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New suits?
Reiel  posted on Mar 21, 2007 5:52:31 PM - Report post

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Once you have to go after Sterok, Strelor, whatever his name is, in his underground hideout, there is a 'STALKER SUIT' along with a modified AK 74/2.
Drykro  posted on Mar 21, 2007 11:58:20 PM - Report post

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And after you finish that mission and hand over the suit to the science lab old guy, you get an even better suit As for weapons, there is a very nice one in uhm the map with the bloodusckers mission. Accept the Duty quest and go with them to kill a sniper, and blow the base wall. After you kill main boss in that base, he has a very nice weapon with him Working on getting the gay ass Condition to stay always full...

Problem is - 512 MB RAM (I always end up in Low-Virtual Memory pop-up) Sux2bme...

[Edited by Drykro, 3/22/2007 12:00:25 AM]

spartanmaster  posted on Mar 21, 2007 11:59:52 PM - Report post

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I think ive basically acquired every suit that is normal. Towards the end of the game youll FINALLY get the Exoskeleton suit that you see the duty soldiers wearing. It only has 30% radiation protection however. SEVA Suit has 90% and it lets you sprint.

EDIT: why dont you just increase the paging file?

[Edited by spartanmaster, 3/22/2007 12:06:27 AM]

lapdragon  posted on May 08, 2007 8:52:51 AM - Report post

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You can get a "Merc Suit" at the very beginning of the game.

Get the mission from Wolf, so you have a PMm pistol, then get onto the roof of the house that Wolf is standing next to.(Go up the ladder, then shimmy along the ledge to the roof) Run and jump to the next house, and crouch down on the porch roof - you'll be able to shoot through that hole in the roof at a box in the attic, after breaking the box, go to the other side of the roof to the other hole, and you should have a suit there.

Sometimes the suit isn't close enough to reach, so you just go back to the porch and shoot it until it's closer to the hole and you can crouch down and get it.

You can also get the Fort-15 pistol easily too (along with several AKm-74U's and ammo).

After you have your Merc Suit, go to the green trailer that's alongside the road, give the guy who's lying on the ground a medkit, and then in the trailer you will find 2 wooden boxes with an ammo can sitting on top, break the boxes and the can, pick up the ammo, bandages, and silenced pistol, and then run to where you can see the Military guys at the railroad bridge. Don't equip the silenced pistol yet!

Get somewhat close to them, and shoot them a couple times with your PMm pistol, then run to the building behind you (with the stairs and the anomolies). Go upstairs in the building, up the second small flight of stairs, then crouch and walk along the catwalk to the ramp that goes up into a little room. Equip the Silenced Pistol (it's more accurate than your PMm), then wait for the military guys to get close - you may have to stick your head out the window and shoot them a couple more times to get them to get closer to your building.

Once they're all next to your building, if you double-crouch down and look through the little crack in the floor, you can see the military guys down there looking for you, they've got a tendancy to pile up right there - you patiently line up and shoot them all in the head until your NPC counter gets to zero, then you go out and loot the bodies :-)

You may want to practice the running into the building and getting upstairs part a couple times before you shoot the military guys - if you run the wrong direction, there's a fair chance they'll get you.

[Edited by lapdragon, 5/8/2007 9:04:06 AM]

Shindo  posted on May 09, 2007 5:42:59 AM - Report post

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originally posted by mufty_88

damn it. cant find any suits. does anyone have good place where i can get one near the bar/scrapyard.

[Edited by mufty_88, 3/21/2007 3:09:25 PM]

Will.... I didn't find no new suit but found a SEVA suit near the bar enterance toward the Freedom base.....

Sulaco  posted on May 19, 2007 6:24:53 AM - Report post

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When you start your first mission after talking to Wolf climb the ladder behind him and go across the roof (need to run fast) and jump onto the next building. Go across the roof into the far corner and you'll see a hole with a crate in it. Shoot the crate and you can grab a decent spec Stalker suit, far better than the leather coat you've got. Hope this helps you out, Sulaco.
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