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    Honda_VFR posted on Jan 05, 2007 9:51:25 AM - Report post
    Money (Starting Out)

    First of all I use the duplication item glitch as well as the "kill Dorian"
    money glitch to get a head start on the game. After that, I'm glitch free.
    You will need about 500'000 to 750'000 gold and you're pretty much set.

    For the Dorian money glitch (pre-patch) you basically do this:

    In the Talos district of the Imperial City is the house of a man named Dorian.
    Enter the house and kill Dorian. When looting his body, highlight his gold
    and press A and keep on pressing. His gold will never run out, giving you
    access to infinite funds. You must do this all at that one time since his
    house will reset after three days and your money source will disappear
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    Honda_VFR posted on Jan 05, 2007 9:51:58 AM - Report post
    Physical Damage Immunity

    Now, in terms of being a god, you need to have the following:

    100% Reflect Damage: All melee attacks will deal zero points of damage with
    100% damage reflected back on attacker

    100% Resist Magic: All Magic Fails against you. This includes Lightning,
    Fireball, etc.

    You can substitute 100% REFLECT Magic but that does require glitching. But
    you can be REFLECT Damage and RESIST magic 100% legitimately. Here's

    To get 100% Reflect Damage, 1/3 of the puzzle is easy. Simply complete the
    quest "Sins of the Father" and return the HonorBlade of Chorral to the Steward
    of Chorral instead of the thief to get the ESCUTCHEON OF CHORRAL which is
    certainly the best shield in the game. It automatically gives you 35% Reflect
    Damage right there.

    Now where are you going to get the other 65%? Unfortunately Reflect Damage
    is too powerful an effect for you to enchant an item. You have to find the
    other magic items fair and square. In the game there are only THREE items
    that give you a large enough Reflect Damage effect to be worthwhile.
    They are:

    1. Ring of the Iron Fist: 33% Reflect Damage
    2. Amulet of Axes: 33% Reflect Damage
    3. Necklace of Swords: 33% Reflect Damage

    You can wear TWO rings and only ONE amulet. So after getting the Ring of
    the Iron Fist, you can wear either the Amulet of Axes OR the Necklace of
    Swords. Either is fine but you can't wear both. For the mathematically
    challenged out there, the total Reflect Damage when wearing the Ring of the
    Iron Fist, an Amulet of Axes or Necklace of Swords, and the Escutcheon of
    Chorral is 101% Reflect Damage.

    So there you have it ... all melee damage reflects back on the attacker. The
    consequences of this are far-reaching. For one thing, not only do you not get
    damaged at all but your enemies essentially murder themselves. Also you armor
    hit points never go down so you never really need to repair your armor at all!
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    Honda_VFR posted on Jan 05, 2007 9:52:32 AM - Report post
    Levels and Item Proficiency

    The tricky part is in GETTING the Ring of the Iron Fist and an Amulet of
    Axes or Necklace of Swords. For one thing, treasure in ES4O is LEVELLED
    so you won't get any of these goodies until you are AT LEAST level 25. To
    be safe, you may have to level up to 30. Even at the right level, treasures
    found in dungeons are RANDOM. That means in any given dungeon your chance
    of finding one of thes bad boys is very low. There ARE a few places in the
    game where it is more likely you will succeed.

    For instance I found a Necklace of Swords fair and square in a treasure chest
    in Rockmill Cave. Once you take a treasure, you have to wait 72 hours for
    the contents of the dungeon to respawn. Often by saving outside the entrance
    to the dungeon you can continously load and reload your save until you get an
    item you want. The contents of any dungeon's treasure chests are set WHEN YOU
    OPEN THE DOOR to the dungeon. Hence save outside the door and keep trying.

    This is most assuredly VERY frustrating because there are SO MANY items in
    the game. You are looking really for 3/100 possible magic items which gets
    down to either 1/100 or 2/100 after you find either the Ring or one of the
    Amulet or Necklaces.
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    Honda_VFR posted on Jan 05, 2007 9:53:07 AM - Report post

    Fast Item Randomizing

    The Temple of the Ancestor Moths provides the much needed solution to this
    random treasure problem.

    This is part of the Thieves' Guild quest Turning a Blind Eye. It is the
    first quest the Gray Fox hands to you.

    In it you are charged with stealing Savilla's Stone from the Temple of the
    Ancestor Moths. After a pretty standard dungeon crawl you will end up outside
    a door which leads into a cavern. Inside the cavern is the item Savilla's
    Stone and stone's guardian: A Blind Monk Prelate.

    Normally you go in, kill the Blind Monk, and jet out of there with Savilla's
    Stone to complete the quest and advance in the Thieves' Guild storyline.

