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Dawn of War: Dark Crusade CH Trainer
PWizard  posted on Oct 13, 2006 4:57:15 PM - Report post

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I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek at a couple of options coming in the MEGA Trainer:

Link == Control many bosses at once!

Link == Build a single base/army using units and vehicles of any races together! This pic shows a single base with Eldar and Chaos buildings as one.

Many more sweet options to come... stay tuned!

gar8619  posted on Oct 13, 2006 5:21:06 PM - Report post

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now that is gunna be fun. just woundering if u could give us an idea of how far along with the mega trainer u are? like 50% done or something or just some testing left to make sure everything works? instant build buildings will be nice i have been on a couple of maps (when attackin captials) that i could have really used some bolter turrets right away. thanks for the great trainer and also looking forward to the mega trainer when it comes out.
PWizard  posted on Oct 13, 2006 5:24:19 PM - Report post

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Instant Build Buildings will also be included. We're hoping for a Sunday or Monday release for the MEGA.
rell2g  posted on Oct 13, 2006 5:58:14 PM - Report post

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Thats Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smc1979  posted on Oct 13, 2006 6:00:43 PM - Report post

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wondering if you could add an option to always win the auto battles on the field when you get attacked, could be nice at times. And im sure you may already have an option for the money on the main map, would be nice to bulk up every thing every turn :-)
IT-Slave  posted on Oct 13, 2006 9:03:26 PM - Report post

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I'm just trying to get results from the trainer. I put it in the game folder just in case, but I have not seen any of my units instant build, I was playing Imp guard vs Necrons in skirmish and they justt kept overrunning my positions, I didn't notice any bodies left behind, other than my side. I used option f1-f4 and it doesn't seem to affect my side. I know that someone tested the code with break points and I don't doubt the results. What I can't explain is the "steamroll affect" I'm seeing. I even ran with one option on and that was power and it stated that I did not have enough to build a certain item. I knnow trainer building isn't easy, just wanted to report what I've seen in order to help. I'm going to try the necrons and see if I get the steamroll affect as a player and not the machine. Anyone else seeing this sort of thing?
IT-Slave  posted on Oct 13, 2006 9:20:28 PM - Report post

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UGH, this is evil. I do better without the trainer. It's almost as if it's working in reverse. I tried running necrons this time vs the eldar in Quantra, they overran the map after I tried to implement f1-f4. I had one unit of necrons vs a ranger and gaurdian unit and they almost got wiped out. I teleported them back to homebase to save their butts. Then I noted that the PC had managed to capture almost all the points from it's base and was working on gaining the spaces just outside the first finnger of the map (my starting point). The game kept telling me that I didn't have enough power to build the bigger power module, so I built three power supplies and that's when I gave up. I see that the PC is just doing it's methodical thing, but it's not easy to get close to stopping its units. I would think that if my Necrons out numbered the rangers that they would be reduced in short work, the guardians didn't last long, but those rangers, were like terminators. I'm going to try and change my tactics and see if that resolves anything. Slow down my advancement, try to build up in an orderly fasion and keep a good eye on the PC
PWizard  posted on Oct 13, 2006 9:59:32 PM - Report post

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I'm not real sure what to say other than we have done everything we can to test it and even examined the game's code as the trainer was being used to verify that the enemy was not getting the same benefits from the trainer. What we don't know however is how the enemy AI may be adapting to your actions. I've seen in many games where the enemy AI (perhaps only on certain difficulty levels) actually adapts to your level of play and very quickly.

Here's a couple of screenshots I took of the trainer in action. As soon as I started the map (in campaign), I activated options F1-F5. I built a couple of structures then did instant build on several troops. You can see my requisition/power at max and frozen and my pop cap max/frozen showing 0/20 even though I have several armies on the screen.

Link to image 1: Link

Now, literally 3 minutes later I arrived at the enemy base and obliterated all of their troops and was able to attack their HQ without any problems. Enemies were not respawning instantly and they did not have any larger of an army than normal. If they had instant build and all resources, then they would be popping enemies out left and right and also auto-refilling their dead (which they were not doing). I won this mission in less than 5 minutes. Now, what I don't know is what would have happened had I let the game run on for a lot longer. Would the enemy of adapted to my huge army building and been more agressive at building their own? Possibly. What I can say for certain is that the trainer is working and in my testing does not affect the enemy as well.

Link to image 2: Link

IT-Slave --- It sounds like you're playing skirmish mode. I'd be interested to know what difficulty you're playing on, what you have your starting resources at and especially if you have ENABLE CHEATS set to YES in the game options. This could very well be affecting your game experience.

[Edited by PWizard, 10/13/2006 10:35:02 PM]

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