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SSBM Sanctuary of Answers (I'M BACK!)
Yoshi  posted on May 05, 2007 5:17:15 PM - Report post

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Knock back- Refers to how far a character is sent after being hit by an attack.

L-cancel- When L, R, or Z is pressed before you hit the ground, the normal recovery time after an aerial attack is decreased. For example, Link's aerial down-A L-cancelled will result in his pulling the sword out of the ground faster. Keep in mind that L-canceling doesn’t get rid of the lag, it just reduces it. L-canceling plays a key part in shffling and most combos.

Lag (also called recovery time) - When a character executes an attack, there is a certain amount of time after the attack is over in which that the character cannot move. This is called lag time. Moves that are "laggy" carry an large amount of lag time. Some examples are Ganondorf's ground forward-B when it misses, and Link's aerial down-A not L-cancelled. Related term: L-cancel

Light Shield- Holding L or R lightly brings up a bigger but weaker shield. It prevents shield-stabbing and is great for guarding against weak attacks. When used by holding the Z button, light shielding is called Z-shielding (the only difference is the name).

Luigi Ladder- Two Luigi's can do their up-B attacks against each other indefinitely, but they must not hit with the fire part of it. This will keep them in the air, and moving upwards.

Meteor Smash/ Meteor Spike- A meteor is a spike that can be meteor-cancelled

Meteor Cancel- Jumping out of a meteor. You are frozen for one second after a meteor spike, but if you double jump or up-b immediately after that first second you can cancel the meteor smash. Meteor canceling is also known as a meteor jump.

Mewtwo's Double Jump boost- With Mewtwo, if you perform an aerial attack at the end of his double/second jump, he'll get an extra boost upwards.

Missile canceling- shooting off one of Samus' missiles as you're about to land to cancel lag.

Mr. Game&Watch/Corneria glitch- Mr. G&W can do his up-B through the neck of the Great Fox. Double jump, then do up-B when his head is pressing against the ceiling above the guns. The CPU seems to do it whenever he is down there too.

Natural combo- Any combo that is built into the game, such as the variations of Marth and Roy's over-B attacks and also the a-a-a-a-etc combo that most characters have.

Needle Canceling- Same as Missile canceling but with Sheik's Needles.

Ness's bat reflector- If you hit a projectile with the tip of Ness's bat or right behind Ness, it will be reflected.

No-ping hit- Hitting with the handle of a home-run bat, so that it does not make the distinctive "ping" sound. Sends the target a higher trajectory than a tip-hit. Thanks to Smashnuke for this term.

Phantom Hit- This occurs when an attack hits but it doesn't move the opponent and only does half of the normal amount of damage. A sure-fire way to do this is to go to Ganondorf's Japanese HRC, do a full jump, and hit B. (Even though this is sorta common knowledge, credit to snex for the example)

Power Shielding- Shielding at the exact instant an attack or item hits your character. This will result in a white flash and the attack not hitting you or weakening the shield. This causes projectiles to be reflected. FYI (For Your Information), no human can power shield at the same consistency that Lvl. 9 CPU’s can. They power shield 90% of the time, and no human will ever get close to that.

Yoshi  posted on May 05, 2007 5:17:58 PM - Report post

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Priority- What the chances are of an attack taking precedence over another attack if they collide with each other. Priority is generally based on hitboxes, spacing, and timing. Thanks to Rebel581 for help with this term.

PSI Spaming- Used in team battles with friendly fire set to "On". When a player using Ness spams PSI magnet and a team mate attacks with projectile attacks to recover Ness' strenghth. Most effective with the Super Scope or Mewtwo's Shadow Ball. Thanks to shadowthebat for this term.

Roy Zone- Different from phantom hits in that the attack doesn't even do damage, though it hits. Named for the character it affects most, Roy.

Running smash- Running, then dash-canceling, followed by attacking (usually using the c-stick). You can also perform an up smash and a down smash without dash-canceling.

Quick Float (Peach only)- Tap down on the control stick while moving upwards in a jump. You will stop at that height and begin floating. You can do this with your first or second jump. You can also hold down before jumping for the same effect at ground level. This technique is very useful when performing aerial attacks.

