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Locked Topic  can sumone help me plz!!!!!!!!
Chingy42007  posted on Mar 11, 2007 10:30:46 AM - Report post

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Fair enough. Thats your opinion. And ppls opinion should not be suppressed.

And i agree with your choice of cars. The reason why the RX-8 is so crap this time around is because of the tier introduction. Had it been in tier 2, i doubt it would be as bad as it is.

And I have to say that i wouldn't say the SLR accelerates in a "slug-like" fashion, thats kinda exaggerating really. Slow would be more appropriate.

But i have to say, loud and clear, that the SLR is more muscle than exotic. No offense baseballnut, but the SLR is not good looking, which makes it fit in perfectly with SOME other muscles. Its hard for the rear tires to find a perfect purchase on the road, meaning they always slip, thanks to its torque. Yet another muscle attribute. Finally, it sounds the bloody same as a muscle. Not that they sound crap mind you, i love muscle car sounds. But a supposed "exotic" with muscle car sounds? That doesn't exactly satisfy the "car chemistry" department. It just doesn't work.

The REAL DK has spoken

baseballnut  posted on Mar 11, 2007 11:06:00 AM - Report post

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i see what you are saying but i think that the SLR just doesn't belong in any games at all, that car should be banned from all NFS games, it is a total piece of crap.

No one has tourist trophy of their list and no one is posting on it. I guess the game isn't very well known, it needs to be advertised more.

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Chingy42007  posted on Mar 11, 2007 11:35:43 AM - Report post

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Usually i like motorcycle games but when i played tourist trophy at a friend's house it was a complete GT4 for me - albeit a GT4 with bikes ONLY. That doesn't exactly appeal to me... i prefer GT4 to Tourist Trophy anyday. The Moto GP series is fun in its own right, with the crashes and the true-to-life racing experience. But when the GT-factor, as i call it, comes in then everything becomes dull. It may be fun at first but then its just dull. Thats why i rarely play GT4 these days.

The REAL DK has spoken

tha_underdogz  posted on Mar 11, 2007 4:59:45 PM - Report post

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Carl- i'd have to agree with u, i also hardly play GT4 nowadays. I'm more of a person that likes to see a lot of action or impact in racing games, like Burnout 3 or NFS...GTA would just be plain boring to me.

x_skatebizzy_x  posted on Mar 12, 2007 12:05:51 AM - Report post

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GTA? or GT4?
QueeNExotixXx  posted on Mar 12, 2007 12:14:13 AM - Report post

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is NFScarbon continuous from NFSmost wanted? cozz right at the begining it has the same BMW and says escape from the cross
NuMbChuX123  posted on Mar 12, 2007 12:17:21 AM - Report post

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according to my opinion, i havent yet played Mos wanted cause most ppl say that it aint good, so it turned out that i didnt want to try it, but i'd rather trying it then not.

i think it is continuous since i didnt understand of wat was happening at the start

Chingy42007  posted on Mar 12, 2007 6:35:41 AM - Report post

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yes it is continuous. Cross and the BMW didnt pop outta nowhere, you know. The link is when cross says, "hey! guess who back".

And numbchux, whoever sed MW is s-h-i-t-e are complete RETARDS. MW is amazing, despite the dodgy gameplay. Dodgy meaning VW Golf GTIs pwning Carrera GTs. Whereas in Carbon, thats impossible. Period. Unless ur as skilled as me.

The REAL DK has spoken

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