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jipsee  posted on Oct 16, 2006 1:49:09 AM - Report post

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Lol first pizza are PDX, then they are reloaded then your CH' trainer swings boths ways ('scuse the pun )actually none of the above are true.
Why make fools of yourselves because your completely convinced that its the trainers fault, rather then something your doing yourself.
Lets face it has CH ever let you down? i know PiZZA' trainers has, any mistakes that have happened in CH have been almost immediatly rectified without any fuss
RLDox isnt a bad name actually
Lets call in Dr Phil and see if he can help these Non paying members with their delusions of grandeaur
and leave the staff sort out the paying members

I like to see praise for a trainer makers hard work and time spent making these programs with the 'public in mind
Lets also take note
Where else can you go for help with cheats and trainer ,in which it is a safe enviroment and the files are safe to download and not a pop up in sight

ok u get that on my site too :P

but you get it here also
yadda yaddaa i do tend to go on a lot and if i was left to my own devices i would write a book on the do's and don'ts

hokkien  posted on Oct 16, 2006 4:30:35 AM - Report post

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I paid Cheathappens a subcription and I do expect quality trainers.

I dont pay pizza or other free downloadable trainers i may not get quality , However, if/when i do ( get quality ) , its a bonus.

CHU has been giving me excellent trainers , It well worth every cent.

Geldethi  posted on Oct 16, 2006 6:18:25 AM - Report post

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originally posted by alex00x

here it is:

i can confirm that remove limit cap and instant build dose work for both sides, and yet i have to say that its not fair you jump and say pizza ia an amateur, since cheathappens first attempt was a failure as well.
im sure he will fix this and release a working version.

[Edited by alex00x, 10/14/2006 3:18:35 AM]

Both versions of Cheathappens trainer have wrked flawlessly for me so the first attempt was not in any way shape or form a failure.

Kaizer  posted on Oct 17, 2006 9:29:08 AM - Report post

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Aaahhh... why the cheat for DoW always can be used ONLY for skirmish ???
Why this game is so so stingy that restricted the cheat use only for Skirmish mode???

Hey it's very disappointed !!!
We play to fun not to become frustrated !!!
Even in great game like Warcraft, we can use the cheat code in campaign so why we can't in this game ???

kala122  posted on Oct 17, 2006 10:12:50 AM - Report post

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What is trainer for ? Cheating doh, the cheathappens.com cheat works on campaing and the mega trainer will be super trainer.... it will have planet requistion thingy in it and wargear and loads of more.
Gideon25  posted on Oct 17, 2006 1:24:33 PM - Report post

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The "Best." Well, some might say and HE would certainly say he is the best.. and probably is one of he best if not the best and has been around a long time. Is it..... [SHEEP] former Fairlight trainer maker? Starlight? Yea he probably is the best and most groups would have a hard time admitting they have someone better... Although I hated what he did when Xored FIRST came out in trying to invalidate the standard ETM Evox-T files and take away talent from Evox-t just to make. (At least that was my opinion at the time and then the sheep showed his flaming skills teeth, although I never specifically flamed - Now I could care less- ITS JUST a farking game and letting any sort of emotional stuff in or holding any sort of grudges EITHER way for almost anything on the internet is pure silliness - anaylyze THAT, hehe). Or forcing one to create a folder and blah, blah, blah - it was silly - we needed a universal system in the first place. NOW, Xored USES Evox-T compatible ETM files, last time I checked which has been several months, and made a program to make ALL the ETM files compatible with the other Xbox Dashboards-- which was what I had REALLY wanted in the first place : Xored made trainers being natively used in Evox (the only dashboard that ever gave a damn about trainers) without all the renaming/nonesense hassle (for the most part for Evox users).

I would like to think that my goading of Starlight/sheep at the time and my arguments against Xoreds FIRST system was fruitful in that it created an environment of debate. Hell, sheep was probably one of the ones to create the universal system eventually, so no hard feelings, dude. You skills are undeniable, but your temper sometimes, whew.. Old school BBS stuff.

