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    Dart-Dragonfly posted on Nov 12, 2006 5:55:33 PM - Report post
    What level do I have to be to beat this Bird? I am presently at level 20.

    I have the berries, and all except Ashe are at level 19.

    Thank you

    Dart Dragonfly
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    NappyHole posted on Nov 12, 2006 6:31:53 PM - Report post
    all i did was use my quickening as much as i could after i used the berries it worked for me

    and if you mean wut to do with the berries just use them like you would a potion and select him it will do a little bit of damage and make him weaker hope that helped
    /--\ GARB
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    Berserker posted on Nov 25, 2006 12:54:33 PM - Report post
    All you really have to do is just Blind him then spam the hell out of him with Dark spells. I really couldn't tell if those berries made him more vulnerable to Dark or not. If you have three people with Dark then just set a gambit to where at least two will cast Dark on him throughout the battle and he will go down quick. Cast Dark manually with your leader so you can heal your party members and Blind him.
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    Pyrobeast45 posted on Jan 09, 2010 3:14:25 PM - Report post
    al i did was i used 4 quickenings then he died he died in 4 quickenings for me
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    Dalmascaniac posted on Jan 13, 2014 3:31:38 AM - Report post
    originally posted by Dart-Dragonfly

    What level do I have to be to beat this Bird? I am presently at level 20.

    I have the berries, and all except Ashe are at level 19.

    Thank you

    Dart Dragonfly

    Sorry, but is it really hard ? i beat it in level 14 , with a 34 power bow (if my memories doesn't lie to me)that i got in a chest at the bhujerba mines , and 2 long bows , with characters , protect + shield .

    My tactics :
    Not really any tactics to tell, all i did is just set gambits

    Player 1 (leader)
    Level 15
    -cura : ally any : 60% weapon : 34 bows (think it is loxely ?)
    -protect : ally any
    -Shield : ally any
    -enemies : any : attack

    Player 2
    Level 13
    -Cura : ally any : 40% weapon : long bows , fiery ammo
    -protect : ally any
    -Shield : ally any
    -enemies : flying : blind
    -enemies : blind : attack

    player 3
    Level 13 weapon : long bows, normal ammo
    -cure : ally any : 80%
    -enemies : blind : attack

    why my level so low ?
    i tried to play the low level challange, sadly , i am not " a patient " player , so at bhujerba i can't stand it anymore , after that bhujerba i fly back to rabanaster , and fight my way from the hell xD still low level though , but at least you can beat the game with level 36 :/

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    Dalmascaniac posted on Jan 13, 2014 4:07:26 AM - Report post
    If you do wonder how i beat the game with level 36 xD , may i ?
    well from phoan coast to the last place wasn't easy , but i made it miraclously (did i spell that right ?)

    i will skip to the boss battle (i do it single people at a time well until the last boss or when my character died that is)

    -Gabranth boss

    1 Player (Basch) :
    Level 35
    Gambits set :
    -curaga : self 80% basch hp : 3400 x 2 = 6800
    -charge : mp 10 %
    -haste : self
    -protect : self
    -shield : self
    -regen : self
    -self : remedy
    -enemies: any : attack
    -Enemies : dispel
    (before battle start basch already have the buff )
    weapon :
    - Zodiac Spear
    Armor :
    Accecories :
    -bubble belt
    -ribbon (used when he cast spell on you)

    just let the battle flow :3
    Tactics :
    gabranth 50% hp , will cast renew , it's not really a hard deal to make his hp 50% again , just hit him or turn on your gambits and do nothing , but if basch buff runs out , go to a corner and spell , gabrant movement is fairly slow , it can help you to win this quickly

    Critical hp , begin casting damnit tech , just hit him and he will be dead anyway

    Next boss :3 (before next boss, recover basch hp and give him buff, or any other characters you let join.

