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Realism is key...
Jackal  posted on Oct 04, 2006 1:05:05 PM - Report post

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If your like me you love these games...

Gearbox did an unbelievable job showcasing the real events of WW2 in the boots of a Paratrooper, the locations, the combat, weapons, everything...the detail is amazing.

After you shoot a guy and you go and make sure he's down if you look close enough his body begins to twitch (which actually happens when a person dies), eventually after like four or five seconds it stops, sent a chill down my spine...really cool. And say you toss a grenade or blow a bunch of Germans up with a tank- parts of their bodies will be mangled (an arm, leg, or pieces of them will be blown right off) further adding to the realism...and the ragdoll effect after they die is key. And I actually tested the blood work when you shoot the one of them, I found if you shot him directly in the head it was basically a clean wound and didn't make much of a mess, but if you get him in the chest around the heart it was like a ketchep bottle exploded on the ground, unbelievable!

At first I didn't really like the squad based tactics in both games but I eventually adapted and grew to understand how to use them and now I can fix and flank the enemy without even thinking...

Also at first the story wasn't very enthralling and the characters were a little dull but after beating the first in early 2005 then beating the second installment later that year now I find myself waiting with baited breath for the third...Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway...I want to find out what happens to Baker, Hardsock, the entire squad really post D-Day in the events of Operation Market Garden in late 1944...I've heard this game will be out by Q1 of 2007. I can't wait! But really the way they immerse with the characters over time is amazing, you'll find yourself caring about each soldier and do your best trying not to get them killed...

But if your a fan of WW2 in any way, shape, or fashion you have to try these games, they give a new meaning to WW2 combat and these genre of games in general...to me their the pinacal now in the genre. Don't get me wrong I still love playing games like Medal of Honor: Frontline or European Assault or even Call of Duty's war games but now I realize those games are great if you just want to run around and kill Germans left and right, but if your looking for realism then there's no other WW2 game on the market like the Brothers in Arms series....

So if you havent played Earned in Blood or Road to Hill 30 before go out and try them, their truly great games...

Feel free to share your own experiences, opinions, or whatever about the Brothers in Arms franchise...

Jackal  posted on Oct 08, 2006 2:52:42 PM - Report post

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Jackal  posted on Oct 12, 2006 7:43:08 PM - Report post

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Just saw the videos for Hell's Highway again on IGN, man oh man is it gonna kick ass, the realism is stunning....can't wait for it to come out!

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