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the one pokemon you need for the elite 4
Dragonite_user  posted on Dec 09, 2006 4:29:19 PM - Report post

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Okay there are alot of people out there that are naming off their teams saying they can easily pound the elite four so i decided to do the same just using one pokemon. Dragonite is the pokemon that i choose for the job. Now then you will need it to be around level 60 or whenever it lears outrage. I also gave it leftovers because bruno's hitmontop always starts out with a quick attack and i like to always have full hp. Now then as for the moves it should know they would be surf,wing attack,outrage,and ice punch. Alright when you get to Will he will first send out his xatu you should use ice punch it will be super effective. He will then send out his jynx use wing attack which will take out jynx because of dragonite's high attack. Then he will send out slowbro use wing attack again. Then comes another xatu use ice punch again then use wing attack on his exeggutor to finish this battle. Now you will be fighting Koga let him rant about status effects then let the battle begin. He sends out his ariados first take it out with wing attack. Then comes his Forretress use wing attack. Then use another wing attack on muk. He will now send out his crobat use ice punch. His last pokemon is venomoth use wing attack. There you have it koga is finished. Now comes the big man Bruno my personal fave he will first send out his hitmontop which will use it's quick attack you should use wing attack. He will send out his onix use surf. Then comes hitmonchan then machamp followed by hitmonlee just use wing attack on them all. Down goes Bruno collect your cash then move on to Karen. I only save here because i don't trust dark pokemon. She startsout with umbreon the only pure dark type in the game use wing attack. Then comes gengar use ice punch on her. Karen will now send out Murkrow use ice punch. Here comes houndoom use surf. She will send out her vileplume next just use wing attack. Collect your reward and move on to that phony of a dragonmaster lance (i say phony because by now you realize i am the dragon master.) Now then when the battle starts (awesome music by the way ) he sends out gyrados use wing attack. The phony now sends out aerodactyl use ice punch for 4x the damage. Lance now sends out his first of three Dragonite use ice punch. Here comes another Dragonite use ice punch once more. He now sends out Charizard use surf. His last Dragonite is easily taken out with outrage. There you have it you just won the pokemon league. Now go with lance and then watch the credits if you want. Oh by the way rate my strategy please.

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Shibby  posted on Dec 09, 2006 6:17:46 PM - Report post

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Pretty good the hard bit is getting a dratini and training it lol
Vegetta  posted on Dec 10, 2006 3:03:09 AM - Report post

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Good strategy. The easiest way to beat the leaders is to take advantage of the weakness of the pokemon. e.g. Bruno has fighting pokemon that they are weak to physic attack, so if you pick up a physic pokemon it is piece of cake to win him.
Dragonite-user  posted on Dec 13, 2006 6:20:46 PM - Report post

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had to make a new account forgot password so i'm noe reachable here
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