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know cheats
the-one  posted on Apr 21, 2007 12:38:08 PM - Report post

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well the fact cheating is only a way to help people getting through difficult levels and then people could (when its easier) turn it off again

but when i first saw a cheat/hack for World of warcraft... then i was shock't

but dont be rude against cheats everytime

AWgod  posted on Apr 21, 2007 2:01:46 PM - Report post

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originally posted by undead

what is cheats
for warcraft 3:the frozen thronein general is.?

You really only need these:

whosyourdaddy= Invincable + 1 shot kill
thereisnospoon= unlimited mana
greedisgood= gold and lumber

However, cheats are for newbs and n00bs. Unless you REALLY need to use them then don't

Mal2103  posted on Mar 29, 2008 8:02:33 PM - Report post

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about the whosyourdaddy cheat yes your unkillable but not 1 hit kills. it gives your units 100X damage. to prove this try having a orc peon atk a fullly leveled town hall..
omar145  posted on Aug 30, 2008 4:47:58 AM - Report post

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when playing just press "Enter" and type in one of the cheats:

Instant Victory
Cheat code: allyourbasearebelongtous

Instant Defeat
Cheat code: somebodysetusupthebomb

Your And Allies Heroes Are Level 10
Cheat code: ihavethepower

Remove Spell Cool Down
Cheat code: thedudeabides

Disable Victory Conditions
Cheat code: itvexesme

Gold ; 500 is default
Cheat code: keysersoze [number]

Lumber ; 500 is default
Cheat code: leafittome [number]

Gold And Lumber ; 500 is default
Cheat code: greedisgood [number]

Fast Construction
Cheat code: warpten

Fast Death
Cheat code: iocainepowder

Cheat code: pointbreak

Fast Research
Cheat code: whoisjohngalt

Cheat code: sharpandshiny

Tech Tree Unlocked
Cheat code: synergy

Set Time To Morning
Cheat code: riseandshine

Set Time To Evening
Cheat code: lightsout

Set Time Of Day
Cheat code: daylightsavings [hour]

Toggle Daylight Progression
Cheat code: daylightsavings

Trees Disappear
Cheat code: abrakadabra

Level Select
Cheat code: motherland [race] [level]


MikisLT  posted on Mar 17, 2009 8:44:45 AM - Report post

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Here are the cheats for the Warcraft III some might not work:

Warcraft 3 The Reign of Chaos

Code Effect

allyourbasearebelongtous: Instant win
greedisgood: Get 500 wood and gold
iseedeadpeople: Full map
somebodysetusupthebomb: Instant failure
thereisnospoon: Infinite Mana
whosyourdaddy: Invincibility, one-hit kills
motherland (race) (#) - Level select *1
strengthandhonor: Keep playing after losing in campaign mode *1
greedisgood (#): # of gold and lumber *1
keysersoze (#): # of gold *1
leafittome (#): # of lumber *1
iocainepowder: Fast death *1
pointbreak: Build over food limit *1
whoisjohngalt: Fast research *1
sharpandshiny: All upgrades *1
synergy: Tech tree unlocked *1
riseandshine: Set time to morning *1
lightsout: Set time to evening *1
daylightsavings (time): Set time of day *1
itvexesme: Disable victory conditions *1
thedudeabides: Fast spell cooldown *1
daylightsavings: Day/night transitions *2
warpten: Fast build

Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne

Effect Code

Invincibility and one-hit kills: whosyourdaddy
Infinite mana: thereisnospoon
Continue playing after losing
in campaign mode: strengthandhonor
Full map: iseedeadpeople
Instant victory: allyourbasearebelongtous
Instant defeat: somebodysetusupthebomb
Your and allies heroes are
level 10: ihavethepower
Remove spell cool down: thedudeabides
Disable victory conditions: itvexesme
Gold; 500 is default: keysersoze [number]
Lumber; 500 is default: leafittome [number]
Gold and lumber; 500 is default: greedisgood [number]
Fast construction: warpten
Fast death: iocainepowder
Food: pointbreak
Fast research: whoisjohngalt
Upgrades: sharpandshiny
Tech tree unlocked: synergy
Set time to morning: riseandshine
Set time to evening: lightsout
Set time of day: daylightsavings [hour]
Toggle daylight progression: daylightsavings
Trees disappear: abrakadabra
Level select [Note]: motherland [race] [level]

Well thats all i know

[Edited by MikisLT, 3/17/2009 8:45:12 AM]

Skaloon  posted on Mar 20, 2009 5:56:41 AM - Report post

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[Edited by Skaloon, 3/20/2009 5:57:18 AM]

Skaloon  posted on Mar 20, 2009 5:57:54 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Don1to

What's up ... cheats are occasionally good just to help you along now and then I often use Greed is good just for that little bit of cash when you need it

Must admit that Whos your daddy had to be used for the final undead stage ouch I was getting a real wippin'

Cool .. Don1to

if you was playing the final frozen throne mission on hard, ya I admit its almost impossible, but on normal its easy. I tried to play the last mission on hard after I read the walktrough - no help - didn't passed it. that mission is crazy. I passed all the reign of chaos and frozen throne missions on hard with no problems except that one. Creators did a good work there - a good way to finish such a good game...

serban4  posted on Apr 10, 2009 7:32:26 AM - Report post

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i wish there was a cheat for no population limit
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