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pudd5  posted on Jul 15, 2007 2:27:33 PM - Report post

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On the bit where ure running frm the village and u get to moltres, when u beat moltres dyoo go back to the town or dyoo keep running? and if u do keep running thn how long till u get back to town?
Lunatic_of_DOOM  posted on Jul 15, 2007 10:25:15 PM - Report post

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did u beat the other legendary birds, go to mt freeze, talk to ninetales, and beat rayquaza at the sky pillar yet? sry, my pmd:red knowledge is rusty, but i got the walkthru book, pm me if u got more questions
Lunatic_of_DOOM  posted on Jul 16, 2007 5:01:43 PM - Report post

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ok so ur at mt blaze. well after u beat moltres u go to

frosty forest
9 floors, then 5 peak floors, then u battle articuno.
has azurill 1-3, furret 1-4, nosepass 3-6, piloswine 4-6, mightyena 7-9, lairon 7-9, snorunt 8-9, ditto 4-9, rhyhorn peak 1-4, metang peak 1-4

then u go to mt freeze to talk, NOT FIGHT, to ninetales
15 flrs, then 5 peak flrs
has pineco 1-5, swablu 1-6, shelgon 1-6, pupitar 3-5, dewgong 3-7, vigoroth 7-11, chimecho 7-12, zangoose 7-12, slaking 12-15, seviper 13-15, glalie peak 1-4

then u go back home. after 3 more missions, wynaut and wobbuffet come to u 4 help. go to the post office, and accept the mankey mission to uproar forest.
10 flrs
venonat 1-5, seedot 1-9, roselia 4-7, nuzleaf 5-9, mankey 8-10
on the 11th flr u battle the mankey gang, and after u beat them u give them 2 chestnuts, found uproar forest 9th flr, and they redo ur base. warning: u start to c monster houses starting from uproar forest.

then 6 missions later, u go to magma cavern. 23 flrs, then 3 peak flrs, then u battle groudon, then after that, u come back home and u go to the sky tower, 25, then 9 peak flrs, and then u battle rayquaza, who has 600 whopping hp. tell me once u get to uproar forest part and i'll give u more details.

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