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comon people give 1 f%cke& cheat
ivanpov  posted on Jan 26, 2007 2:59:25 PM - Report post

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few cheats for xp. gold & divinity pls cheats give cheats give cheats
insomniac  posted on Jan 26, 2007 11:02:15 PM - Report post

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OK, here, go to ironforge and jump into the giant lake of lava, at the bottom of the lake there's a small stone you can click, clicking on that stone will empty the lake of lava letting you run about it freely, once the lake is empty, go to the farthest end of the lake (nearest to the throne room) and run through a small tunnel. at the end of the tunnel you will find a gnome named raiding, talk to him. he'll give you all the xp you need to level to 60, as well as your epic mount, a full set of tier 1 epic armor, your choice of an epic sword or mace, and an instant membership to an 80+ man raiding guild.

now, a mean person would tell you that and leave it be, and if you happen to actually believe that statement, then stop reading this and go try it.

still reading? well, honestly, the statement above is compete hogwash and the reason you don't start out at level 60 is the simple fact that you don't know anything about your class. Blizzard wants you to level yourself up to 60 (well, 70 now) so you can learn your class, so you know what do do and when to do it. If you were to just hop to 60 you would miss the best content in the game, this coming from a level 64 warrior with experience tanking molten core and the head warrior officer of an 80 man guild, I can honestly say that the best moments in the game for me happened around levels 20-40, not 60+.

Enjoy your leveling experience, don't rush it. But I can give you some advise.

-Don't worry about having the best gear until you've reached the level 70, at lower levels anything you wear will be replaced within a few levels, so don't spend every penny you earn on new gear. Go to instances, and do quests, that's where the best gear is to be found.

-Stay away from the Auction House, unless your selling something. Don't spend all your money at the AH, the only excuse you should have for buying something there is
1) Its to further your crafting profession, or
2) your replacing something that's well over 10 levels old

-Read the manual

-Read the official world of warcraft forums, and ask questions

-Look for helpful guides if you ever get stuck, I suggest

for items and quest help


wow.tentonhammer.com Link
for helpful guides and FAQ's

and let me know if you have anymore questions.

BloodKing  posted on Jan 27, 2007 9:52:45 AM - Report post

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There's nothing special about being the "head warrior" in an 80 man guild.....
BloodKing  posted on Jan 27, 2007 9:54:21 AM - Report post

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there are guilds containing 400, 500 players
insomniac  posted on Jan 28, 2007 4:25:03 AM - Report post

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yes, that's true, but my guild had all of MC on farm and we were getting into BWL before the expansion came out. quality is greater than quantity many of those 500 man guilds are people picking up alts who don't log on for months on end, or there the uber branch guilds, with branches on dozens of servers, I was in neither. Being the warrior officer of a guild like mine is an honor, It tells me that I'm respected and liked in my guild , skilled enough to be looked up to, and loved enough not to be overthrown.

although the older guild broke up due to all the expansion madness like many did, many of the officers (including myself) reformed under a new name with the same people.

we weren't the most progressed guild, we never did down nef, or get into nax or aq 40, but we had all of MC on farm in less than 3 1/2 weeks.

So please don't troll, Being the MT of a great guild such as mine, is great, I had my 8/8 might set, and half of thunderfurry made, although its still sitting in my bank in pieces, I still have 2 more legendary items than you do.

heres my allakasam profile, just check the quest log tab, I'm sure you'll see the "Thundairan the Windseeker" quest right at the top of the list.


[Edited by insomniac, 1/28/2007 4:29:34 AM]

sonicboom  posted on Nov 25, 2008 6:31:11 PM - Report post

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Well to the begining of the Post there are no cheats in WoW.
Gold buying, Hacking, Etc. are just unfair ways of playing the game you'll never actually play the game if you just Look for cheats in the game and you'll never have as much fun as you could if you worked for it.

To Insomniac nice character. hope you get the thunderfury made

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