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addon or fullgame
mokwhy  posted on Jun 28, 2007 8:54:54 AM - Report post

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is it u full game or addon
its locks good and wen is come out
EverythingPC  posted on Jun 28, 2007 8:55:29 AM - Report post

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Expansion Pack for Medieval 2 Total War...
Kaizer  posted on Jun 29, 2007 9:07:39 AM - Report post

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Yeah, I hope this exp will be better, much better than MTW 2
We need more unit with disticnt ability & model, plus I hope the bug will be reduced, especially for enemy AI in battlefield mode

Time to take MTW 2 to new gameplay

I think this game will be exp so it will need the previous game to play it, bah...
I hope its don't need so much HD space like the previous game

Electro22  posted on Jul 02, 2007 6:57:37 AM - Report post

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-Settlement view was nice as it is amusing to watch the buildings, but preferabally the peasents as they roam around unknowing that there is a massive invasion force on the other side of the wall. The building panel was a cheap/worthless replacement.
-Battle AI is a must need as the battles are not well planned out as the enemy just runs right at you. Deploy a spear wall and the enemy never goes around. Will only use auto resolve until they make a compitant/ok even a semi-compitant AI.
-Faction AI is needed as they micromanage their way to bankruptcy often (send a diplomat out to see how much they have which will often show the opponent is bankrupt.) Since they have no money they can not upgrade buildings or build a tremendous army which makes midgame a pushover. Enemy finance/building errors really need to be fixed to make a better opponent.
-Unit balancing is the same as despite the names of the units the spearmen kill the cavalry,heavy infanty beat light infantry ECT ok how about more diffrent combinations. Fire arrow cavalry are good against light cavalry or something like that. Create a need for a more diverse force.
-Naval battles being a screen is by now everyone's complaint, but is it time to add a real battle screen as Saga is making/hosting Universe at War: Earth Assault and other hi end 3d graphic games so can none of the saga team make low end graphics for a navel battle like land battles? The landscape would not be hard as naval battles take place in water and water is blue so the entire landscape would be blue. No need to have complex images like grass or towers in water. In face by the spartin apperance of the landscape i am suppresed land battles came before naval battles.
- Rome:Warlord exp idea i liked was when the settlement reaches a certain level they could produce generals like other infantry. (Expensive and a few turns to produce, but helped when i was low on family members.) Especially having to send one for a jihad/crusade then another being taken away by a rival's princess plus the enemy assassins are always a pain while disease comes in ECT many ways to lose family members fast when not in a town and even then they drop off. Plus when the empire expands you need generals on the homefront and on the warfront. Hope they bring that back some day.
-More diverse structures are needed as the town hall, town guard ECT all buildings are the same for all factions. Minus aquiducts for the byzintines and a few others, but those are few and far between. Something like a Rus War palace so that serves as a town hall and a barracks. While the Turks/Musims can build windmills to draw water up to the surface after the harnessing the wind event. Watermills on cities next to a stream for textiles/weapon manufacturing use. Just little things to prevent all of the cities from being the exact same. Like Civ 4 where hydrodams are for cities on the coast. Civ 4 was still not diverse in buildings or in fact units, but closer than this game.
-Idea from Rome: Total War ...monuments. I dont know maybe St. Peters Ballaste, the kremlin, rebuild the colossus ECT. Of course only in their historic cities but not only would it make a nice landscape marker but might have an advantge like the Kremlin increases loyalty to the owner ECT.

Of all the things they did right in Rome why did they go a three-sisty and forget about all of these great features?

Peace through Power - NOD

bashkan  posted on Jul 15, 2007 3:25:07 PM - Report post

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more cities.... and the kingdom of aragon... and the... what was it called?... oh.. lots of historical cities aren`t there.. like lyon or... well.. there are lots but i dont remember them right now... oh... mallorca... plus... the money stuff... its real... i was managing to forge the most developed most powerfull most spy defended and spy offensive and the most rich kingdom in the game (with hungary) after 50 turns... well.. anyways... lets see the new stuff the game brings and we`ll bring the game down then
asteris_  posted on Aug 09, 2007 2:57:42 AM - Report post

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How many MB will be it?

PS:Sorry for mybad English!I am from Greece

MaxieDude  posted on Aug 11, 2007 10:23:59 AM - Report post

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I don't know how many mb it will be? is that a problem for you? :/ i hate space problems :P but i'm getting more and more used at it..
asteris_  posted on Aug 14, 2007 3:58:04 AM - Report post

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No problem!
I just want to know how many will be it because I heard that it will be too big for expansion!
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