    Ashe time :3
    Level 29 Hp : 2200 x 2 = 4400
    Gambits :
    -Any : protect
    -Any : haste
    -70% : Curaga
    -Enemies : any : oil
    - oil : attack
    Weapons :
    ammo :
    -Fire element ammo

    armor : don't need xD

    Tactics :
    This battle may seem a dead sure , but with oiled , you can just hit him with fire weapon type, though i prefer ranged to win 100% ,
    Run in circle , and then wait action gauge full , attack , do it repeatly , while larsa keep him busy , or maybe he will run to you , but he is so slow, just run arround and attack him , maybe after 9 to 10x , he will attack you once , if this happend cast regen , if his hp fall , he will use quickening , don't worry , it didn't do much damage, you won :3

    Boss : Vayne (2nd boss)

    -Ashe -Balthier - Fran

    Levl 29
    Gambits :
    -ally 60% hp : curaja Hp : 2200 x 2 = 4400
    -self mp 10% : charge

    Level 19
    Gambits :
    -furtherest : atk Hp : 1050 x2 = 2100
    -ally : Hastega

    Level 25
    Gambits :
    - ally : 60% hp : Curaja Hp : 1900 x 2 = 3800
    - enemies : any : attack

    Weapon :
    -Any with more than 65 + power attack with no element

    armor :
    - Your best one

    accecories :
    - bubble belt

    Tactics :
    Your battle here is to attack vayne at all cost , let those blade atk , they don't do much harm , but if you want , you can kill them , they got only about 10K hp , 5 atk should done it.

    Vayne will bla bla bla a cut scene , heal if neccecary , cast hastega / protectga / shieldga , to everyone , after done , set Ashe with bravery and faith to fran , balthier is your perfect decoy :3, let him cast lure and reverse on him self :3 , he won't die this way , but make sure he don't have shield on him , it can be a way to much cost of mp.

    His quickening does about 1200 Hp , so look out, but it is easy to avoid , just run out of the place before he use quickening , you wont get attacked (if it's not aoe quickening) if your character dies ( fram / balthier ) , use aries , then just atk him , till finish , done :3

    (Undead) Final boss :3
    all character out !!

    -Ashe alone first
    level 29 , same gambits on the first vayne
    change weapon to zodiac arm

    Tactics :
    (change you shield once a while that can halves / nullifies magic , if you have them)
    Ashe got less hp since she got damaged in the first and second fight , cast renew to reserve ( fran and balthier to full hp )

    after done , hit him with zodiac spear , about 5000 damage i did to him :3

    Keep hitting him ! until you are out of mp , run from him , and use recharge , when he starting to cast ugly spell , use your armor / shield to half / nullifies the damage , at least half / nullifies 1 magic.

    Ashe : Died

    when she died, call fran and balthier , change balthier gambit how you like it , and fran off (or otherwise). Make fran cast Ashe aries (make sure Ashe on reserve party). then now hit him !! Do this repeatly until his hp is 50% (a new quickening will tell you when his hp is less than 50%)

    Undead : 50%

    he use a quickening and bla bla bla , so what ? make sure atleast 1 character survive , then cast curaja / aries
    before his hp is 50% , if you can , make your strongest character (most hp) to the reserve , if you can't , it's ok .

    as i said , do this repeatly (fran & balthier , ashe) , if all fall (Ko'ed), just use basch or your most Hp character and then use arries to all of em :3

    and then you can full force hit , he will get an ultimate barrier at low hp , don't worry its only last a while , after that, FAW ! (Fire at will !) or AAW (Attack at Will)

    that is method one , if you got 3or 4 dark matter, this can done so easy !


    use 3 character , strongest.
    set all character gambits to
    -ally : 80 % : curaja
    -enemies : knot of rush

    let it be , after your ran out of knot of rush , you can try using a dark matter or 2 :3 60K !! if you got 3 hit = 180K !! i hope this work for you :3 though at some hp % this method will not work ( 0 damage ), :3 well i think it is it , thanks for looking at my quick Faq xD
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