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Flight School
kqsgirl  posted on May 01, 2007 12:21:21 PM - Report post

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Is there a way to cheat your way through the flight school? I've done it 100 times and can not for the life of me pass the 3rd one.... please please help!
Da_Grip  posted on May 04, 2007 3:39:41 AM - Report post

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originally posted by kqsgirl

Is there a way to cheat your way through the flight school? I've done it 100 times and can not for the life of me pass the 3rd one.... please please help!

This reply is for X-Box.

Answer: Yes there is.

1. Go to the Los Santos International Airport, just south of your house thats next to Sweets house.

2. On the way, be sure to relieve some one of a large van or truck. you'll need it to get in.

3. Once your at the main entrance, were the gaurd house is located at, drive the van/truck up to the wall, right up next to the gaurd house.

4. Get out and jump up on the top of the van or truck, (you may need to use another relieved vehical to use as a first step up to reach the truck roof.

5. Once on the roof of the truck, you can jump on top of the roof of the gaurd house, from there you can jump inside of the airport.

6. Then, once inside, run to the far east to find a Dodo prop-plane, or run west, to find the Shamal lear jet.

7. Take eather one that pleases you, and taxi to the runway where the numbers are at. Then turn around, and take off.

8. Now comes the long long long long flight. You will be required to fly for 25 min. Then a text box will pop up and then you will need to fly for about another 10 min. Then to gain access to all the airports, you will need to contenue flying. This is were the long flying time come in at right here. It will be a while before you get full access to all ports this way.

You may want to do what I did. I got a rubber band and a marble and locked/held down the black button to lock the craft into a circler holding flight pattern so I flew in circles around the airport. Make sure your in level flight, then pause, set it up, then resume. Watch your altitude that it wont change on you.

This is a bit tricky to do, but it saves your thumb. This is important to do, because if your craft flys over or near the restricted airspace over the military base northward of your house, the S.A.M. launchers will take you out. Also, be sure to climb to a fairly high altitude, but not the ceiling, or else your home made auto-pilot will fail, and you'll crash and burn.

Well, thats the hard way most use to do this with. How ever, now heres my way. Get yourself in an open area free from traffic. Then enter these codes in proper order.

B, >, B, >, <, X, Y, U, (No cop's chase you any more)

Then this one,

Y, Y, X, B, A, L-trig, L-trig, DOWN, UP, (Carrier Jump Jet fighter)

Be easy with this craft, it flys & handles like a chopper, also its armed with active Amrams missles and side-winder rockets and 20mm auto-cannons. They DO work. X or Y fires them.

Yes, you can get your licence just by flying the jump-jet I believe also.

If you just want to fly a chopper, like the Maverick, then just fly the jump-jet to the northwest airport or the NW corner of the map. there you will find a maverick chopper to fly. You can also fly into the military base really low under the radar and slip in, to get the Blackhawk chopper too. BE CARFULL AND USE THE TANK CODE TO TAKE OUT THE S.A.M.'S BEFORE YOU LIFT OFF! OR YOU MAY NOT MAKE IT OUT UNDER THE RADAR.

So, land, use this code,

B,B,L-TRIG,B,B,B,L-trig,WHT.,R-trig,Y,B,Y (Tank/A1M1 Abrams)

Take out the two or three S.A.M.'s, Then drive the tank through the corner of the fence I believe is on the SE corner,
to get to the Black Hawk helo. Look next/near the hanger doors for it to pop up. Then fly out fast! The S.A.M.'s will respawn VERY soon!

There is also some duck planes and duck choppers setting in the costal waters inland and on the northern and western shore lines. There hidden in culd-a-sac's amonge the rocks and cliffs.

The 747 Jumbo Jet is in the large hanger at the northern airport. When you get there, stand in front (close) of the doors, they'll open up for you. The hanger is in the SW corner of the port. The other craft at the western port, I have not been able to use yet. I'm hopeing I can use them as soon as I have enough flight time recorded, to do so. Enter all codes in game play.

Well, I hope this helps. Enjoy.


Al-pucino  posted on May 05, 2007 4:13:07 PM - Report post

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dude, she needs help on da PS2 section!!! not on the xbox version!
Chingy42007  posted on May 05, 2007 10:51:52 PM - Report post

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Well that was officially useless....
Chingy42007  posted on May 05, 2007 10:54:14 PM - Report post

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Sorry for the double post....

A question:

I just recently got this game (dont ask why... i dont know myself) and i was wondering, when do you unlock flight school? Is it after completeing missions in San Fierro or in Las Venturas?

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