Dootdoo of Evox-t is the only other person who is probably close to [sheeps]/Starlights asm trainer making level. None of the other groups have anyone near as talented as either Dootdoo or [sheep], whom *admittedly* (sheep) is kind of a legend in innovation with pushing trainers into the next level. If its one of those two guys who do you have that is better than either of THOSE 2? I would be impressed. Then again there are programming masters and computer scientists out there that make a living (6 figures$ incomes) that could probably wipe the floor with any of the trainer makers if they were getting paid 6 figures to make them :P

So, you "got [sheep]"? Its like "Got Milk"? Except for trainers :P Thats an American reference sheep .. or is it RECLAIM? Oh, don't get the guy angry though, whew, can it be a flame fest if you bruise his ego! Its just making trainers, man, its not like you created Windows or Linux or OS2, hehe.

Tell us you got Sheep/Starlight or Dootdoo, and if you don't I am VERY curious who you have that can wipe the floor with them. THAT would be someone would be like the ULTIMATE Pride Fighting Kung-Fu master of trainer makers if they could best [sheep]. Oh, he likes to have his ass kissed also (hell who doesn't) - we all do

erm, EDIT:

Hang on a MINUTE, I can spot a sheeps SCENT sometimes. It SEEMS like has been known to go by the name of RECLAIM I *think* - if I remember correctly. Sheep has complained about the inferiority of other trainer makers in various posts regarding sloppiness in letting the enemy have the same values on NUMEROUS occasions , but especially in tutorials and likes to point out the inferiority of others (superiority complex?) and likes to psycho-analyze, although no proof of a Phd in psychology has ever been proven. He is from the UK, I believe.

Btw, sheep, its not that they did not just use your tutorials (many probably did) and its not that they don't have a certain amount of skill or intelligence to do it - I BELIEVE some people just have a *Talent* for picking up on certain things (mine is Music, instrument playing and molecular biology -genetics). Yours just happened to be asm. It still takes a lot of study and experience. But without that *Talent*..

Gideon25  posted on Oct 17, 2006 1:49:47 PM - Report post

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Btw, I PAID for membership here [sheep]/RECLAIM so don't go getting all *sentimental* or *psycho* on me, hehe. Skill and learning only take one so far, but mastering something to a certain level requires *TALENT* if it becomes somewhat of an *ART.* I believe you have have an art for trainer making. You can pick up a guitar/piano/violin and play for your entire life and learn from the best University in the world and run scales 12 hours a day, and master music theory (give that one a try sheep) BUT you will NEVER be truly GREAT like a Mozart or Beethoven or an Eddie Van Halen/Hendrix/Eric Clapton without that special something: TALENT. Not that I am comparing the Music- the truly universal language and an artform almost as ancient as the human race to game trainer making or ASM. I was just using it as an analogy. They don't even come close and everone knows THAT But, like I said not everyone has that special *art* for trainer making that you have. Did you know Steve Vai has a 5 day a week 12 hour a day guitar workout where he just runs scales, chords, theory, etc.. and the guy is a musical genius with absolute/perfect pitch (he can compose easily without using any instrument - he just sits and writes down the music). Then again Vai was born with the Talent to make use of such skills.
You could TRY to *learn* (good luck) everything from him, but NEVER get to his level unless you had his Talent.

Of course I could be wrong, you may just be skillful, but your innovations lead me to believe its become somewhat of an artform for you - whether you have that opinion or not. As an artist I can see some inkling of ART in what *you* do. Not just skill or intelligence or experience. You can argue with that if you wish and make claim that everyone given your intelligence level and experience would have *innovated* exactly the way YOU did and be just as *talented.* I would disagree. So no need to necessarily criticize, as they just don't have the talent. Or aptitude - which is different I know but a low aptitude asm programmer might just be a fricken brain surgeon or astro physicist or symphony instrumentalist.

Rudolph  posted on Oct 18, 2006 1:09:12 AM - Report post

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Wow, thanks for that history lesson.
In every trainer readme there is a sentence:
"released on XX/YY/ZZ by AGES PRODUCTIONS (C)"
Maybe you know some fellas in the AGES team? ^^
You, Gideon25, look like you were or are in the dox-scene.
I remember AGES flaming MiNT for their bad trainers. Maybe that was sheep.
I for one is interested in the scene but I don't understand much of it.
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