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Locked Topic  Why the trainer doesn't work for some
lostone  posted on Mar 20, 2007 1:23:46 PM - Report post

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originally posted by wishhavoc

I'm afraid i don't agree about letting it be leaked because thats disrespectful to the trainer developers but im sure less trainers would be leaked if the public availablity wait was cut down to a week maybe. just a suggestion. anyways as soon as i get my paypal account sorted im of unlimited

I don't meant to "let leak". I just meaned, that people should respect the work of the trainer authors. They buyed an account here and the should pe proud about what they signed up for.

Thorandor  posted on Mar 20, 2007 2:08:13 PM - Report post

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2. Why would a "subroutine" affect the trainer functionality ? If you guys were smart, you would've made it auto-update-able if code is relocated. Yeah, it's not the author that has to change the trainer, it's always us that have to look for the .exe the author used when he made the trainer itself

sunbeam, I pointed out that the blanked-out subroutine may have affected the trainer because unlike you I took the time to actually test the trainer as well a the game to its functionality.

Unlike your "experience" I actually sat down and loaded the game up a couple of times, with my original copy and clean .exe, VITALITY's no-cd as well as HATRED's no-cd, and out of all tests VITALITY's no-cd resulted in none of the options of the trainer to work.

[Edited by Thorandor, 3/20/2007 2:12:08 PM]

sunbeam906  posted on Mar 20, 2007 2:20:41 PM - Report post

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@Thorandor: Take it to debug level, and see why it doesn't work. Don't assume a simple "subroutine" (I think you meat .exe section there) is affecting the trainer functionality It may be various reasons : some of the code doesn't get injected, the section is read-only, pointer is invalid (yes, base pointer of the player structure) and that occurs if we're talking about a different version of the game.

Without the trainer I can't say much. But yes, OllyDbg will surely tell you why the trainer crashes the game. Inject (assuming it's the same old format - gc.dll), set a breakpoint on WriteProcessMemory on the hooked module and trace the code manually. That's how it's done, not by assuming

P.S.2: The Vitality crack works very fine. And what you call "lame attempt at cracking" it's actually a succesfully rebuilt .exe (not even a trace of SecuROM). Also, a "subroutine" can't affect what a trainer does, since the trainer is locked on (a) an address (b) a function. Unless the missing "subroutine" is one of the trainer used functions (which I doubt), then you're wayyyy off-topic

P.S.3: If the crack is lame, then how come the game runs without any problems ? o_O

[Edited by sunbeam906, 3/20/2007 2:32:05 PM]

donpiano  posted on Mar 20, 2007 2:34:30 PM - Report post

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I can second that. - Trainer works perfectly fine on vitality release.
Thorandor  posted on Mar 20, 2007 3:04:25 PM - Report post

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@sunbeam906: "successfully rebuilt" can mean a lot, the way its done by VITALITY is pretty much stupid butchering of code in the hope that the game will work as it should. I agree that the subroutine that has been removed may (hopefully) not cause a problem throughout the game, but let's assume worst-case and it does in fact cause some problem or the other in the future. As such, the "successfully rebuilt" file is probably not that "successful"
For the purpose of reverse-engineering (and I assume you know a few points about that) you will probably agree that it was a - as you say - 'lame' solution to bypass SecuRom, a solution that may or may not have messed the game up. In fact, removing SecuRom like that - and then claiming it is a "successful" crack - well, that is what I call lame

If you also take your time and actually read the topic then you will notice that I have in fact only submitted an opinion as to why - in my eyes - it does not work. While I tested the Vitality executable I noticed that the trainer did nothing for me, neither god mode, nor ammo, none of the options. However, the trainer worked on both my original executable as well as one provided by HATRED, as such - and after re-trying all options on all executables on NEW games (meaning I did not start a savegame, provided you want to retort with your comment about trainers messing up savegames) around 3 or 4 times I based my thread on this result.

However, retrospectively, I am happy for donpiano that he gets the trainer to work on VITALITY's executable, meaning that not only can he enjoy the trainer like I do, but also that my theory was wrong overall, but correct on my system, as that is the only way I can get the trainer to work

sunbeam906  posted on Mar 20, 2007 3:56:54 PM - Report post

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Nice to see someone actually reading and enjoying the sarcasm I'm binded with Unlike PWiz which likes to PM me for "disrupting topics" :P

Anyway. SUCCESS! Without a CH trainer, and I did manage to create my own god-mode ! Yes, if you ask, it's a CE script Coding is for those who have too much time in their hands

P.S.: One static code-shifted pointer in xrGame.dll and 1 offset to player structure. From there, +4 = HP, +8 = max_HP. Oh, and I did say I love xmm0 ? Yes, I really do

P.S.2: Who is the maker of the so loved CH trainer ? When I get my hands on it (the trainer) I will look @ how he crafted his option. I might add that when testing, I changed a register which I had no clue what it did (EAX) on my code, and for some reason the enemies were above the map, walking straight. Fun, fun, fun. Yeah, forgot to pushad. So, bite me

forty-two  posted on Mar 20, 2007 5:36:54 PM - Report post

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originally posted by sunbeam906

I received PMs from people asking me where I got the trainer. I never got any trainer. I am purely speaking from what I know it is done when training a game o_O Jeez...

P.S.: You assume you've found a "leaked" trainer. There isn't any, I assure you

[Edited by sunbeam906, 3/20/2007 12:37:37 PM]

I assure you. I downloaded it.

oberondavil  posted on Mar 20, 2007 6:29:09 PM - Report post

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ok so here's my observations so far.

1) vitality crack ( trainer works ) some options seem to not work perfectley but that's ok. Some slowdown when using the crack ( even without trainer)
2) hatred crack same as vitality in regards to trainer and slowdown.
3) using mini image trainer functions the same as with cracks but no slowdown.

my conclusions it's not the trainer causing slowdowns it's the cracks.

my system specs winxp sp2 2 gb ram 3.4with ht enabled ati1950xt latest drivers.

what I see not working.

1 hit kills not functional
god mode works unless your up close or in inventory ( as posted previously)
weight removal works fine

haven't tried ammo or ru

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