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Need Help with Mision 8: Croatia
RichinOKC  posted on Apr 04, 2007 3:23:10 PM - Report post

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Maybe its just me but i can't seem to get by this mission. You don't seem to get enough resources to maintain the existing run down base, there's no men or equipment to withstand the onslaught from every direction and then you find out that you have to send resources to free up the reinforcements that stuck from getting to you. Are there any special tips...not looking for cheats just maybe some hints on strategy as to how to get through this mission. Thanks!
juggernaught  posted on Apr 04, 2007 5:06:59 PM - Report post

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I am having a really hard time with this mission too. There are two NOD basses and they keep cranking out men and machines. I set the difficulty to easy, but it seems to have no effect at all. Does anyone who got through this mission have a gameplan for us?
Bigmues  posted on Apr 04, 2007 8:41:58 PM - Report post

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I think I may be able to help you there, I finished the GDI campaign 2 days ago and had to redo that paricular mission a number of times until I worked it out by mistake. Here goes...

1. your base will be attacked by the same types of units every time, for example, to the north you will be attacked by tanks and you defend with tanks 4-5 scorpion tanks and some jeeps 2-3 ish? use the base defenses to the east to defend against the stealth tanks and make sure you build an extra 1-2 turrets and keep them repaired. you should get away with 2-3 units of infantry and at least 1 gun turret to the south. To the east you need to be building you army up with plenty of tanks and machine gun units (APC's and infantry) as the bulk of the forces that you will encounter on the rescue mission are suicide bombers and your heavy units just won't be effective enough.
2. on the rescue mission, do not delay. Send your troops straight away because the enemy will start to fortify positions over the bridge. Onc over the bridge, head directly for the objective, destroy the 2 buildings and the defences with your tanks and guard with you infantry. On the way back make sure you keep some infantry behind and in front of your MCV as suicide bombers start tagetting him straight away.
3. get back to the outpost asap. on this is complete, you will find the rest of the mission is fairly simple to complete. By the way, don't forget about the apc when you are fighting suicide bombers as they always seem to get him when you're not looking!



[Edited by Bigmues, 4/4/2007 8:47:36 PM]

Sadjuk  posted on Apr 05, 2007 3:33:18 AM - Report post

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I have to argue a bit with your method :P The GDI base is attacked constantly from all sides, so pump money into building tanks. Also, you don't have enough power to sustain "2-3 more turrets" as you said. Plus you have to send 90% of your base to dreamland so the turrets work.

About the part where you said "the rest of the mission is fairly simple", I contradict you. Mind telling me what's so simple about the base to the east ? Remember it's isolated and the only way to get there is by air. And not all troops can call in transport planes to be moved there...

Granon  posted on Apr 05, 2007 3:37:31 PM - Report post

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Very annoying mission. Few suggestions:

Don't worry about rescuing the MCV, there's no time limit.

Riflemen in bunkers near the bridges can protect you entirely from infantry attack. Four covering each will do fine, don't block the road though and leave a couple of buggies covering them for stealth detection and air cover.

Rocket troops in APCs are some of the most effective ground-based anti-air in the game. Use them to protect against air assault.

Use formation deployment of your predators, the key to defense is concentrated firepower.

Consider taking the fight to the vehicle base to the North East before rescuing the convoy.

Maxman  posted on Apr 06, 2007 3:07:41 AM - Report post

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Last evening I've played the same for the first time, accomplished it successfully within half an hour and have realised it as a substantial test match between two factions, a test depicts the outcome subject to your efficiency and leadership. The useful tips / tricks as described by Kane, Overmind, kyle and Iron Moose are absolute and practical but unfortunately not so precise as far the understandings of a Beginner / Novice Player is concerned.

Anyhow, I'd like to add my precise observation / comments as under:

At the first instant, what we’d see:

GDI Structures

1. One GDI Tiberium Refinery
2. Two GDI Power Plants
3. One GDI War Factory
4. One GDI Barracks
5. Four GDI Watch Towers (Located at Southern and Western Side of Base)
6. Four GDI Guardian Cannons (Located at Northern and Eastern Side of the Base)
7. Four GDI Anti Air Battery (Located Inside Each Corner of the Base)

GDI Units

1. Three Groups of GDI Rifleman Squad
2. One Group of GDI Missile Squad
3. One GDI Pitbull
4. Two GDI Guardian (APC)
5. Three GDI Predator Tanks

Preparing for the Mission

We’re well aware about the critical situation here at GDI Base as we’re experiencing Shortage of Power and Tiberium Resources. We’re also confronting with a mass and severe attack from opposite faction NOD on each side of GDI base. Keeping in view, there are three NOD Bases located at North-East, South-East and South-West corner of the Map. Each NOD base has its own objective and strategy. A base located at North-East side usually prefer to raid through Ground Vehicles Strategy containing Fast Attack Bike, Raider Buggy and Scorpion Tank lead its movement towards Northern and Eastern Side of the GDI Base. A base located at South-East side rely on its Air Power and randomly attack through its VTOL Venom Scout on each corner of GDI Base and subsequently a base located at South West corner of the Map continuously attack through NOD Infantry Units including Militants, Militant Rocket Soldiers and Fanatic Squads (Suicide Bombers) towards Southern and Western Side of the GDI Base.

