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the big flat story
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    linkrox posted on Jan 24, 2007 11:25:05 AM - Report post
    one day mario was walking along the gardens of the mushroom kingdom but a toad came along and screamed..."AHHHHH! I HAVE A THORN RIGHTUP MY BUTT!" Mario did not want that sorta repuation so instead he jus ripped toads butt off. toad ran away screaming and then came luigi
    "*sigh*...Mario,bowser sent another lie note sayin he made out wiv peach,want me 2 kik his ass agen?" Mario looked and shook his head then he thought he might have a go seemsall this time Luigihas been mario in disguise(mario dont wanna get off his fat ass) then peachcame alongwith hair all frizzy and sed"damn,bowser is so much betta in bed than u!" in a daze. mario took no notice as he was starin at toads butt he still had in his hands and wonderin *uh-oh i hope luigi didnt see this butt!* then Luigi walked past and sed"Mario i bet ur thinkin:uh oh i hopeluigi didnt see this butt! well i did so no worries!" then mario quickly jumped in the pirahnas pool in embarrasment and came out wiv 1 testacle so here starts the journey to be continued (if enough ppl write and say they enjoyed this i will make a part 2)
    In my room i own a SNES, NES, N64 and Gamecube! I'm so happy ^.^! And anyway so the other day i.... wait should i be writing something witty or clever here? O no now im running out of space because im typing so much to tell you that im running out of space so if i abruptly stop it means that quite o
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