    In doing so, many will miss out on the most important trick in the game.
    Why? Because the Blind Monk Prelate ALWAYS carries a high powered ring
    or amulet.

    Now WHICH ring or amulet you get is completely random. But it will ALWAYS
    BE A RING OR AMULET. Once again, for the mathematically challenenged, let
    me explain. The chances of getting a RING or AMULET you want is obviously
    A LOT higher when the target ONLY gives a ring or amulet rather than ANY
    item in the game.

    Even better, the item that the Blind Monk Prelate carries is determined when
    you open the door to the cavern, NOT the door to the dungeon. That means
    you can save right outside the door. Then rush in, kill the monk, check
    his body to see which ring or amulet he is carrying and then reset if you
    don't like what you see. True the weaker rings and amulets will tend to
    show up at a more frequent clip than a powerful one but not by much. You
    WILL score very powerful rings and amulets if you do this.

    Obviously once you get a ring or amulet that you want (say an Amulet of
    Axes or Necklace of Swords or Ring of the Iron Fist) take the loot and exit
    the cavern via the OTHER exit: up the ladder and you'll be outside the Temple
    of the Ancestor Moths.

    Now ... are you ready for this? The Blind Monk Prelate and Savilla's Stone
    are NOT unique. If you wait 72 hours, both regenerate. More importantly
    the LOOT on the Prelate Priest also regenerates.

    So here's the sequence: Go through the dungeon, stop outside the door to
    the cavern, SAVE, go through the cavern and kill the Blind Monk Prelate,
    check loot. Continue until finding item you want. Took me about 15 minutes
    to get an Amulet of Axes. Exit, save the game, wait 72 hours, go back into
    dungeon, go to the door to the cavern, SAVE again, and then go in and kill
    the Blind Priest and check loot. Reload and do this over and over until
    you get the Ring of the Iron Fist (Necklace of Swords of course would be
    useless as I already had an Amulet of Axes). It took me about a half hour
    to do that. In less than ONE HOUR, I had 100% Reflect Damage.

    In less than FOUR hours I had every powerful ring and amulet in the game

    Mundane Ring
    Ring of Perfection
    Ring of Vitality
    Ring of Skimming
    Ring of Wizardry
    Ring of War
    Ring of Treachery
    Ring of Stamina
    Frost, Flame, AND Storm Rings (100% resistance to frost, flame, and shock
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    Honda_VFR posted on Jan 05, 2007 9:53:45 AM - Report post
    Magicka Damage Immunity

    Now for Resist Magic 100%, this is actually pretty easy. For one thing since
    you only need the Escutcheon of Chorral and then one ring and one amulet to
    get to 101% Reflect Damage, that means you have one hand left to put a ring
    on. I chose the incredibly powerful MUNDANE RING which gives you 35% Reflect
    Spell and 50% Resist Magic.

    The rest of the 50% you can get in any manner you wish. There is actually
    a SIGIL stone which has the effect RESIST MAGIC on it and if you get one
    at level 17 or above the Sigil Stone will be Transcendent Level meaning that
    using it on any piece of armor or clothing will enchant it with Resist Magic
    20%. Get 3 Sigil Stones with Resist Magic and enchant 3 pieces of armor
    of clothing and you will get 60 percent Resist Magic. Add that to the 50%
    Resist Magic you get from wearing the Mundane Ring and you have 110% Resist

    How do you get 3 Sigil Stones with Resist Magic on it? Well first of all,
    you obviously have to be level 17 or higher when you close an Oblivion Gate.
    The sigil stone you get when you close an Oblivion Gate is random so I
    just save right before picking it up and then reset and reload if it isn't
    what I wanted. Do this 3 times. Alternatively do it ONCE and then just
    duplicate it to get the other ones necessary.

    And THAT is how you get a character with 101% Reflect Damage and 110% Resist
    Magic at the same time ... essentially making you unkillable by anyone in the
    game short of a Bow and Arrow. Problem with that is that it is neither magical
    (at least the base damage of the bow and arrow) nor melee based damage so it
    still affects you. Bowmen are also about 350,000 easier to kill than high level
    opponents, so I'll take my chances!
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    Honda_VFR posted on Jan 05, 2007 9:55:09 AM - Report post
    hope it helped!!!

    that is if you took the time to read it
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    Honda_VFR posted on Jan 05, 2007 9:55:51 AM - Report post
    and to do it

    [Edited by Honda_VFR, 1/5/2007 9:56:04 AM]
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    Honda_VFR posted on Jan 05, 2007 9:57:46 AM - Report post
    and if you are wondering why it isnt in caps that is because i got my uncle (computer genius) to fix it so use would stop moaning about it
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