Samus’s Super Wave Dash- First, you need to drop a bomb. Then hold the opposite direction of where you want to go, and then smash the direction you want to go as soon as you touch the ground. If you don't immediately let go of the control stick it won't work. Example- you want to go left, so you press down-b and then hold right. Just as you touch the ground, press left, and immediately let go. If you want to go right, press down-b and then hold left. Just as you touch the ground, press right and immediately let go. The term is abbreviated SWD. Thanks to Darknut2627 for the definition.

Sex Kick- This term refers to any neutral aerial A kick that does damage after the actual movement of the foot is over. The attack gets weaker and has less knock back the longer it is out. The only exception is Dr. Mario. His sex kick attack actually gets stronger, and has more knock back the longer it is out. Fox and Falco's aerial backwards A is also considered a sex kick.

Shffl- Shffl is an acronym that stands for Short-hopped Fast-falled, L-cancelled. It is the most effective way to use aerial attacks, and is a must in competitive play. It is pronounced shuffle.
For a vid/explanation go to: www.freewebs.com/tobiasxk/screwshffls.html

Shield grab- Hitting A or Z while shielding.

Shield shifting- Using the control stick to angle the shield to prevent shield-stab, or provide extra protection in a given direction.

Shield-stab- Attacking a shielded opponent where the shield's leaving a part of the character vulnerable, allowing them to bypass the shield's defense. This gets easier to do as your opponents shield gets smaller.

Shine- Another name for Fox's reflector (down-b).

Shine-spike- The term for spiking someone using Fox’s reflector. Because Fox’s reflector sends people down, it is a very useful way of edge-guarding.

Shine-cancel- Using Falco/Fox's reflector to stop motion when knocked away from the arena. Another definition would be jumping out of the shine to cancel the lag.

Short Hop Laser- With Fox or Falco, short jumping followed by a laser and a fastfall is considered a Short Hop Laser, or SHL. If the B button is pressed fast enough, Fox can do a Double Short Hop Laser, or DSHL.

Short hop- While running or standing, pressing the jump button more lightly than usual will result in a shorter first jump. Also you can press up on the control stick quickly.

Smash charging- After initiating a smash attack, you can hold A to hold the attack, thus increasing it in power. It is automatically released after a set amount of time, if not manually released.

Yoshi  posted on May 05, 2007 5:18:17 PM - Report post

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Spamming- Continuously and persistently using the same attack. Usually used in reference to projectile attacks.

Spike- Any attack that sends an enemy at an acute downward angle (less than 45 degrees away from straight down). Most spikes are a character’s aerial down a (ADA), but not all. Many, but not all spike attacks are considered meteor smashes.

Spot dodge- Also known as side-stepping, spot dodging is pressing down while shielding to dodge/side-step an attack. You can also use the C-stick to spot dodge.

Stale Move Effect- When any move is used over and over again, the power of that move will gradually go down. It can be brought to normal strength by using other moves and/or you dying. Named for the bonus category of the same name. Thanks to Shadowthebat for this term.

Startup- How long an attack takes to start. Attacks with high startup time include Falcon Punch (C. Falcon's B) and Ganondorf's Warlock Punch (B) / Volcano Kick (tilt up-A). Attacks with low startup time include Fox/Falco's reflector (down-B), Mewtwo's aerial forward-A, and Mr. Game&Watch's up-B. Startup time is basically the opposite of lag time.

Stun- When a character is hit, there is a certain amount of time in which the player can do nothing. If a character is hit during stun, it's considered a combo.

Super Jump- Catching Link's or Young Link's boomerang while hanging from a hookshot (See wall-grapple) will result in a very high jump.

Sweet Spot- Any part of an attack that does more damage, or has a better effect than other parts of the same attack. For example, if Marth hits someone with the very tip of his sword, it will do more damage and send them back farther.

Swing-Jumping- A late double jump cancel, used to create more vertical distance for characters with the ability to DJC.

Taunt- Press up on the directional pad and your character will taunt. Pichu and Captain Falcon have 2. Fox and Falco each have a special taunt that can be performed once-per-match and only on Corneria and Venom. You must press up on the D-pad for exactly one frame (1/60 of a second). If you are having trouble with that you can try repeatedly pressing left and right on the d-pad. Basically, all that happens is the Starfox team appears and makes some random comments or fires at the enemy.

