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Locked Topic  What's in for Halo 3.
Darkish  posted on Aug 11, 2007 8:50:01 PM - Report post

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Well...September 25th is getting closer and closer each and everyday. The wait is almost over. *Insert girly squeal here*

So, for all of those who have not kept up with the latest of news regarding Halo 3, hopefully this topic will clue you in as to what is to come on September 25th.

Now then, what I'm about to post is all the REVEALED information. Bungie has already stated multiple times that there is much, many weapons, vehicles, maps and more that have never left the walls of Bungie Studios. Also, everything listed below is most likely subject to change.

If anything needs to be added or changed, please post here or send me a PM and state which post and what needs to be changed or added.

So, let's get started.

Note: Halo 3 will NOT start where Halo 2 ended.


The Covenant has broken and the Brutes have now become the main enemy in Halo 3. There are Brute soldiers in standard blue armor, Brute Captains and fancier red armor, and then Brute Chieftains (with some sort of invulnerable shield) in gold armor.

Because of this, Bungie has decided to expand the Brute sandbox, giving them more weapons and vehicles in their name.

Weapons...in no particular order.

The following list is that of modified weapons and brand new weapons.

A player's secondary weapon is now visible on the player's back or leg.

-YAY! The Assault Rifle is back from Halo 1!!!11one!! The Halo CE version was the MA5B. The Halo 3 version has been updated to an MA5C. More accurate, more deadly yet only 32 rounds per clip.

-The Gravity Hammer. Remember that a-hole Tartarus that you had to defeat at the end of Halo 2? Well that weapon he was carrying has been modified with a new look and is now usable in Halo 3. If used properly, you can bounce back grenades that are thrown at you with this weapon.

-The Needler is back...but in the beta it was very...very deadly...so deadly, Bungie took the duel wielding option away...

-The Rocket Launcher cannot lock on...

-The SMG can now kill someone.

-The Brute Spiker is one badass of a weapon. A Brute variant of the SMG or plasma rifle, this weapon when duel wielded is an excellent tool of destruction.

-The Spartan Laser, my favorite. This weapon which hold five shots take three seconds to charge (with a slight cooling time too) and once fired, destroys anything and everything in it's path of red destruction.

-Support Weapons put the player in third person and slows down movement, but they are very...very powerful. They are the machine gun (200 rounds), plasma turret (nothing else known) and missile pod (eight missiles, can lock onto vehicles).

-The Flamethrower is a recently confirmed weapon for Halo 3, but it isn't confirmed if it is a support weapon or not.

-Two new grenades. The Spike Grenade which can stick to any surface. And a fourth grenade called the incendiary grenade.

-The Brute Shot now hold six shots and fires at a straight line.

-The Sword is now held at a vertical angle and the lunge distance has been decreased to that of the shotgun's range. A 1-2 second time has been put in the sword when you take it out and a 1-2 second time has been put in between each swing. Altogether making it a much less powerful weapon than Halo 2's sword.

-The Brute Mauler is shotgun which can be duel wielded. More powerful than the UNSC shotgun when duel wielded, but obviously cancels out the ability to use grenades.

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Darkish  posted on Aug 11, 2007 8:50:25 PM - Report post

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A good bunch of new vehicles are making their way into Halo 3. In no particular order, they are:

-The Wraith and the Scorpion both have a turret that must be manned by another player in order to be used.

-The Transport Hog. This Hog variant didn't make it into Halo 2, but it's in for Halo 3. The weapon on the back has been replaced for room for three Marines/players.

-The Mongoose. A UNSC ATV type of vehicle. This ATV supports no weapons, but one rider is allowed to ride on the back. Excellent of Capture the Flag games and quick maneuvers.

-The Brute Chopper holds one driver and supports two machine type-like guns. With the gigantic wheel in the front which may 'chop' down other vehicles reduces the maneuverability greatly.

-The Brute Prowler is a Brute Variant of the Warthog and Spectre. A driver in the back with the gunner in front and two passengers on the side.

-The Elephant is a UNSC vehicle and portable base. So far only confirmed to appear on the multiplayer map, Sandtrap.

-The Hornet, a UNSC version of the Banshee, said to appear in multiplayer and campaign.

-The Banshee can now fire it's support weapon in multiplayer and players inside the Banshee are more vulnerable than ever to small arms fire.

