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Craziest thing that's happened to you...
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    Elite-_-Gamer posted on Jul 23, 2007 1:24:18 AM - Report post
    ive shot a rocket through a helecopter first time i saw 1 n had n RPG, then as i was rollin in ma mini done up with a front bumper it got stuck in the road n started wobelin as i accelerate?? crazy but i videod it
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    Unbreakable posted on Jul 25, 2007 4:09:54 PM - Report post
    one time i was bored so i jumped off of one of those apartment building u get afta the WR's strongehold thing, and i landed in a car instead of hitting the ground, it was weird cuz ther was no one ther, but then i took out my RPG cuz i figured i might as well take a victom with me when i die, so i tried so shoot right in front of the car with it but when i shot i just got launched into the air and started doing crazy-ass flips. it was funny cuz i landed on anutha car but that one i just shot at the engine wit my assult rifle (4get whaaa is called) and when the car blew up i flew backwards onto another car, this went on for a while, but i eventually used all my guns, and some bombs. i know it sounds crazy but its tru.
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    Axietin posted on Aug 03, 2007 7:54:54 PM - Report post
    these kind of things happen to me all the time once i was driving one of those pickups and i hit a shirtless dude and he landed right in the back of the pickup!! and other times i'll be driving something fast like a fer de lance or a zenith and suddenly my car will diasappear! i can sill throw grenades and shoot out of it but i can't get out or move. like one times i was at the top of the drawbridge in a car about to ride off and suddenly it disappears! and when the bridge goes down, i'm stuck there in mid-air! and other times i'll see the drawbridge, but fall right through it!! lucky for me it became solid again. and ianother time i was messing around and i shot one of the train cars with and RPG and goes flying into the air and lands on me. you better believe i was ****ed after that.

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    the_red_knight posted on Nov 20, 2008 6:58:39 PM - Report post
    i would have to say one of the craziest things to happen to me was when i was running from the cops and got ran over by a 18 wheeler that had a tanker trailer and it got blown but i didn't die and when i got up i shot down a chopter that fell beside me blowing up the cars around me and then i get shot in the head but a SWAT guy and died and when i got out of the hospital i got beat up by sum random bums as soon as i could move. it sucked
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