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Paramina Run
o_Otiffshere  posted on Apr 11, 2007 10:47:05 AM - Report post

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yet another question: i am very bad at this game

Ok i am currently fighting the Trickster in the Hunt Paramina Run. Now like, I know after 1/4 hp he puts up a sheild against physical attacks and most magics [except one] heals him. And I know I have to pull off an amazing quickening to finish him off. Thats where I get to the problem.... Most of my characters don't have quickenings, and the ones that do are only level one quickenings. I can pull off one of about 5-6 hits because of the fact that half of them in my party dont have it, and my characters MP is also a problem because I have healing magick in my gambits. All this results in the Trickster still living after my quickening. And after the first quickening, I cant pull off another because everyone's MP is reduced to 0.

In a nutshell, i get the Trickster down to his very last HP, he puts on a shield, I pull of a Quickening, he still lives, &I cant do anything after that. HELP!? >_<

diamond_dust  posted on Apr 11, 2007 12:50:36 PM - Report post

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First off, get more quickenings. If you need to, wander around fight and build up more lp t get them. They really help. also quickenings are physical damage so Im pretty sure that you don't need to waste your mp on them while the wall is up. The best thing to do is heal up your characters and set things like protect and shell and wait for the wall to go down. Then hit him with a quickening chain or just start attacking like crazy. also if you get licenses that help restore mp like warmage and others it will help you recharge your mp easier.
o_Otiffshere  posted on Apr 29, 2007 6:15:01 AM - Report post

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Thank you youve been really helpful to me
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