Lights Camera Action!

Upon commencement of instant mission we should be clever enough to concentrate our attention on each defensive side of GDI Base. For this purpose, we’d prioritise our actions as under:

1. Build Additional Harvester
2. Build Two Additional Guardian (APC)
3. Build One Additional Predator Tank
4. Temporarily Shut Down the Power of Barracks
5. Power-up All Guardian Cannons located at Northern and Eastern Side of GDI Base
6. Power-up One Watch Tower located at South-West Side of GDI Base
7. Power-up One Watch Tower located at West-South Side of GDI Base
8. Power-up One Anti Air Battery located at South-East Side of GDI Base

Save your mission…

Defensive Strategy

Comrades! Now we’re in a position to put our moveable objects on their defensive spots i.e.

1. Enter all the Squads in each of available Guardian (APC)
2. Deploy Two of Guardian (APC) near each of Active Watch Towers
3. Deploy each of available Predator Tank near each of Guardian Cannons
4. Deploy Pitbull and remaining Two Guardian (APC) near each of Offline Anti Air Battery

Save your mission…

Retaliation from GDI

OK Soldiers! It’s time to show your aggression against your opposite NOD forces. While deploying your Predator Tanks beside each of Guardian Cannon, make sure the objects should not be outside the GDI Base boundary as Artificial Intelligence (AI) generally prefers to attack on its nearest / closest object first. Subsequently after passage of time your units would become invulnerable against any NOD vehicle.

Maxman  posted on Apr 06, 2007 3:08:55 AM - Report post

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Don’t waste too much time in the means of GDI Base defence as AI would become more and more brutal and ultimately won’t miss any chance to cause a catastrophe and mass destruction on GDI Base by sending its Shadow Team, Black Hand Troopers and even a lady Commando through its South-West Base. It’d also launch its lethal strike by the help of constructing a Tech Lab on its North-East Base and would continuously rush its Flame and Stealth Tanks, similarly it won’t be hesitant to do a big bout through its Vertigo Batwing Bomber and at this situation you won’t be in a position to defend against each of its modernized strategy.

So what you waiting for:

1. Build Two Additional Predator Tanks
2. Build Two Additional Guardian (APC)
3. Temporarily Shut Down the Power of War Factory
4. Power-up GDI Barracks
5. Build Two Engineers and put each inside Guardian (APC)
6. Temporarily Shut Down the Power of Barracks
7. Power-up GDI War Factory

Save your mission…


We don’t bother what’s really happening at far North-West region. And we don’t even need to touch enemy’s turret pasting a stoppage mark on the road. We’d discuss it later.

SILOS Needed

You occasionally hear this message while playing any mission despite the fact that instantly you won’t be in a position to store tiberium credits for future purposes. The best possible solution to use these resources here is to build more and more vehicles, either Predator Tanks, Guardian (APC) or others. The more vehicles you possess, more defensive you remain.


This is up to you to launch your strike against NOD forces either on North-East Base or South-West Base. As described earlier, there are two NOD War Factories available at North-East Base and subsequently Two Hands of NOD situated at South-West Base.

Escort your four vehicles, as discussed earlier, towards lower bridge of the river and if you find large number of NOD Infantry Units on the river, crush all of them through your tanks and subsequent vehicles. Don’t stand aside and play with fire. Slightly move your units beside the river bank on south position. This is important because there are several civilian buildings as garrisoned by NOD Infantry Units.

Don’t forget to grab the crates inside the tiberium field as the resources are useful either to upgrade or promote your units or add some valuable credits. Don’t deviate your attention from GDI Base, add and interchange as many units as possible and frequently repair your defending structures.

Save your mission…

Rush through the NOD Base and close your units near the NOD Construction Yard. Destroy both of Hands of NOD and also destroy the both defending turrets. Capture the NOD Construction Yard through one of GDI Engineer and also capture one of upgraded Power Plant through remaining Engineer. Now you may have enough power to online your remaining GDI Structures.


Save your mission…

Build a Hand of NOD and instantly build enough Saboteurs in order to capture remaining NOD Structures i.e. Power Plants, Operations Centres etc.

Build a NOD War Factory and build at least six / seven NOD Scorpion Tanks. Subsequently build five / six GDI Predator Tanks at GDI Base.

Build a NOD Tiberium Refinery inside the base for collecting more tiberium credits.

Escort the cluster of Scorpion Tanks to the Northern region and at the same time move GDI Predator Tanks on Eastern region. Move both groups simultaneously in the centre of the base. The enemy would be stunned and crumbled through the retaliation from GDI. You may either capture or destroy the both NOD War Factories. Capture all the remaining NOD Structures and instantly build a NOD Tech Lab (If already destroyed) as well as an Airfield.

Save your mission…

Vonfuzzball  posted on Apr 06, 2007 3:09:54 AM - Report post

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try looking for a walkthrough or FAQ you will probably find the answers there
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