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You and your 360
Jackal  posted on Aug 14, 2007 2:41:09 AM - Report post

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This is going to be a simple board to just post your gamerscore, achivements, games you've played, etc... from your Xbox 360. You don't have to reveal your profile name is you don't want to, it's purely up to you.

Really this is just a board to post your stuff and brag or talk about it I guess Feel free to come back and update as you increase your gamerscore and achievements, and you don't have to go so into detail if you don't want to...the basics are fine.

All I ask is that you follow the site rules and the board as is...

Profile- Jackal

Games- 45

Gamerscore- 21,990

Achievements- 977

Extra stuff:

Most Gamerpoints- Call of Duty 2 (1000), Hitman: Blood Money (1000)

Fewest Gamerpoints- F.E.A.R. (25)

Most Achievements- The Bourne Conspiracy (43)

Fewest Achievements- Hexic HD (4)

Hardest Achievement(to you of course)- Spiderman 3 (Defeated Kingpin)...nearly broke both my damn fingers from all the combos.

Easiest Achievement-(again to you)- Call of Duty 2 (Completed Basic Training)

Funnest Achievement- Crackdown (Base Jumper)

Most Hated Achievement- Prey (Completed Prey on Normal difficulty)...don't ask I just couldn't stand this game.

Achievement your Most Proud Of- Call of Duty 2 and 3 (Completed on Veteran difficulty)

Some of the games I've played early on for the 360 I didn't attempted to unlock any of the achievements...like Lost Planet for instance, now I try to get as many as I can with the time I have. I don't go for the Online or Multiplayer ones either, don't use them.

[Edited by Jackal, 1/21/2009 1:20:59 PM]

Vonfuzzball  posted on Aug 14, 2007 2:53:04 AM - Report post

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Profile- Ryu haseblima (yea i know a little random )
Games- 15
Gamerscore- 6160
Achievements- 182

Highest gamerscore got out of a game-

COD 2- 1000
Oblivion- 1000

Ho-Oh2224  posted on Aug 14, 2007 8:29:17 AM - Report post

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Profile: Mitu
Games: 3
Gamerscore: 310
Achievements: 26

Highest Gamerscore out of a game: 160 (GH2)

Highest Achievement: 50 (Lost Planet)

Funnest Achievement: Defeating Giant Worm (Lost Planet)

Hardest Achievement: Defeating Giant Worm (Lost Planet)

Unbreakable  posted on Aug 14, 2007 9:05:28 AM - Report post

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Profile: R3bellation
Games: 1 owned, 8 played
Gamerscore: 1260
Achievements: have to check

Highest Achievment: 160 (saints row)

Funniest Acheivment: beat down 50 people with only melee attakcs (saints row)

[Edited by Unbreakable, 8/20/2007 9:01:43 AM]

Ladst3r  posted on Aug 14, 2007 9:19:16 AM - Report post

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Profile: Amraa
Games: 9 I play. 14 I dont
Gamerscore: 1840
Achievements: around 80

[Edited by Ladster, 8/14/2007 9:21:03 AM]

Bojack  posted on Aug 14, 2007 2:43:23 PM - Report post

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Gamer score-1250

Hardest-A Dish best served cold-Beat Raam on Hardcore mode.

[Edited by Bojack, 8/14/2007 2:44:32 PM]

NappyHole  posted on Aug 14, 2007 2:55:29 PM - Report post

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Profile: Nappyhole1
Games: Own 9 played 37( Use an online renting)
Gamerscore: 6190 (going up quickly)

To lazy to look up the rest.

kingkamikazeXXI  posted on Aug 14, 2007 4:19:00 PM - Report post

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profile: kamikaze

games: 4 (Hexic, Oblivion, Gears, Lost Planet)

gamerscore: 2005

achievements: 103 or 104

easiest: first 4 achievements I got on Hexic

hardest: probably beating Insane on Gears...when I beat Extreme on LP, that'll be it.

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