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Locked Topic  Rap battles
mmf  posted on Mar 22, 2007 4:13:21 PM - Report post

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i no a guy his name is matt
but man hes just way to fat
he has no hair so he wears a hat
till i broke it in pieces with my baseball bat
i said come on man ur way to fat
ur buts wider then my welcome mat
i said come on man u wana lose some o that
well to bad ur just way to fAT

[Edited by mmf, 3/22/2007 5:38:02 PM]

zorrodude  posted on Mar 22, 2007 4:32:52 PM - Report post

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OMG Killowatts is back!! Wow dude this rap contest should get interesting.
DarthWright  posted on Mar 22, 2007 5:45:27 PM - Report post

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yo im back from my lil vacation
im glad to be back
cuz all i got to say is....
im suprised this topic is still up
and im starting to get sick of rapping bout pups
im putting beats in these raps people rapped
and im starting to say o please just get capped!
im already thtrowing knives and shooting guns
and im targeting for the buns
people start thinking
and not whinking
you all are just stealing
while im just wheeling
here i am saying stuff from my mind
and your getting whind

its the return of Wright

ForrestGump  posted on Mar 23, 2007 8:05:29 PM - Report post

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Heh, someone does remember me! Oh em gee!
And forty-two is darkgoku, nobody told me so I never knew!
Good to see some familiar faces,
felt lost and alone in these strange new places.
Lots o' peeps runnin around, so I kept it real and my head down
But it's good now cuz I'm all the way back
they's work to do, tween me and you

The sad melody of sweetened harmony weeps at my feet like that painful harm in me,
where she tore loose from my soul my life and will
and inside me she shred my mind and did kill
the only thing that keeps me breathing,
this pain inside that keeps me seething
with hate and love for her,
fear and hate and love for her,
she ripped me apart from my beliefs and values
alone I walk now, lost and spited
my defeat is cited, my soul is blighted
this death and destruction cannot be righted
she took all I had, everything that made me mad
that made me sad and made me glad
This bleeding heart wants the day
that she will her rights and dues pay
she'd best stay outta my way
cuz blood ain't a game and it don't play
my fists and guns got more to say
than could be said in one every day
Stories of retribution know not my wrath
this burning hate that feeds my soul now
fuels the flame of revenge now
the furnace inside burns like the sun
and the sons of the same from my gun.

Chingy42007  posted on Mar 24, 2007 2:05:08 AM - Report post

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Nice. Sounds kinda emo though.

Hey yo,
I dont think y'all ready for my return
when i come back you'll be all burned
How dare you guys rap with no clue
that the king of rap was never ever up the flue
He was standing in your face, yo, the whole time
thinking of a rap to come back with, so sublime
that it burns into yo memory, blows yo whole mind
it wont dissapate, even with infinite time
Now thats foolish to THINK you're all mine
but it aint so foolish to KNOW you're all mine
y'all stick it as arrogance, but i dont care
y'all already been lured into my, huge lair
opinion just doesnt even give you hope now
you've fallen into the trap yet you raise your brow
once again thinkin that you're "all that"
but you know that this trap really is a trap of crap
you realise it yet you wont comprehend
that you're done for, even if you make amends
its burned your memory, its gonna haunt you but
you're gonna find a way to eliminate this rut
when you try, i'll be ready
to scoop you up, just like mom's spaghetti
you cant win this, i suggest you surrender now
save you the humiliation of the raise-ed brow

The king of rap is back with PWNAGE!

DarthWright  posted on Mar 24, 2007 7:33:33 AM - Report post

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chingy your not the king of rap
your raps are like crap
ive heard better rap from a pile of
thats telling you that you cant rap a bit
i will be the judge to find the king of rap
but get in my face then its WAP!

[Edited by DarthWright, 3/24/2007 7:34:31 AM]

Chingy42007  posted on Mar 24, 2007 9:04:22 AM - Report post

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Wright parades around thinkin he's always "wright"
yet he doesn't put in the effort to be in the light
he slapping down judgements without analysis
he cussin and spittin like a damn catalyst
"i'll be the judge to find the king of rap"
well you'll be quite bad since you rap all crap
i aint seen a single rap from you thats praised
instead you be seeing your pride take a graze
You dont know good talent when its near
You dont know when you lookin at your fear
that fear is gonna tear you inside out
your pride's sullied, now give up and bow out.
mmf  posted on Mar 24, 2007 10:38:56 AM - Report post

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chingy raps much better then u
ur raps smells like my cousins dogs poo
when i herd ur rap i took of my scarf
i ran to the bathroom and started to barf
i thought man it should be illegal to rap so bad
it started to make me feel real mad
so i decided to make this post
but hey now im done and i need to finish my toast

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