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Possible Memory Leak after installing
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    Send a message to TechnoJedi
    TechnoJedi posted on Apr 10, 2007 2:56:54 PM - Report post
    I've played through Oblivion and Knights of the 9 but after installing Shivering Isles, I notice the game begins to stutter after 2+ hours of straight playing to the point where the game eventually crashes at anypoint after a few hours. Again, this hasn't happened during my play of Oblivion (original) and Kot9--no crashes at all. If this type of problem occured during Oblivion or Kot9 then I'd say it's drivers or even overheating on MY computer. However, my drivers are up-to-date and my temps are still running at normal (below 90). Just in case, I've ran the game on LOW settings and the same thing happens: after a few hours the game stutters to the point where it crashes to the desktop. I've even restarted the game after a crash and the same occurs after a few hours. This type of symptom reminds me of some of the older games (and some recent ones) where there is a memory leak.

    I'm wondering if others have experienced this same issue or if anyone has heard of a new patch (after 1.2) coming out to address a memory leak.
    At this point I can play 2 reliable hours before having to exit (it's even crashed during an exit) and play StarWars EaW:FoC or BfME:Rise of the WK--my system has no issues with crashing with those system hog games.

    Just respond and perhaps I'll get something together to send to Bethesda.
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    Send a message to adamwilkin
    adamwilkin posted on Sep 19, 2007 5:16:05 AM - Report post
    I've had a few problems when trying to exit game after installing Shivering Isles. It would do various types of crashes and the occasional system freeze. Definately not my machine either, got an E6400 core2 (4M shared L2)@3.2Gig on a P5b-deluxe wifi, w/ 2x1GB Patriot pc8500 ddr2 1066MHz sticks (5-5-5-9-30-2T @ 2.3V) and an EVGA GeForce 8800GTS w/ 640MB DDR3 clocked to 600 core & 1800 DDR. All watercooled w/ various zalman sinks and equipment, and powered under a Thermaltake 650W PS. Nothing gets over 30C at any point. Can run Memtest for days without error or heat. Besides I UN-OCed everything in my machine and nothing changed.

    Many of the crashes would loose anything from recent savegames to video/audio settings. For some reason it has not happened now in days, I wonder if that has more to do though with being in a different area of the Shivering Isles? Like one that works lol.
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    Send a message to Nocturne4ever
    Nocturne4ever posted on Nov 18, 2007 9:23:01 PM - Report post

    I've had *three* different types of crashes, and they keep occuring..

    One is a player character whose gone through Oblivion andd Ko9, and then installed Shivering Isles, tried to load the character, and it was trashed. Every single it would load, show me where I'm standing, and then if I tried to move or hit TAB, *BOOM* right to the desktop with that "Oblivion* has crashed, click close"

    Two is an even older character that was running on much lower graphics settings, so I loaded him up, changed the video settings, and it 'seemed' to run fine for about 2 hours, and then die. I even ended up setting a Chameleon Clock timer for 118 minutes that said "We're going down, save your game!" and it's still doing that.

    Three, I started out with a fresh character (I know, I hear the groans of people who don't want to re-do everything all over again..) but I ignored *ALL* references to the Shivering Isles quest and went adventuring in all different directions, and nothing happened, no crash, so I got suspicious, and started the quest, and *boom*.

    I am running V1.2.0416 and I highly suspect this patch is the problem..

    I won't bother spewing my machine specs, but it's pimped and I can run practically anything on ULTRA settings. I highly doubt it's anything to do with my machine unless the nividia BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra OC 768MB PCIe drivers pack is an issue.

    Semper Fidelis Ad Noctem
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