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ATTN: Need help-NEW Megcht! READ!
Gideon25  posted on Nov 16, 2006 2:35:34 PM - Report post

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Ok, So basically I have created a new Mega cheat for the Wizard class, but he is not just a wizard class anymore :P This cheat will include a few items to facilitate the cheat. The cheat includes:

-Wizard gains access to new spell level EVERY level BUT we need to include some add slot items to get access to more and the higher levels. Wizard Hit Die that of Barbarian and Attack class of a Barbarian. Unlimited Spellcasting once spells are memorized once -cast them over and over again without resting. Saves are jacked up and just keep increasing every time you level- They start at 5 for each
at level 1 and increase 1 per each of the three each level. By level 3 (Start of game) you have 8 saves in each thing "naturually" without added bonuses.

-Wizard can learn ALL spells from ALL classes (except the prestige and the stupid Epic ones don't work due to some restrictions/bugs) Some of the natural abilities of various races aren't there and the morphing stuff from the Druids isn't there..yet BUT:

-Wizard has all spells and evocations from the Warlock class including the Eldritch blast and the invocations - he gets them natuarally as he progresses in levels up to level 10.

-Wizard gets most of the monk feats at Character Creation

-Wizard gets a total of 10 CHOOSABLE class feats at character creation and 27 automatic Feats that are added (The eldritch blasts up to level 3 blast and most of the monk feats and several weapon proficiencies)- Also Paladin Divine Might and Devine Shield. Standard 2 choosable General feats included on next screen.

-upon Skipping Tutorial Leveling up to level 2 will give you:
additions to all 18 primary skills and the other few (as does every leveling)
10 MORE class (wizard) specific CHOOSABLE feats PLUS:
9 automatically added traits including:
Knockdown, Dash, Eldritch essense Invocations, Resist Sonic Energy (the first of ALL of the Warlock resistances),Monk Speed (prerequisites have to be set up properly), Palidin Aura of Courage and Paladin Remove Disease, Damage Reuction Cold Iron 1 (Warlock), and Eldritch Lore (Warlock).

-upon leveling to level 3 you get
6 more choosable Wizard feats
Improved Evasion (prerequisites) and the finishing of the monk boosting feats, Warlock Blast shapes, Improved knockdown, Damage reduction 2 cold iron. By Level 9 you have the eldritch blast 9. By level 4 you access to ALL the shape and invocation blast spells). Also you get improved evasion but it does not show it. NEVER choose a spellcasting class feat whn the "General class feat menu is shown" It is arranged so you only choose them when the spellcasting feat menu only appears. Don't waste feats on things you are already going to automagically get (Look at the cls_feat_wiz.2da - anything in the D column in Excel or the 4th thing to the right in wordpad you AUTOMATICALLY GET.

-Wizard gets 18 trainable class skills and starts the game with all skills at the default max (4 in the 18 class skills, 2 in the few others - must hit customize and use the 109 points). Wizard gets 29 points every level- which
add points to ALL the skills every level.

I will be making a trainer to help out with some skill issues and to max out your attributes at character creation. This ONLY works for wizard.

Now what I need is someone who can use this with my Item creator cheat and Make an Armor that gives +12 to each attribute AND sets things up where the person has MAXED spell slots when using the item for every level). Once I make the trainer to give you 18 in everything at initial start, you will have the armor (just a ROBE!) give you 30 in every attribute and have it with just enough extra slots that you have max slots for each spell level. Thats what I need to make this complete and get some bta testing started. I will then create a LOT of items that give feats that allow your class to be whatever it wants- I will get back to you once I make the trainer for begginer attributes.

