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Why the hell Pizzadox uses malware tools
tempnexus  posted on Nov 17, 2006 6:03:19 PM - Report post

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[quote]You know, it doesn't have malware. I dont know why people like you don't google anything, but many trainers detect something known as NOD32 or some such thing which is used to detect keystrokes (much like a keylogger, hence why it is always detected) to enable options. As for the beeps, well, mine doesn't. Ever.[/quote]

IF YOU ACTUALLY TOOK YOUR SWEET TIME AND RUN IT THROUGH ICE or ANY disassembler then you will realize that it's based on the Agabot core! Whereupon the previous ones were Bushbot core. Why is it done that way??? Let's just say that all the monitoring has already been done by the core developers so instead of including a nasty payload they include a memory modifier but still the fact remains that it's based on the same malware generator that makes bushbot and agabot (this one is agabot the previous ones were bushbot). And no NOD32 does not detect it.
You actually have to know what you are looking for and not trust your lovely AV. It's just a very sad and lame practice to base your trainer on a trojan toolkit. Since it might be fine now, but what happens if they release a nice fully functional malware payload along with it???? Some AV's will take their sweet time to catch it while others will detect it heuristically, but hey it's the same detection as the other pizzadox releases so it's probably just a false positive right??? WELL NOT ON THIS CASE (don't get me wrong it's a theoretical...this trainer is safe)!
It's the nice way of gain your trust and then stab you in the back technique...a very nice piece of social engineering....or maybe not. Nevertheless it is a crappy way to make trainers, that takes no originality at all.

And what do malware trainers care about corrupting your system??? Nothing they need the stuff delivered and delivered now...hence the instability some might experience.

jipsee  posted on Nov 18, 2006 5:21:40 AM - Report post

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" what happen with Ages especially ???
Their trainer is always working perfectly and have many many important feature too
Oh I miss Ages team very much
Plz come back again and become the one of true legendary trainer maker in the game world, hehehe...
Thanks "

Ages is Dead..trust me iam a Doctor

[Edited by jipsee, 11/18/2006 5:23:17 AM]

ByteHammer  posted on Nov 18, 2006 1:51:45 PM - Report post

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good point temp, but since you seem to know what you're talking about, why not just memory edit what you need instead. Personally, I don't like cheating, but I use "cheats" to make the game more fun.

My point is, stop making a big deal out of it, especially since you yourself said the trainer is safe. If you don't like the trainer, and the trainer works, and you obviously know something about memory editing, assembling, maybe even code injection, go make one yourself for yourself.

tempnexus  posted on Nov 18, 2006 4:18:19 PM - Report post

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Yeah but if you code a lot the last thing you want to do is come back home and code a cheat. Sometimes I do but sometimes i get lazy and want the work done for me.
I just find this annoying and unsafe that's all.
I don't want many gamers to be "owned" by someone who just decides to prank that specific trainer, especially that many younger gamers play games so in the end an infected computer will just cause headaches to their parents....not to mention the possibilities of ID theft...since lets see:
1) A users uses a Firewall (or none at all) and disables injection guards
(or worse yet a wall with no Injection guards)
2) the user executes a game, that specific game might have an online play component (COD 2 etc).
3) Rule in the wall is created to allow codmp.exe to access the outside network..and many users give it all outside rights in order to prevent any lag that might be caused by walls' packet filtering.
4) The trainer is executed, the trainer works by injection or memory patching (especially when malware tool is used then the trainer (malware tool) can have other...more serious ways to hook itself (kernel hooks that BSOD the system or roots the system)). In addition to trainer extra features, the system lunches a trojan downloader or whatever it's payload is.
5) The trainer does not need to hook itself deeper into the process since it's already done that...it's the trainers job. The only thing it might do is hook itself into the comm system and just ride along the rules created for the multiplayer aspect of the game.
6) The user has no idea that while he or she is playing, his or hers data is being compromised and maybe worse things are being downloaded.

The above is very simplified but it goes to show how "bad" it is to build a trainer via malware tools. Something that should not be done. There are many trainer makers out there, and malware tools should not be one of them.
Finally, if any AV kicks in then the user might just become complacent and allow the execution (or worse yet place the trainer into the trusted zone) since after all it's PIZZADOX and PIZZABOX group has been known for False positives in the past...right???? .

[Edited by tempnexus, 11/18/2006 10:57:08 PM]

Captain_John  posted on Nov 27, 2006 10:10:19 AM - Report post

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Can we see some proof that it contains malware? Ive checked my copy and its fine. Its very basic Win API stuff. Please copy and paste the code.
weeg  posted on Nov 27, 2006 1:33:32 PM - Report post

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the best thing to do is not download Pizzadox's cruddy buggered up trainers. There problem solved. now lets abandon this foolish thread and perhaps try and do some real cheating here as in using the console.
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