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CFC-DAVID-CFC  posted on Jan 24, 2007 12:37:59 PM - Report post

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is there any is there an way to get the platnum and gold guns without doing the missions cheats mabye
Phelpsy  posted on Apr 27, 2007 9:18:52 AM - Report post

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not as far as i know only way is 2 do the hitman activites which r hard
Vonfuzzball  posted on Apr 27, 2007 9:49:42 AM - Report post

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Password Effect
911 Ambulance (Restores Health)
#42637867 Unlock Special GameStop T-Shirt Cheat
(555) 018-0174 Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service)
555-455-8008 TNA Taxi Service
555-5966 Eye for an Eye Voodoo
555-7296 On the Fence (Pawn Shop)
555-3863 Lik-a-Chick
555-6238 The Dead Cow
555-3493 Rim Jobs
555-9467 Legal Lee's
555-9473 Grounds for Divorce
555-5926 On The Rag Clothing
#AMMO Infinite Ammo
#10 God's Wrath (lightning strikes randomly)
#66639 Give money
1-555-ITS-OVER Suicide Hotline
555-2626 Stocks
555-3765 Brown Baggers
#SPRINT Infinite Sprint
#Rocket Enables "Give RPG Launcher"
#AS12Riot Enables "Give AS12 Riot"
#12Gauge Enables "Give 12 Gauge"
#Tombstone Enables "Give Tombstone"
#T3KUrban Enables "Give T3K Urban"
#GDHC50 Enables "Give GDHC .50"
#Shepherd Enables "Give .44 Shepherd"
#NR4 Enables "Give NR4"
#Pipebomb Enables "Give Pipe Bomb"
#Vice9 Enables "Give Vice 9"
#Knife Enables "Give Knife"
#Molotov Enables "Give Molotov ****tail"
#Grenade Enables "Give Hand Grenade"
#268 Spawns an Ant
#2855364 Spawn a Bulldog
#732737 Spawns a Reaper (Hurst)
#78682 Spawns a Quota
#3378469 Spawns a Destiny
#22766 Spawns a Baron
#7288537 Spawns a Rattler
5552445 Chicken Ned
#fullhealth Full Health
#sunny clear skies
#shogun Shogun in garage
#66732374 Spawns a Nordberg in your garage
#262852623 Spawns an Anbulance in your garage
#746486 Spawns a Shogun in your garage
#5878423 Spawns a Justice in your garage
#867839 Spawns a Vortex in your garage
#936484 Spawns a Zenith in your garage
#882727 Spawns a Tuasar in your garage
#267667 Spawns a Cosmos in your garage
#566636 Spawns a Komodo in your garage
#pimpcane Gives a pimpcane shotgun
#nocops No Cop Notoriety
#nogangs No Gang Notoriety
#Nightstick Enables "Give Nightstick"
#936484 Enables "Give Zenith"
#7288537 Enables "Give Rattler"
#3373352623 Enables "Give Fer De Lance", the best car in the game!
#KEYSTONE Spawns 'Keystone' in your garage
#TAXI Spawns 'Taxi' in your garage
#BETSY Spawns 'Betsy' in your garage
#CAVALLARO Spawns 'Cavallaro' in your garage
#TRAXXMASTER Spawns 'TraxxMaster' in your garage
#HALBERD Spawns 'Halberd' in your garage
#843562 The Job
#27409863 Give Ar-40 Xtnd Rifle
#K6Krukov Give K6Krukov
(555) 455 8008 TNA Taxi
(555) 819 8415 Big Willys Cab
#FBI Spawns FBI
#mag Spawn Mag in Garage
#Macmanus Gives McManus Sniper Rifle
#hollywood Spawns Hollywood in Garage
555-2564 On Thin Ice
555-MART Crash Landing
#BaseBall Spawn BaseBall Bat
#Newman Spawns "Newman" in your garage (Mail Truck)
#Macanus Gives you the "McManus" sniper rifle
#Anchor Spawns "Anchor" in your garage (Newsvan)
#Quasar Spawns "Quasar" in your garage
#Hammerhead Spawns "Hammerhead" in your garage
#Compton Spawns "Compton" in your garage
#Baron Spawns "Baron" in your garage
#Gunslinger Spawns "Gunslinger" in your garage
555-3248 Impressions Clothing
#84816 Spawns a Titan
#87935 Spawn a Voxel
#34836 Spawn a Five-O
#635766 Spawn an Nelson
#947266 Spawn an Zircon
#2668534437 Spawn an Bootlegger
#94667 Spawn an Zimos
#2277429 Spawn an Capshaw
#742462438 Spawn an Richochet
#67468 Spawn an NRG V8
#52383792 Spawn an La Fuerza
#66254642473 Spawn an Mockingbird
#5225722248 Spawn an Jackrabbit
#42664225 Spawn an Hannibal
#8277489 Spawn an Varsity
#84676463 Spawn an Thorogod
#money $1000 cash
555-6328 Freckle *****'s Phone Number
#778 Repairs the car you're in
#38452277 Makes cars deliberately try to kill you.
#SKRSPREE Give SKR-7 Spree
#662677 Deletes Police Notorioty(Not Infinite)
#72436557 Ragdoll Effect without the Insurance Fraud

the_red_knight  posted on Nov 20, 2008 8:17:27 PM - Report post

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believe it or not i have searched for days trying to find out if you could but i couldn't find anything other than what hitman missions give you what guns,which they are hard to finish. i have only gotten one of them and it's the shotgun one. they are alot stronger and hold more ammo plus the best part is they can always be found in your cribs
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