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2 questions. need help.
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    jackie202 posted on May 05, 2007 3:51:01 PM - Report post
    hey everyone.

    im new here and never posted before and not to sure if anyone else posted something similair to my dont yell at me.

    first..i was playing and noticed one of my sims walking around the house holding a bouquet of red roses..not like when you make them from the florist station, but it was much fuller and nicer. he finally walked outside, and placed it on the ground on the side of the house. then looked at it and sighed. dont know why. i got kinda confused becuase i have no idea where he got it from, or why he did what he did with it. anyone know?!

    second...everytime i have my sim go to the fridge and click "make" then "group meal" and then "holiday roast" the little thing pops up saying stomach growling...blah blah blah as if i dont have anything in my fridge...yet i check my supplies and its fully stocked! is it a form of bug on my game?! i dont know why its doing that.

    Please helpppppp me. thanks : )
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    McGann posted on Jun 06, 2007 9:08:19 AM - Report post
    I think your running the sims 1 (mabey 2) but, the roses thing. Its a glitch as far as i know, happened to me all the times in sims 1. In 2, never happens. Hope i helped
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    Bludragon posted on Aug 09, 2007 1:36:48 PM - Report post
    if u have the nightlife expansion pack then u go on dates w/ other sims. if ur sim's date was a dream date then the sim that u took on a date will bring a beautiful bouquet of roses. if that's not it then i have no idea.

    second, with the fridge, try buying a new fridge if u can cuz that problem never happened to me before.

    wait a minute....
    for the fridge....which line r u looking at?
    cuz it has a capacity and a the level of food...
    check the level of food cuz u might b looking at capacity instead....

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    A: to meet the guy again. if u got that right then u have the mind of a psycho. congratulations!
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