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search for Maecenas???? please help!!!!!
mellymell  posted on Sep 26, 2006 3:08:41 PM - Report post

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got to a room with darts in and two gaurds.......have tried all i can think of!!!! please help M
Berserker  posted on Sep 30, 2006 10:04:36 PM - Report post

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You can use the darts in the area to get his attention - throw one at a wall near him and he will walk over to it. Though that doesn't always work so well.

The best way I have found around that part is to stand at the top of the stairs and whistle ([ ] + X). Hide in the room with the darts as the guard walks to check it out. The guard, and possibly the other guard from the hall, will walk toward the stairs to check out the noise. It works really well if you can get the attention of both of them. Sneak past them and run to the door down the hall.

You can also check out my FAQ on this site for Shadow of Rome for a more descriptive explanation.

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mellymell  posted on Oct 05, 2006 2:43:27 PM - Report post

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Thank you so much for the help, so easy when you know how lol
kratos_pandoras  posted on Feb 05, 2007 6:48:10 PM - Report post

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hiiii this shanky .... i think i can help you out ....
ok lets start .... i belive you are in a room where u can play darts... right? with 2 guards walking up and down...right . ..now 1st what u need to do is walk u cannot run if u run there will hear ur footsteps .... so walk where the 1st guard is u'll see aplace where u can climb up crouch urself and walk cooly....now there is one more guard in the other coridoor right .... when u'll see that the both the guards are facing opp. just run quickly to the next corridoor and climb up once again .....don't worry even if they see you .... ok just hide behind the pillars untill the tension metre goes down totally... ok... now u'll get to see that there are two doors 1> straight and 2> on the right.... get into the right side one ... ... now hear comes a tuff job as soon as u get in to the room on the right ... there will be a big pot right in front quickly run and get into that .... now the guards will see you but u have to hide in side the pot ok... once they'll come and check they'll find no one.....now when the guard turn back to go back to their position ....quickly come out bend and walk behind (u can see that there will be a kind of tub or artificial water fall) that ..... once u go behind the waterfall ... u will be able to see a room infront get inside that slowly i mean bend and walk ... u 'll see a man changing his attire.....(NOW U SAW A DART RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING MAKE SURE U CARRY ONE RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING OK COZ IF USE A JUG TO HIT HIM THE GUARDS WILL GET THE NOISE ..AND U'LL BE FINIShED) use a dart to kill that naked man .... and chage ur clothes to a senetor... after walk cooly . don't do anything that will make a doubt on you... now get out of that place ... as soon as you come of the door ....go towards the right side door get in there will one more guard who won't move from there ... he will give u a suspicious look .... if he ask's u excuse me sir .... u got to reply u are ain't excused.....and that's how u finish the stage....... if u have ne prob ... then u can just mail directly at max_o_steel@yahoo.com p.s. when u mail me plzz put the subject as ps 2 help ... ok ceee yaa take ..... yaaa hooola
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