Gideon25  posted on Nov 16, 2006 6:09:55 PM - Report post

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Beta1 READY to be tested! For game version 1.01 - ALSO I wrote an Attribute trainer is in there for maxing Attributes (I am creating a more inclusive trainer- this one is primarily meant ot be used with this mod and to Beta test)

THIS MOD IS NOT FOR RELEASE OR TO BE POSTED ON CHEATHAPPENS UNTIL DONE PLEASE! Its not ready yet, but I need some folks here to GIVE back as I have spent a LOT of time on this so far. I need some help with the spell slots with you using my MegaMod cheat Item creator

Readme file here:

PLEASE right click and select "Save target as" or Link as or whatever your browser says to save the file and just download the text file and read it (Word Wrapped) in Notepad, WordPad or MS Word. Notes on how to "rollback" to the more stable version 1.01 - where to get the patch and complete install instructions:


Grand Celestial ArchDragon Wizard class cheat MEGA Mod Multi/multi/multi class BETA1:


Please help with this spell slot stuff and how it works.

We need to figure out how to set up the item where it adds the appropriate amount/and levels of spell slots (which the item maker has) to where you get MAX spell slots (the max in the game I think is like 14 slots per spell level). BUT REMEMBER, since your intelligence is so high you will get additional slots as well and as you level up you may increase your intelligence 3 or 4 times by the time you hit level 20).

So I need a Robe that takes this into account created by someone with the unique properties listed in the readme.

How does/how much does Intelligence and level add to the spell slots in your spell book? Please do some tests like outlined in the readme after install and post you item results and post
some things regarding how many and which level slots I need to add to my Robe. I have a KILLER cutom designed Robe and am going to make various rings and so forth with the mod so a person can "choose thier own path" regarding weapons and Feats. Basically this will be (mostly) a Classless Spellcaster in a "class" all his own :P This will be KILLER Fun Once done and convineint. He can also disarm traps, pickpocket, unlock chests, etc. Like I said he will be multi classed out the yinyang without ever multiclassing.

-I know the monk unarmed combat does not add special unarmed monk damage-I tried everything - just won't work its class specific
-I know the Bardsong stuff and the Druid natural morphing doesn't work- I believe these are scripted into the packages and this is a non scripted mod but the Bard spells work
-I need the "givespells all" command tested extensively and from going map to map and level to level.
-please follow the directions and clue me in on the spellslot thing and what I need to do to max the slots and please bug test with the givespells all as this definitely needs SOME work and it is crucial for my MEGAMOD.
-How many slots does each intelligence point and each level give you? I know Intelligence in the wizards primary gainer.

Gideon25  posted on Nov 16, 2006 6:25:19 PM - Report post

Current rank: 1.5 Stars. Next Rank at 500 Posts.
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TO ROLLBACK YOUR version from 1.02 to 1.01 (which this mod only works for):


You May have to reinstall .net 2.0 after you rollback, just check out the thread--->

Bioware thread here- I think 1.02 just makes it worse due to crappy Securrom:


1.01 works just fine right now, thaanks you

Oh and if you dont have excel to look at the feats you are going to get inthe cls_feat_wiz.2da file (Column D - the 4th one over to the right) get the FREE MS Excell viewer and if it won't let you open the *.2da file, then copy it to your desktop and rename it to cls_feat_wiz.xls. Get the free Excell Viewer here:


It might work for you- hopefully since it IS in table format and excel opens it right up. NOW its the 4th colum to the righ column D in excel or the 4th thing to the right in wordpad-but really get a better txt viewer if you don't have Excell and the free Excell viewer does not work for you-there are numerous free ones on the web. Try a goodgle for a 2da view, who knows?

If the feat has a 3 in that 4th column then you get it automatically - don't bother selecting it as you are just wasting one of your feats! They come to you. Just read the readme file one post up. The game keeps *SOME* of them (Improved Evasion,etc.) in the feats list during leveling as if it did not realize you got the feats automagically :P But you get them. Sometimes they do not show up as an automatic thing on the right but look at the FINAL leveling screen and scrool all the way down to the feats and it will tell you everything you got as "Bonus Feats" at the bottom.

[Edited by Gideon25, 11/16/2006 6:28:46 PM]

[Edited by Gideon25, 11/16/2006 6:32:58 PM]

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