect, it just takes inflicts less damage]

This technique is good to use on Giant characters as well as all others, experiment with what characters it works best with.

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