-The Scarab looks very different, supports one secondary weapon on the back top. As shown in the E3 07 trailer, it appears that you have to destroy parts of it in order for it to be destroyed completely.


Something brand new to the Haloverse is equipment. So far, all we know is that you can only carry one at a time and the only way to drop such equipment is to use it, an unfortunate waste at times. Enemies in Halo 3's Campaign are also able to use equipment.

-The Bubble Shield, when deployed creates a shield around the player. Other players and vehicles are free to enter and leave, but the shield will prevent grenades and weapon fire from entering or leaving.

-The Portable Grav Lift...is self explanatory.

-The Trip Mine...also self explanatory...kaboom... You can secretly place the trip mine underneath a warthog in hopes that an enemy will take off it...only to encounter his own death.

-The Flare, once used, temporarily blinds anyone looking at it.

-The Power Drainer, once deployed drains power from anyone in range (shields and health) and also blows up once out of energy.

-The Regenerator, the opposite of the power drainer, but most likely does not explode once out of power.

-The Stationary Shield is similar to the shields shown in Halo CE and Halo 2's Campaign, but it is said to only block fire from one side, allowing return fire.

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Darkish  posted on Aug 11, 2007 8:50:36 PM - Report post

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Miscellaneous Information.

Multiplayer Achievements


Confirmed Multiplayer Maps.

-Sandtrap, a very large, vehicle based map remake of Burial Mounds.

-Snowbound, a basic team slayer map with two bases. The map is surrounded by walls and AI turrets. Leaving the range of the map will activate the turrets to fire and kill you.

-Highground, an asymmetrical map. Offense versus defense. A base with a gate (that can be opened from inside) sits upon a hill.

-Valhalla, rumored remake of Coagulation. This map features two bases and in between is a river, grassy hills and a Spartan Laser. Also, at the front of each base is a mancannon, which (once walked in) propels the player approximately 1/4-1/3 the distance of the entire map.

-Guardian, a remake of Lockout.

-Gym Class, shown at the beginning of the multiplayer Vidoc.

-Long and LeanRecently renamed 'Narrows', (also shown in the multiplayer Vidoc,) this map is...long...and...lean.....and....narrowly...Features an unconfirmed 'power' weapon in the center which makes players want to rush for it.

-Warthog Inc. was shown on a screen in the multiplayer Vidoc but nothing else has been confirmed.

-Last Resort is a near identical remake of Zanzibar. Inside the base is now bigger.

Cooperative Play (For Campaign)

Four people can play cooperative via XBL and system link. Only two people may play co-op via split screen however.

Player 1 will be the Master Chief.

Player 2 will be the Arbiter.

Player 3 and 4 will be two Elites (with fictional backgrounds) and aren't really a part of the Haloverse. They will not be featured in the cut-scenes.

Game Variants (Revealed in the Beta, more to come in the final game.)

-VIP- Both teams have one player with over-shield, once this player is killed, the other team gets a point.

-Shotty Snipers- Simple 4v4 yet the only weapons on the map are a shotgun and a sniper rifle.

Regarding Clans

There are none...

Halo: Uprising

A confirmed four part series comic book (made by Marvel) set to hit store shelves hopefully this week. (August 13-17ish) The purpose of these comics is to fill in the story line between Halo 2 and Halo 3.


A multiplayer map editor. Not in the sense that you can make your own maps or alter the layout of a current map. You can merely add stuff to the map, such as a box or a Scorpion tank. New information from the EGM magazine shows that items in Forge has a cost. It is unclear if this means that there is a limit to the amount of things you can put in the map (and you are given a set amount of 'money' at the start of each forge) OR if you GAIN money via Campaign or Multiplayer works.

Saved Film Feature

With this new feature to the Haloverse, players are able to take both Campaign and Multiplayer parts of game play and save it. After each multiplayer match, you are given the option to save the match. Once done, you can review it as many times as you like, while pausing it, watching it in slow motion, take screen shots, rotate the camera angle and watch it in the perspective of other players. Other than in being revealed that it works in Campaign as well, when you are able to save the film (such as after a multiplayer match) has not been confirmed for campaign.

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Darkish  posted on Aug 11, 2007 8:50:58 PM - Report post

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*Reserved for space*

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