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Misterioso  posted on Jul 19, 2006 1:31:03 PM - Report post

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This guide helps you get the best team possible all with a balanced mix. I know the best of every thype and this is where my guide comes into play. Please read!!!

As you may have guessed, you don't have to follow my guidelines. I am just trying to Help get the Best team.
This team is only the first 150 Pokemon. I have not mentioned b ut it is good for one of your Pokemon use Flying moves as this will be needed.

1: Firstly you need a Water Type. Water is only Not Very Effective against 3 types of Pokemon. Below are the Best and strongest types Possible. (To get the strongest Type raise the Pokemon from an early level in Basic Form).

Blastoise: Obviously you must start with him (unless obtained in a trade) and he is harder to obtain than any of the following.

Dewgong: An Ice/Water type. And is taught surf etc can get VERY strong. Good choice. Raise from Seal

Starmie: Evolve your Staryu after you have got it to level 46 so it learns Hydro Pump. But a super good Pokemon. Much better than the Goldduck got in Fire Red. Excellent choice.

Lapras: Probably the best choice. Amazing amount of health. Super attacks. Just well... the best! really good Pokemon.

These are my Water Recomendations.


2: An Electric Type. Needed for a load of different Pokemon. Below are the best choices.

Raichu: Pikachu, the all loved Pokemon. If you don't want to Evolve it. Fine! But is you do, evolve it after lvl 41 so it learns Thunder.

Electabuzz: Unlucky LeafGreen users. As this is an AMAZING Pokemon as it have super amazing moves.

Jolteon: Probably the only good Evolution of Evee. Pretty good. Not the best.

Zapdos: Best choice. Amazing Pokemon and it the most useful in the League. Teach it TM Thunderbolt and it will be Invincible.


3: A Psycic type. Needed to get those different pokemon. Needed.

Venomoth: Seems like a rubbish Pokemon but the Moveset is incredible. It can be very useful

Alakazam: The best loved and probably best choice. Not much to say. Go for it!! Strongest!

Hypno: Very Powerful. NOt the bezst moveset. Goood for those who just attack.

Mr Mime: With 16 moves to choose from, his Moveset is by far the best.


4: A Blazing Fire type. See Below:

Charizard: Probably the most favourite Pokemon ever because of its heat. AMazing streangth. Can fly, and is good at Attk and Special Attk.

Magmar: Bes tMoveset for a pure FIre type. Good choice. Used by Blaine.

Nine Tails: Could use but I recomend Magmar if available, or Charizard.


5: A rock, or Poison, or Fighting. Toatly your Choice. Check your other Pokemon to see if they have at least one Move in these catorgories. If they dont, choose one of these Pokemon. If they have all, choose your favourite in Kanto.
5 is best
1 is Worst

Beedril - 1
Arbok - 2
SandSlash - 2
Nido Queen - 2
Nido King - 2.5
Golbat (Only cause Crobats invincible) Gol: 1.5 Cro: 5
Dugtrio - 3
Primape - 3
Machamp - 3.5
Golem - 3.5
Muk - 5
Gengar - 4.5
Weezing - 4
Rydon - 5
Kabutops - 3.5


6: Finally. The Smash hitting Enduance and super strong Beast

Farfetch'd: Brilliant Moveset, Rare and pretty good. Not much HP though.

Chansey: Probably the best choice (especially when a blissey), But if you can catch it!!! Super amazizing hp and exremely resistant to mostly all attacks.

Kangaskhan: Lots of hp hard to catch and strong.

Tauros: A bull! A super strong charging bull amazingly powerful!!!

Snorlaz: My choice. Very good as he rests when low on HP. And when asleep can attack with sllep talk. How cool?!!! He has probably the most hp (out of 150) apart from Chansey. Good Choice.

That's it!

My Team:

Deoxys (With thunderbolt)

It is a lovely tema. Al sameish level and balanced out.

Please rate my guide and say how it is

kingpotter  posted on Jul 19, 2006 2:30:47 PM - Report post

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Why don't you just type up thr guide and submit it to become an author? Posting things that long on message boards is really annoying. Plus, being an author rocks!
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