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Working great but.
junior_clk  posted on Oct 18, 2006 6:57:34 AM - Report post

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Very much thanx for the artmoney values
i finished the game now
would be very hard to do the last mision
without many health
TuPeluche  posted on Oct 18, 2006 8:47:50 AM - Report post

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correct.... the patch of pizza make the game crashes and make tony like a triangle non of these work correctly i hope theres would be new patches tthat ok and dont let the game crash
donaldrack  posted on Oct 18, 2006 10:42:14 AM - Report post

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How would an average cheater like me use that table? I used artmoney once a long time ago and I forgot how to use it.

EDIT: Nevermind, I forgot to select the process.

[Edited by donaldrack, 10/18/2006 10:50:14 AM]

Gideon25  posted on Oct 18, 2006 11:26:33 AM - Report post

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I paid hoping to get the best trainers AND for requests for options to be listened to without nonesense- that is, it becomes a "Business Relationship." We pay so that others will code the very best trainers for ALL the best and newest releases for us. Could be a motto "You pay so that others May Code with Excellence."

I think somebody who puts their MONEY where their mouth is deserves to be listened to more than cheapskates. After all, its only 10 dollars a year. Whats with all the nonpaying "members?" If far more members paid it would make it a lot easier for the sites owner to get out MORE megatrainers and hire more talent. Whats better than getting paid for something you love doing and might be doing anyway? Hehe, I think some porn stars have made that same comment, lol.

I say the other members, if they want a trainer for this game from THIS site need to flat out message the OP and say "here is my money, can I please have a trainer?" Instead of "Can I get a trainer, even though I am a cheapskate?" Lets say that 100 people emailed Pwizard and said "I will become an unlimited member *IF* you make a bug free trainer with such and such options." Ok, lets do the math: That is $1,000. For a
$1,000 I bet an incredible trainer could be made. The best solution is simply for a LOT more people to become Unlimited members. Its only $.83 cents a month or so - less than a cup of coffee a month or less than a soda a month. Thats nothing, even a teenager working at a fast food place can afford that.

More subscribers means more money which means better "Customer Service" so to speak. Customer service in this case means more megatrainers with the options we all want, maybe a SPECIAL part of the FORUM itself for paying members *ONLY* where paying member actually get realtime updates on things like options being added AND paying members get listened to OBVIOUSLY over non paying members with regards to requests for both trainers and options. Now, that could be an incentive for more people to shell out that soda-a-month. Put even more limitations on the cheapskates and increase incentives to buy.
It worked for Gamespot, IGN, etc.. BUT that means creating more incentives and setting up a higher profit business model.

So to ALL nonpaying members *MONEY TALKS* BULL**** walks. Every good business listens to their customers. If enough customers complain and suggest, than a business generally evolves, and gets even better. BUT I don't see a whole lot of Unlimited members here saying, "Ok, thats it I am fed up with no scarface trainer made from this site so you won't be getting my money next year." If 1,000 paying members said that you are looking at a possible loss of $10,000. So, with regards to me, I see it as a business/customer relationship. We pay for a PRODUCT and a SERVICE - not because we necessarily appreciate it, but because we wantit. Like when I buy a box of cereal or car or whatever I don't think much about which factory made it or how hard the factory maker worked. I just want to EAT the cereal and I just want the car to be THE BEST for the money. For a service, I want the best SERVICE for my money. Every high profit business runs on a customer service model. Except for maybe the damn health industry :/

So a forum where only paying members can request stuff from YOU sheep and be taken seriously and they paid for the right (ego and FLAME free and I am NOT referring to you, just in general- there is no room for it when MONEY gets involved) and maybe some other paid talent where the customer gets satisfaction and good customer service would be too cool.
Also in that paid only section of the forum Pwizard takes his customers sugesstions on site changes, options, more trainers (and what I referred to earlier), sets up polls and actually changes stuff to suite his cutomers needs. You get PAID appreciation, we get the best product and MORE product/services. It works! So PONY up the money PEOPLE!

EternalSlayer  posted on Oct 18, 2006 12:07:02 PM - Report post

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Well stone me dead, I'm quite happy that someone bothered to write up the rant I was never quite going to bother to. Thank you, it makes me feel like a slug, so it achieved it's aim very well

On the topic of your last point, there is a topic from which members may request trainers, which may or may not have seen so far. I shall link PWizard here if he doesn't find this himself, that speech is worth reading.

ApostleKyr  posted on Oct 18, 2006 12:54:09 PM - Report post

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Well, it seems no professional trainer-makers are interested in writing a trainer for this fine game, so I made all the work myself.


THIS is a trainer I made myself with TMK. Nothing special, nothing mega, just health/car health/boat health and a whole lot of money (&65mil no less) for you. Helps solve problems pretty much. TMK does not working with pointers, just straight addresses, so options are not much...

BTW, if someone lost a link to my ArtMoney table -

echotheory  posted on Oct 18, 2006 2:01:12 PM - Report post

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nice. on a side note - poizn is currently working out a fix. hopefully have some more news regarding it this afternoon.
PWizard  posted on Oct 18, 2006 8:22:05 PM - Report post

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We are currently looking into creating a trainer for this game now that we've finished the Dark Crusade trainer. I'll post more info once I have it.
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