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Any tips how to get money?
sonicboom  posted on Nov 26, 2008 8:10:43 AM - Report post

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Late post but

1. Do instances (13+ for horde 16+ about for alliance)
2. Do Professions (LW+Skinning=Cash )
3. If you'r playing a server with high level friends then see if you can get a free instance run then you'll be able to get all the loot (You'r friends may want some to DE) then AH greens u dont need (or possibly blues) If you'r on Black Rock Horde and im on id be happy to run you cause i realy have nothing better to do :P (level 29 instances and lower)

warlawk  posted on Feb 04, 2009 10:11:57 PM - Report post

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The first thing would have to be: obtain a gathering profession. Such as Herbs, Skinning or Mining. I wouldnt recommend any crafting professions just yet. Gathering is all profit. The second thing is to finish most or all of the zone quests and repeat that process for any zopne your in. Third, get a high lvl to run you through dungeons. Some high levels will charge gold for run throughs, if your lucky you may find a bored high lvl and he will run you through as many times as you need to. Well up to 5 times then you have to wait aan hour to go back into a dungeon.
Coldsnipa  posted on Feb 06, 2009 6:00:46 PM - Report post

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You could try mining and then selling ores or the stuff you smith. Humanoids also tend to drop more money form what I've experienced.
BigSmitty  posted on Jul 14, 2009 9:48:03 AM - Report post

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i make a pretty steady stream of gold from my skinning and leather working and from first aid.

i make thick armor kits and they sell on th AH for almost 12g minimum at times. it involves a lot of farming though cause it takes like 5 or 6 thick leather to make 1 thick armor kit for me with the basic game.

its worth the effort cause i sold a stack of 10 thick armor kits for 18g when all the other stacks of 10 were heavily overpriced. i have the auctioneer add on so i can tell when is a good time to sell them for maximum profit.

a firend of mine got me into te add ons through the wow matrix add on program. there are a lot of nice add ons that make like in the world of warcraft a lot easier. quest helper is cool but i only turn it on when am stumped about where to go and how to get there.

only problem with the add ons is that too many at once can slow gameplay so i only activate the ones i intend to use for a particular reason or with a certain character

i have an alt and i send my items to to sell at the AH.thats the char i use the auctioneer with. i send the items i find or make with my main to him and put them on the AH. i also keep a small portion of my profit with him for buying other stuff for cheap and resell it and for the auction down payment costs.

the best part about the AH is that some people have no idea what certain things are worth and are willing to buy and sell out of desparation for money or to get epic gear for their char.
its rediculous what ppl will pay for stuff. just yestarday i got a drop from the hinterlands. it was a helmet and i found one on the AH with a buyout of 66g and the bid was already up to 53g so i priced mine at 50g which is gonna be more than enough for one the best thing i learned about the AH is that people will pay through the nose for stuff they want to have if they want it bad enough.

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BigSmitty  posted on Jul 14, 2009 10:09:43 AM - Report post

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another thing is until you reach lvl 30 dont buy much gear from vendors or the AH.

only pay for repairs, health and mana items(unless you get lots of them from inst runs) and ammo for your ranged weapon when you get one.

this will help you to save a lot of money for your mount and riding training. doing this i saved 46g by lvl 30 for my mount on my secong character i made. and as you are questing the rewards will get better too.

if the quest requires you to choose an item, but you cant use any that are there, or the items are not as good as the ones you have already then just choose one and sell to a vendor, or put it in the AH for a small amount, or you can trade it to a friend who can use it to get some other items you need.

helping others has worked out well for me overall. even helping people i dont know has earned me a lot of friends in the game. people yell out a question and i answer if i can. helping others to help yourself is a good philosophy in my book. i will admit that there are people who do take advantage of my kindness but i have learned howto spot these people. they ask lots and lots of questions. when i run people in insts some will always select need instead of greed even when i asked them not to. even if their character cant use the item they stil selet need so i just uninvite them from the group and pt them on ignore. being nice has its rewards and its flaws too.(i helped a friend lvl his char and he gave me his old account for free. he never uses it anymore. it has a few lvl 50-55s and 1 lvl 67 on different servers but i am gonna move one of them to my server and mail myself some

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