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A "simple" question?
joppe  posted on Jan 12, 2007 1:17:51 PM - Report post

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I just wonder what is the strongest faction, and what is the strongest cavalry and heavy infantry unit in the game? Any ideas? Have tested a few different factions, but havent really found out whos the strongest

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viper1989  posted on Jan 12, 2007 1:51:35 PM - Report post

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I find that the French field the best heavy calvary in the entire game. Personally I've never lost a battle when playing with the French heavy calvary. If you count the elephant cannon unit as calvary then it would probably be the strongest.

The Turkish Janessary Heavy Inf. or the English Dismounted Inf. units are most likely the strongest heavy infantry unit in the game.

As for the strongest faction: I don't really think there is an overwhelming strongest faction although there are some that have awesome starting positions (English, Egyptians and Sicilians). The guys at SEGA did a wonderful job at keeping the different nations as well balanced as possible.

I believe that the Holy Roman Empire is the strongest in the early game because they are the largest faction and have multiple directions to attack. As the mid-game begins though, the Empire can (and often is) be attacked by a Milian-Venice alliance from the south or a Poland-Hungary alliance from the east. The Alps help keep Milan/Venice at bay with few troops (an army and fort in the mountian pass) but the east is open plains. Thankfully the Danes and the French will often be too busy at war with the English to attack.

As the game reaches the late stage the English Isles becomes the European Fortress. The English ships are matched only be Spain or Venice. Both will be busy with other wars though, so I found. Scotland is not a threat to English power (no offence the the Scots though) so securing the island and ireland is easy.

well that's a long reply but that's just what i found while playing.

joppe  posted on Jan 19, 2007 2:01:47 PM - Report post

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Cheers mate!

I've found the scottish Highland Nobles supported by the Noble Highland Archers quite usefull, if I take Inverness, Caernarvon and York fast and establish armies and fortify the regions, I march to Dublin and hold that town as well. Then I can build my armies to take Nottingham and London, its some hard battles, but the scottish Highland Nobles did pull it off for me. I have control of the entire bristish isles and Ireland. Maybe the Highland Nobles cant stand it out with the later stage heavy infantery, havent got that far yet. But as it seems for now, the scottish Highland Nobles and Noble Highland Archers does the job for me. And if you have a big enough army you might stand up to every nations ?? I'm also allied to the french, so I can build up an bigger army before I cross the channel and start fight on the mainland. The problem could be the money, so getting trade rights with as many factions as you possibly can will help a lot. and also do the missons you are assigned to do, you will get some money or better units for free.

Kaizer  posted on Jan 24, 2007 2:49:55 PM - Report post

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Yeah but I still can't believe about how funny and how oddly this game !!!
This game is good but apparently some part of this game doesn't make sense anything

I can't imagine how the Holy Roman Empire can survive in that harsh and dark era of medieval when THERE IS NONE CAPABLE EARLY ARCHER UNIT (only had peasant archer ???) in their rank of armies ???
And heck still they don't have stronger infantry or cavalry unit too ???
Even the traits for Holy Roman Empire char is always bad so ???
Very oddly if they can survive when their kaiser & prince only had bad traits & don't have any stronger unique units compared to other rival faction unique units (reiter ??? useless compare to other faction range cavalry unit)

They don't have any unit with exceptional defense or offense (compared to England, France, Spain, even Turks) and without any adequate unit and CHARACTER, is pretty obviously and pretty odd, (IN FACT & HISTORY) how they can survive with ONLY BIG TERRITORY BUT IN THE SAME TIME ALSO WITH MANY ENEMIES IN THE ADJACENT AREA too without support of strongth armies or character ???

Also I don't understand at all about Holy Roman Empire strength that described as "STRENGTH ALL AROUND" ???
What is that "strength all around" that Holy Roman Empire had compared to other faction ???
Plz, can anyone tell me what the mean of that phrase ???

Alos the true weakness for Empire is they truly lack of range unit (both in early & late period) not only lack of professional armies too

Hey, since when the Swiss Pikemen become French ONLY & Swiss Guard become Papal both in early until late period ???

Thanks !

TheWar_InsideMe  posted on Feb 06, 2007 10:13:38 PM - Report post

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I did the same test. I used the custom battle, flatland (so there is no handicapp), and pitted units one-on-one.

I have found that while the French Cavalry has the best charge, against infantry or cavalry, the HRE Gothic Knights always won the battles, even against pikemen. It is because of the mace they wield, it is killer against armour.

As far as powder, It is a toss up between the Janissary Infantry and the Portugese Musketeers; I have shred up many a soldier with these guys.

But hey, I say test out units vs. each other and see which one fits your style most.

Spartan14  posted on Feb 10, 2007 9:41:57 AM - Report post

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I've found that the catholic factions always have better defenses. Egypt, Turks, Russia, Moors, and The Byzantines have bad units. The Jihad units suck and only have basic melee attack. A couple of good choices would be siclily which has good nights archers and heavy infantry, but also good militia units. Hungary also has good spearmen, OK crossbowmen (Pavise) but lack heavy infatry (chivalrous and feudel knights) And awesome Missle cavelry.

But my favorite faction by far is spain, They have AWESOME missle infantry and cavelry. Good Pavise Crossbowmen, And in Mexico the ultimate Conquistadors and dismounted conquistadors.

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