Teching- When you are tumbling in the air after being hit, you can press L, R, or Z near the ground or a wall/ceiling, with or without a direction, to recover faster than usual. Holding left or right on a ground tech will result in a roll in the direction. Also, you can move the control stick left and right quickly to recover from the “tumbling” effect. You will then be falling normally, as if you had just jumped up, and will be able to perform attacks.

Tiers- A ranking of how formidable each character is at the peak of the current metagame. Metagame is the current highest level of play.

Tilt attack- Holding any one of the four control stick directions, and hitting A. Some left/right tilt attacks can be aimed diagonally. Note: This is different than an uncharged smash. IT IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ATTACK.

Yoshi  posted on May 05, 2007 5:18:42 PM - Report post

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Tipper- Hitting with the tip of the home-run bat. Sends target much farther horizontally than a non-tipper. In addition to the meaning mentioned above, "tipper" is used as another name for hitting with the optimal range of any of Marth's attacks, said range being any range where there is distinct damage and knock back (the tip). Thanks to MaskedMarth for additional information on this term

Tournament legal- Any stage, item, or rule set that is acceptable in a tournament environment. General rule sets follow this example: 4 stock, with time doubling (or almost doubling) stock, items on off. Hyrule Temple, Yoshi's Island 64, and Brinstar Depths, Infinite Mountain, Big Blue, and Termina are always off (and can't be chosen, even under slob picks). Slob pick (which is what most tournaments go by) allows the loser to pick both stage and character. First, the loser announces his stage choice. Then the winner picks a character and finally the loser picks a character. Team attack is usually on, and no stage can be played twice in the same set. A set is the best two of three. The tier list is based on the best game play possible (the metagame) with these rules.

Turret Fighting- Tactic that is used by mainly projectile characters in which the player spams his/her weapon to its fullest, while staying in the same spot. Falco, Samus, Fox, and Shiek users are known for this annoying tactic, and can be very effective when in the hands of an expert. Thanks to xxxxThe_GoaTxxxx for this term.

Turtle Glitch (Game and Watch only)- Break a breakable block with the turtle (back A aerial attack) right as you land on it and as the attack is ending. The turtle will stay in his hand until you use back air or neutral air (maybe other moves). If Game and Watch dies with the turtle in his hand, he will come back with it still attached, only now it will never go away for the rest of the match. Thanks to SuperDoodleMan for this term.

Upward Pound- A tactic with Jigglypuff where you use Pound, and then quickly press up so Jigglypuff pounds in a more upward direction. This helps vertical recovery (Pound and then jump gains more vertical distance) and horizontal recovery (consecutive upward Pounds give Jigglypuff infinite horizontal and if done perfectly vertical recovery). You can also do it downwards.

Vertkill- Jumping and spiking at the same time, usually by a character already in the air. Some useful ones are Captain Falcon's, Ganondorf's, Marth's down aerial.

Wallbombing- Using the Peach Bomber attack (forward+B) as a smash attack makes Peach pop up a little bit, allowing her to use it repeatedly without losing height. If kept up for long enough, this can be used to stall out time matches. Discovered by RyokoYaksa.

Wall-climbing- After an Mario hits a wall with up-B, he can wall jump. This can be continued until the wall ends.

Wall-grapple- With Link, Young Link, or Samus, hit Z in the air and near a wall (facing the wall of course) to latch onto it. Hit A while hanging, or after the initial latching to climb the grappling device. Can only be used once per time in the air (you have to land before you can use it again), but you can use the character's ^B after using a wall-grapple. What most players will do is air-dodge upwards and then hit Z, immediately followed by pressing A/Z again to launch them upwards. And to finish it all you do an up-b.

Wall-jump- Hitting the opposite direction when your character is near a wall, and not tumbling. Works only with Mario*, Samus, Young Link, Fox, Sheik, Falco, Pichu, and Captain Falcon. If any character not listed here seemed to have wall-jumped, you probably just witnessed him teching. Mario is a special case because he can wall-jump after his up-b.

Wall of Pain- Jigglypuff strategy that is focused on its superb aerial ability, and in particular, its aerial back A.

Yoshi  posted on May 05, 2007 5:19:27 PM - Report post

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?air- refers to aerial attacks in the four directions and neutral. Replace ? with n (neutral), u (up), f (forward), b (back), or d (down) to signify which.

And here ends the terms section.


Wavedashing is so special its gets a section all to itself. Funny thing is, all I’m going to do is direct you to another site that has an in-depth essay on Wavedashing and maybe post a list or two.


