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Locked Topic  neo7
PrettyKitty  posted on Jul 11, 2006 9:17:40 AM - Report post

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hi, i know im not supposed to, but im posting a message about Neo7. i dont think its fair that he delets peoples quizes.

people have different TYPES of quizes, and he still says that there could b 1 quiz on each page, and bla, bla, bla.

im probably going to be thrown off, because he's going to report me. but i still think that i have a right to speak my mind and hes not going to stop me.

I'll try making a new quiz, but i bet he'll delete it too.


kingpotter  posted on Jul 11, 2006 3:06:21 PM - Report post

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I know, I was doing good in that quiz

I also don't like how EternalSlayer locks all of the games on the General Discussions board.

But they're mods, so they have all of the power.

PrettyKitty  posted on Jul 12, 2006 8:22:47 AM - Report post

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oh well, too bad.

and yay, i still have my account!!!!

thealchemist  posted on Jul 12, 2006 8:39:25 AM - Report post

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You really need to think more topics=more spam now if you shove it all into one page then one of the mods can simply lock it instead of having to back and forth. It's not a very easy job. So take into consideration how the mods feel. They aren't here to baby and they shouldn't BTW put this on the General Disscussions board. As to Kingpotter they call it General Disscusions for a reason.

[Edited by thealchemist, 7/12/2006 8:42:54 AM]

EternalSlayer  posted on Jul 12, 2006 9:06:44 AM - Report post

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*Sigh*, all right, here goes.

1. This belongs on the General discussions board or, as it's directed at Neo7 in a PM to him, not on a title specific board.

2. If you know that only one quiz is allow on a board don't try making a new one.

3. I undestand there are different types of quizzes, but there really is no need for so many, if you want to test each other knowledge, one topic is enough, too many topics encourage spam.

4. You can speak your mind, I for one don't mind criticism as long as it's delivered properly, for example in a PM, not blasted across a board with which the topic is only tangentially connected.

5. I can see two quizzes on this board, how can you expect us to take you seriously if you don't follow the rules?

6. Kingpotter, I deleted the games for the same reason, I would like to see at the most 3 or 4 active games on that board, this site is too clogged up as it is without there being an enormous amount of posts on each board which contain more space for the signature than for the actual thought put into the post.

Now I've had my rant I'm going to lock this and if anyone has any complaints to file, "www.cheathappens.com/user_new_msg.asp?toUser=25401">PM me

[Edited by moderator EternalSlayer, 7/12/2006 9:10:55 AM]

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