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Build a label achievement guide
Zackman  posted on Mar 18, 2007 6:56:48 PM - Report post

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This is a guide you can follow build a label mode through from start to end, this guide will help you get every single build a label mode achievement in one play through including:
-platinum, gold, multiplatinum, etc.
-4 satisfied girlfriends at one time
-500k style points

If you want the hard mode achievement(100 pts.) you must start the game on hard, and play every single fight on hard. You must never turn it to easy difficulty if you want the achievement. turning to hard before the final boss fight will not work
Ok first off, the girl key for the 4 girls at once achievement:
Nina 1:
Immediately after helping Luda with Johnny Nunnez in the beginning
Shortly after the cutscene introducing Troy Dollar

Shortly after your promoted to the high end crib

Immediately after hitting the town with Luda

Here is a list of the girlfriends and required style points:

Nina 1 style point
Liris 20,000 style
Mayra 35,000 style
Summer 50,000 style
Christin 75,000 style
Melyssa 100,000 style

Once you have all four all you need to do is keep them happy and hope they don't find out about each other. To keep them happy just approve their requests. They should all stay happy as long as they are kept at 85 or above. Jealousy will cause them to leave. Once they are 85 or higher, they will not notice what you do.

If a girl spots you with another girl, she will send you two warning messages, after the third your dumped.

Zackman  posted on Mar 18, 2007 6:57:01 PM - Report post

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1. Ok when you start off in build a label, waste the $1000 and clothes and tats. when luda gives you his first song, do $150k in cost of goods and $150k in appearances. Nothin in anything else.

2. Spend all the money you make off Luda's CD on jewelery and I mean ALL of it because 1 mill = 100k style points. So basically you spend 500k there and you got 50k style points. Your style points update after every fight. PS: you can buy the same thing over and get style points from buying it, you get style points from BUYING, not wearing. So you can wear what you want but still get the style achievements and stuff.

3. Ok now save up 1,500,000 for every time you want to release a new song. Put all the money you can on marketing, cost of goods, and PR appearences. We do not need any air play as you only need that if you are going for multiplatinum which we cannot do yet so now it's just a waste of money.

4. After doing this a few times everytime you release a song, you should have a lot of money and with that you can buy jewlery(the most expensive chain...buy it again 5 times and boom 500k style point achievement unlocked.)

5. Now that you are rich, have a crapload of style points...it is time to go MULTI PLATINUM. Save up 3 million and when you get a song you can release, max out EVERYTHING. I did this with lil jon's get crunk or get low and made 11 million. I dont really think the song matters much, just max out everything and you should be nearly garunteed the achievement.

6. Now you should have been collecting girlfriends along the time of doing all this since if you followed this you have aqquired crap load of style points, so if you are lucky and none of them catch you cheating, you have gotten the 4 girlfriends achievement. Also before you go to a big event or club fight I think it may help if you change your clothes and then change them again when you get back. This may just be a rumor and I doubt can be confirmed but better safe than sorry....

Well that's it for build a label mode. If you have been doing this on hard difficulty you have unlocked that...if you need hard mode tips on the final boss wheatly, just keep timing your throws perfectly and hitting him with the helicopter. He will mostly block or reverse most of your normal attacks.

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