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i need help with lvling up its hard
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    xXcyborgXx posted on Apr 24, 2007 1:24:18 PM - Report post
    i need help lvl up im crap at quests so give me some other good way instead of doing qeusts unless some1 nos all the quest
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    insomniac posted on Apr 25, 2007 4:27:56 AM - Report post
    answered a question just like this in a thread just like this, on this board. copy/pasted

    other than quests, grinding, or grouping in instances you don't have much of a choice. Its all part of the game, enjoy every level like a gift.

    Take that to heart. Once you hit max level you run out of things to do pretty quickly. At least you have a goal to shot for at lower levels.
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    Shinsen posted on Aug 18, 2007 11:26:13 PM - Report post
    Chill, mate. Take a deep breath, and think it through.

    First of all, I ran all my characters through dungeons non-stop at lower levels >.> It's not like it's the most efficient way of doing it but it was enjoyable and that's what matters when leveling. I also got some rather good equipment

    Second of all, quest. Simple enough, but I know how it is in the hot desert of the Barrens and you don't know which of your twenty quests to choose. You end up not WANTING to quest. However, if you can keep it fresh (in the Barrens, plainstriders and raptors start looking the same after a while), you can make questing enjoyable.

    Third of all, ask I enjoying this? If your experience is getting sterile, take a bit of time to PvP. If you're still a low-level, it's most likely the class itself, if it's not the quests (pff, as if I haven't gotten your pick thirty times already, mister foreman).

    Whatever you do, it's a game. Make levelling fun, and everything will be alright.
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    sonicboom posted on Nov 25, 2008 6:20:16 PM - Report post
    Yea Instances give great XP and most have quests to go along.

    Ive played horde awhile and this is were ive quested Note: I started this Character while i had TBC. Also did Instances at all levels 13+ but only put Instances if thats like ALL i did

    1-10: Eversong Woods
    10-20: Ghost Lands
    20-25: Barrens
    25-30: Instances
    30-40: Arathi Highlands and Instances
    40-44: (were im currently at) Tanaris With some ZF.

    This is my opinion and were i think training for Horde is best and this is also were I personally trained.
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