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how do i beat the elite 4
devery24  posted on Nov 06, 2006 7:27:12 PM - Report post

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i have a
snorlax at a level 32
zapdos at a level 66
blastois at a level 52
moltres at a level 57
articuno at a level 57 and a
marowak at a level 47
can i beat the elite 4 with these pokemon
poke_master  posted on Nov 07, 2006 2:55:13 PM - Report post

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what moves do they know?
but for now...
my team that i beat the elete 4 was
charazard lv.60
blastoise lv.60
arcanine lv.59
venusaur lv.60
zapodos lv.60
artcuno lv.60

your team: snorlax lv.32 -
zapados lv.66
blastoise lv.52-
motress lv.57-
artacuno lv.57-
marowalk lv.47-
now first of get rid of sorelax and marowalk and replace them with a gyarados moves:thunder,hydro pump,hyper beam,ice beam
next is golem moves:earthquake,toxic,flamethrower,exposion
now your blastoise moves: surf, ice beam, iorn tail, protect.
now moltres a very good pokemon but is weak against ice, thunder, rock, and water (basicly the eleat four and yes i have zapados and articuno but they were my main ones that fainted.)so... about molters replace with charizard moves:
flamethrower,aerial ace, overheat, dragon claw.
for articuno gengar moves: thunderbolt, confuse ray, shadow ball, destiny bond.

ok so heres your new team:
blastoise lv.60
gengar lv.60 (note he is backup for your zap)
charazard lv.60
golem lv.60 (note when hes about to die use explosion
gyarados lv.60 (if zap & gen die then use him)
zapados lv.70 or just keep it the way it is

i hope this helps you
ps. personal mail me if you get stuck

[Edited by poke_master, 11/7/2006 4:10:03 PM]

devery24  posted on Nov 10, 2006 6:34:33 PM - Report post

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my pokemon know:
zapdos:return,fly,hyper beam,and thunder
moltresverheat,fly,fireblast,and hyper beam
articuno:hyper beam rock smash, fly, ice beam
blastoise:mega kick,hydro cannon, surf,and strength
snorlax:strength,yawn,rest,rest,and snore
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