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HELP ME!!! i am english
Kye 5* blade  posted on Jan 11, 2005 10:10:39 PM - Report post

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If your strong enough kill the kut ku's and get screamers combine that with gunpoder(fire herb+nitroshroon)and u have sonic's then go to the mission pop him out of the ground and use hit and run tacktics on his neck with a great sword or close to it keep healing's and whetstones and probably something for stanima and one or two paintballs if your a good shot and dont waste them. Let me know how it works um somehow. Good luck with that ****er.
Loathe my ***  posted on Jan 25, 2005 5:36:10 PM - Report post

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Yeah ok............ but um... what level is the black smitth quest? I'm a level 3 have battle armor (yay) there like 4050 each anyway um... how can i go to that quest when the velocidrome is a level 3 and the blacksmitth on is somewhere else>?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
DemonShaft  posted on Jan 25, 2005 9:48:03 PM - Report post

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Yes this is my name on the game...killing the cephadrome isnt easy...try using the same tactics as u did when killing the cephalos. I wasn't able to do this on my own and neaded to team up with hunters online to get the job done...Unfortunately people cant get n e where after the yian kut-ku mission without online access. That bird is almost impossible to take down alone. If any of u need armor or weapons items whatever...go online!! U can get a much better variety online. GL everyone!
Kye***** blade  posted on Feb 03, 2005 8:50:27 PM - Report post

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I disagre with you. Given the game is more fun in online play but for lack of online time ive been forced to go allmost as far as u can go in offline play butlet me tell u there is a lot of stuff even i havent done. Now i dont devote myself to this game but in certain circles i concider myself a pretty high rank player. speaking of which does anyone know how to get a lightcrystal????? Help is much appriciated. Please im desperite.
dragon slayer  posted on Feb 06, 2005 3:37:35 PM - Report post

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when you fight the glypcrose (wyvern like kut-ku but can poison you) when you fight him attack his head and try to knock it off there is a chance you will get a lightcrystal
mr_lurker  posted on Mar 17, 2005 8:51:40 PM - Report post

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hey i think your good in this game ya?
can you help me, and tell me how do i get to those two star missions? ive been killing those velocepries for a million times and still i cant get to level two missions, all thats still available is only first missions which is already done... and the "your first hunt" kill three veloceprey save the bla bla bla etc.... please help me i think your my only hope and key to this f****n game.... pls do reply to my email mr_lurker2004@yahoo.com
arc_angel  posted on Jul 18, 2005 11:58:08 AM - Report post

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the cephadromes a tough one but do-able, take either a great sword or a hammer, stockup on sonic grenades and beat the scally git till he leaves the area hes fights just the same as a cephalos so use them to train on in the liver of legends mission, once he leaves the area he will always run to zone 3 thats when u know hes hurt, now u just have to finish him off which is easier said than done
ableebanguy  posted on Jul 28, 2005 1:04:40 PM - Report post

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use a bowgun+. MELOON. to get one, keep doing the kelbi horn mission,and keep getting a bunch of horns then sell all of them;+ u need M. Ore, I.Ore and sm. mon.bones.
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