Every character’s wavedash goes a different length. It all depends on how much traction they have. The characters are in order from longest to shortest wavedash here:


Ice Climbers





Dr. Mario / Mario / Mr. Game & Watch






Young Link



Pikachu / Sheik

Captain Falcon / Kirby



Peach / Zelda


Rather than explaining this myself, I’m going to give you a link to another site that has an in-depth essay on tiers. I will, however, show you the current tier list and add one more bit of info.


The tier list is based on the best level of play currently known to be possible, also known as the current metagame. The tier list is not, however, based off FFA (Free For All) play. If you go look up the term Tournament Legal, those are the rules that the tier list is based off of.



C. Falcon

Dr. Mario
Ice Climbers


Young Link
Mr. Game & Watch


Yoshi  posted on May 05, 2007 5:19:56 PM - Report post

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EVERYBODY asks about videos. Where can I find this, where can I see that. Blah Blah Blah. So, to solve that problem, here is a huge video section with links. The list has changed since last time. Do not be fooled. Gaming Freak went through and checked EVERY SINGLE LINK to make sure that they work. In addition, if you can’t find what you are looking for here, check DC++. If you don’t know what DC++ is, well, there’s a section for it too later on.

Advanced Tactics

Last time the link we had for the advanced tactics video was dead, so I created a new one with two different videos (neither of which are mine, btw):


Stadium Videos:

GamePro 88’s really good videos for every character twice.



r1k's site-


history of hrc by sskeeto-



nismojoe more-











pierrethekiller site-

BtT/MMM WRs *outdated*-

Yoshi  posted on May 05, 2007 5:20:18 PM - Report post

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meh -


gaming elite-

old r1k-


skatin64’s home page-


calfoolio's ranking site-




hrc guide by sskeeto-


cort <_<-

TOA calculator-






Expert BtT (Break the Targets) and MMM (Multi-Man Melee) videos:


AR codes:

Extra Sites:
Vs. Vids:

DBR combo/music vids:






Other Combo Vids


HRC World Rankings site by SSkeeto:


Yoshi  posted on May 05, 2007 5:21:05 PM - Report post

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For how many frames and other random technical stuff, go to Mew2King’s website.

I will, however, post a list or two (from the above website), because many people ask about these things. And remember that 1 frame is 1/60 of a second.

Every character jumps at a slightly different speed. Here is a list of jumping speeds:

4 frames - Fox / Ice Climbers / Kirby / Pichu / Pikachu / Samus / Sheik

5 frames - Captain Falcon / Dr. Mario / Luigi / Mario / Marth / Mr. Game & Watch / Ness / Young Link

6 frames - DK / Falco / Jigglypuff / Mewtwo / Peach / Roy / Yoshi

7 frames - Ganondorf / Link / Zelda

9 frames - Bowser

Off the ground:

1) Falco
2) Luigi
3) Captain Falcon
4) DK
5) Marth
6) Sheik
7-8) Fox / Ice Climbers
9) Young Link
10-11) Samus / Yoshi
12-13) Ness / Pikachu
14) Link
15) Pichu
16) Roy
17-18) Bowser / Mewtwo
19-20) Peach / Zelda
21-22) Dr. Mario / Mario
23) Ganondorf
24) Mr. Game & Watch
25) Kirby
26) Jigglypuff

Mid-air jump:

1-2) Kirby / Mewtwo
3) Jigglypuff
4) Yoshi
5) Falco
6-7) Fox / Ness
8) Sheik
9) Luigi
10) Peach
11) Ice Climbers
12) Captain Falcon
13) Bowser
14-15) Pichu / Pikachu
16-19) Dr. Mario / Mario / Marth / Samus
20) DK
21) Mr. Game & Watch
22) Ganondorf
23) Young Link
24) Roy
25) Link
26) Zelda


1) Samus
2) Sheik
3-4) Yoshi / Zelda
5-6) Ganondorf / Peach
7-8) Captain Falcon / Luigi
9-11) Kirby / Marth / Pikachu
12) Pichu
13) DK
14-15) Mewtwo / Ness
16-17) Falco / Link
18-23) Bowser / Dr. Mario / Fox / Mario / Roy / Young Link
24) Mr. Game & Watch
25) Ice Climbers
26) Jigglypuff

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