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Which stronghold is hardest to beat..??
zaceee  posted on Jan 06, 2007 6:10:06 AM - Report post

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i play as necrons preferably because they are sooo strong but i found the tau stronghold hard i suggest capturing the communications tower then building a fully restored monolith on their doorstep then go in with all yor might
the tau will break eaSY use only necron warriors and your phariias and if you have alot of corpses near an entrance to the main plaza buy the resurrectioin orb and get them back kill the etherel first no excuses but before you do all this make sure you wipe out all the other tau bases on the map do all this and the game is a doddle happy days

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bloodreaper2124  posted on Jan 20, 2007 9:01:15 AM - Report post

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i think ork are qwite hard cus of there turrents
Ghalavand  posted on Jan 20, 2007 10:34:29 AM - Report post

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All forces have been balanced,Is so hard to speak about this which one is the best but LIKE tau (Excellent tactics)& Necrons with Chaos (Powerful infantry"destroyers"
Chaos forces or Spece Marines ?

Have a good time people

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CynicalFel  posted on Jan 24, 2007 3:52:01 PM - Report post

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I love your battle report. It would be nice to hear more, from everyone. That one really got the blood pumping.

I really miss having the Steel Legion (mod from the first game and winter assault) Some of the finest battles were had then, with the Rough Riders flanking and the tanks rushing... Ah, good times.

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brilliantsamdam  posted on Jan 30, 2007 5:37:35 AM - Report post

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I think the Chaos one was really hard because of those blood-sacrificing circles, first time round on that that was pretty hard but it got easier. The Eldar base was also hard to destroy it was sooooo difficult, even as my best race: the Necrons, I couldn't get rid of it, they just kept coming, but once I destroyed the vehicle building everything was easier. Attacking from all sides helps aswell and the Necron Lord's ressurection orb really helped once the vehicles stopped knocking him back preventing him from using it. If the Necrons had tanks it would have been less difficult.
The Eldar base was so action-packed, the adrenalin just kept pumping. 10/10 Eldar base, well done Relic!
The rest of the bases were much more of a breeze than a gale. Particularly the Ork base.
Signing off now, just a few more words.
England rocks! Prince of Persia rules! Japanese manga and anime are awesome and Relic are fantastic! Aviento!
DarkWind  posted on Jan 30, 2007 2:21:48 PM - Report post

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Interesting. First of all it wasn't necessary to beat Eldar main base. Capture three points and hold for 10 mins. Ofcourse, to easy. I have crushed that base too.

I'm amased that you find this game dificult even on "Hard" setting. I just love Tau empire, i've completed game 3 times at "hard" mode. And guess what? On HQ missions losing MOSTLY 2 infantry units in some damn accident. Thats with Tau. With necrons Tau HQ offered extremely tough resistance, but again - who can withstand Nightbringer + 35* squads of flayed ones teleporting right on your face from my 3 bases (with veil of darkness, shroud of nightmare and ressurection)? No one. (stealth teams? Who cares about them, run with veil, teleport in the middle of their base, hit nightbringer, teleport troops. Not attack, but defense was the hardest point)

I love necrons HQ mission. Nicely done. Lost one fire soldier there

All in all - all missions very easy (and I aint no pro). I was on risk of "defeat" only one time (eldar simple map (~12 str) playing Tau).

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Made 4 War  posted on Feb 01, 2007 8:52:01 AM - Report post

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eldars arnt that hard to kill... the hardest thing about them is the prisms... which can easily be picked off by using possesed squads (the way i did it).
the turrets are not so hard to get passed either just pick them off with heavy bolters!
if the avatar comes then it aint so hard either... all you need is blood thirster/daemon prince being supported by around 3 squads with heavy bolters and if you cant get that 2 tanks with projectiles should own his butt! (qith daemon prince)
instead of attacking the chaos and orks on the mountains you should send raptors in fully reinforced and while they still teleport in the cannon pick them off (you might need a chaos lord if your slow!) get the raptors to capture all the points and hold them for the time kill the avatar and win! simple...
but i must admit they are tricky and i have actually lost to them 1 time... which explains my explicit hatred of their entire race... hmm but i will give them that they can kill me... so.. they are sorta hard if you dont strike fast.
btw who knows what tyrannids are (out of interest)
CynicalFel  posted on Feb 05, 2007 2:00:07 PM - Report post

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Ugh, Just had the hardest battle with the Eldar. Playing Chaos. It was up in the mountains, the northernmost area. In those mountains there is a nice natural chokepoint. My typical stratagy involves solidifying my defense of the starting area, blocking all entrances and placing turrents and/or artillery on the cliffsides, and having the latter attack the ground, that is still covered by FOW.
This usually makes the area unapproachable for a time. Plus, all the lovely craters.
Sadly, this gave the Eldar the chance they needed to aparently bring the ENTIRE race to the planet. Ofcourse, I didn't have any idea they were building up like that. So send out recon, capture nearly half the resourse points, with minor diffculty. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't really hard either. Then I come to the choke point. It was akin to the old WW2 movies you might see on late night tv, or perhaps the Story of Hamburger Hill. It came to the point where I just set the musterpoint for the marines and such on that pass. As soon as they were created, off they went.
I don't like to risk my commander, perhaps a throwback to actually playing the tabletop game. So he's staying back with his honor guard. I become aware that I'm going to need more than just infantry and tanks, artillery isn't cutting it, why not the bloodthirster? Ack! I haven't captured a relic yet! Off we go, three squads of Chaos marines, one squad of beserkers, all headed by the chaos sorcerer (because aparently he is the only one who decided looking for stealthed enemies was a good idea). We capture the point, slowly, and its back to the front. We've gained a foothold on the plateau, but resistance is strong. Khiane himself is there, slaughtering my troops.
Choose a 'lucky' aspiring champion, and boom, we're not being pushed back any further, but we're not moving up either. Oh well, I think, here we go. In goes Eipitas (sp?), finally acended to his deamon Prince form, with a nearly full honor guard. Suffice to say, about fifteen minutes later the pass was ours. Unfournantely it took another half hour to end the map, due to the very annoying ability for Edlar buildings to be able to stealth. The Sorcerer really earned his pay that day.
I do not see their HQ being any easier.

[Edited by CynicalFel, 2/5/2007 2:01:44 PM]

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