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WarNing about RZR trainer F3 Option!!!
Gideon25  posted on Oct 24, 2006 3:21:29 PM - Report post

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I just started playing the game and noticed something about RZRs trainer:
If you turn on the F3 for infinite Health/Stamina/Mana and you get a stat increase (like for istance I read a book on Arcane Knowledge for +5) it gives you like 16,777,000 points in Ancient Knowledge or whatever stat you are increasing. Which means you have to turn the option OFF everytime, BEFORE you increase a stat-like reading a book, training,etc. Who knows what kind of bugs that size stat may introduce into the game? Why does the option for health/mana/stamina even hook into Stats anyway? I read a book on Smithing and it did the same thing for my Smithing or Forge Talent (can't remember the name). Sloppy, sloppy in RZRs testing of the trainer.

In addition since it hooks into the stats I would assume it will give you millions of points everytime you train in something (depending on how high the points stated is given to you in game).This should be stated in the nfo! I tested the other options and they don't do this- only the F3 option. Its PERMANENT if you save your game and you have to revert back to a previous save game. Those kindof millions of stats may actually hurt you further into the game or introduce other bugs when training other things, etc..

I also tested the F3 and if you TURN it OFF just before you read a book (for possible stat increase) or TRAIN then it DOES NOT affect the stats. After you train then you can just turn the option back on but make sure your stat has increased FIRST - don't interupt the process and flip on the F3 in the middle of it! However I wonder if later in the game you may get quests that may give you perm stat increases as a reward and you MAY NOT KNOW if its going to happen. If it does then you might get the millions if the F3 option is on. RZR needs to fix it. But for now just be VERY careful because the game is slightly buiggy already without putting your stats into the multi millions. Will the stats even effect your character properly? What about item bonuses? Could they roll the stats into negative numbers? Who knows, just be careful and turn off that F3 option when you know you are going to get a permanent stat increase or a permanent anything increase! Off b4 books, training, and maybe some quests b4 completion- Keep PLENTY of savegames before completing quests to be on the safe side.

Anyway, the other opyions SEEM fine at the moment (hopefully they are not as sloppy as the F3 Health/Mana/Stamina option) and they don't adversely affect something we don't know about yet...Or won't know about until we hit a quest or something and something does not work or we get a game stopper. Just hope not.

[Edited by Gideon25, 10/24/2006 8:20:47 PM]

Gideon25  posted on Oct 25, 2006 10:03:26 AM - Report post

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Ok, I killed an orc and it gave me +1 to strength as it was a named orc and apparently there was a quest for "Defeat" [Orcs Name]in a dual" and as a bunus I got the +1 strength. Needless to say it gave me like millions of points in strength - So basically I had to get him down to a small health - runm away from him then hit "F3, the quickly turn around and kill him, wait for the +1 strength to show on screen, check my stats, then turn on the F3 option again. I would STrONGLY suggest just using the god mode cheat for now and NOT the F3 unless you need it for running in between areas (infinite stamina) or as a quick Mana refill as I Don't see a type in cheat for infinite mana or Stamina - Just Godmode which is only health I really like the infinite stamina and being able to sprint everywhere. For spell users/Mages the infinte Mana is great- its too bad this option is severly bugged and was apparently never tested before release.

[Edited by Gideon25, 10/25/2006 10:03:41 AM]

[Edited by Gideon25, 10/25/2006 10:07:35 AM]

TENGILL  posted on Oct 25, 2006 11:04:08 PM - Report post

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Hay man!
Try jusing the console cheat for god mode, as found on this site?.
Then you will get life/mana/stamina.
I dont juse any trainer for this game, i just load up the old t-sherch and fix the money to 900000 and the points at 20.
Works great.
Jacker121  posted on Oct 27, 2006 8:24:34 AM - Report post

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Yes i noticed this too, at first i was like ok, whats happened to my stats, how come i can 1 shot everything with a 45 damage bow, but then i realised that it must be something to do with the trainer, so i started a new game jsut usin the God cheat after chaing the G3.ini file, works just as well but doesnt raise your stats
Gideon25  posted on Oct 27, 2006 1:43:51 PM - Report post

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By the way the F7 option Is ALSO bugged - it interferes with other code- Turn on the F7 for instance try doing this - teach yoursefl the hone blade skill, then hone several blades and weapons and keep clicking on one or more of them of them, notice how you actually get MORE weapons in your inventory? Also Go to a merchant buy goods, then sell them back - if the and F7 is on after you leave the merchant you STILL have the goods, hell sometimes you have an EXTRA one of them - by buying and selling the goods over and over again you can rack up a LOT of cash over and over again, then you have to hit the F7 to actually truly sell them, but then you will walk REALLY, REALLY sLOWWWWWW, so you have to toggle F7 a couple of times then you hit F7 and sometimes the stuff just dissapears from your inventory (I also had F2 enabled), then you hit F7 again and it reappears- weird stuff! But it lets you rack up cash without sacrificing experience or anything -

Like spawn the Palidins shield (with is the 2nd best shiled in the game get it from my complete list in the cheats section) - Addendom to spawn Mr. Helper is LOWER CASE sh NOT "spawn SH" , its "spawn sh" - he improves your rep with factions or can change the reps altogheter.. have not tried him but I bet he CHARGES you something for it :P

typing in "edit" in the console will allow you to completely edit yor character (wonder if the gold cheat penalty is applied- use the trainer and spawn sever high value items - Palidin sheild, High level sellable swords, Heavy mercenary Armor and buy it back from the merchant after you sell, and keep doing it until the merchant had LOTS of cash, then sell the high level items) - make money real quick that way without any penalties. UNFORTUNATELY my console just shows frackin BOXES and the "edit" function just shows BOXES.. GRRR... And even with the athlon dual core fix and the days pass like lightning, hehe. I can look up and see the sun and moon whizzing across the sky and Day, Dark, Day, Dark, and NO real console- I have to copy and pasted as I see nothing but boxes- lets not EVEN get into the sound problems with speakers cutting out - stupid BUGS! Even with the bugs the GFX engine and sound engine in Dark Messiah (as well as the AWSOME fighting system) rules so far. I guess it will take several months for Jowood to fix the bugs ( AS FRACKIN USUAL- JOWOOD you piece of frackin donkey doo!).

66666hhhhh  posted on Jun 27, 2008 3:16:46 AM - Report post

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my trainer dosn't work
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