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Major alterations to MW
ur-backyard  posted on Jun 24, 2006 11:47:45 PM - Report post

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Ok, for starters, I thought this game is pretty damn easy as soon as you start getting the hang of things and have a nice ride. So I decided to make up a little list of the things I would like to see added/changed in MW.
BTW: Lets pretend there is unlimited amount of disk space to make any alterations

- Better Blacklist Compitition
Ok, I seriously expected this to happen when I started to learn about the Blacklist. Maybe pretend you get random challenged from other racers to have a shot at your position. That way, it wont be just you who is climbing the Blacklist. Also, if you win against the challenger, you get to choose 2 markers like the usual. And to add on with taht feature, if you lose a race in ANY Blacklsit race, that includes you challenging or you being challenged, that you will also put your ride up for grabs, and that you cant restart a race so that if you are about to lose, you cant just restart it and avoid risking your car.
How that works? Well, the screen just shows the Ps2 randomly picking 2 markers. If they get your Pinkslip, you lose the car that you raced in.

- Become the Cop
You may be thinking: This game is all about evading the police, not being the police. Well, this has NOTHING to do with Career mode. Its like a Quik Race, except you are chasing a car. You can also choose what heat the suspect will be on, so that you can be a normal polcie cruiser, a Monaro, a Vetee or a Helicopter Pilot
Pretty much you choose this option from the main menu. You then choose the car that you will be chasing, either from the cars in Career mode, your Cars, a Blacklist racer car, an unlocked car or a random car. Then you choose what Heat Level the race will be, and then you choose the car you will be driving. After that, you choose where the Pursuit will start, or you can put your car anywhere on the map, and the oppenent car on the map. Then you can scout out for him.
Now, while you are in chase, you push a certain button which will bring you a Pause Screen. From there you can choose to bring in back up, set up a roadblock/spikestrip, call in the Heli and much, much more. You just think of it and hopefully it will be there! If you choose roadblock, the screen will then show the map and you can just click where you want it to be, and then decide what to put in it (Cruisers, SUVs, Spikes...)
BTW: The Heat Level of the car can increase. And if the suspect car gets away, you will go into free roam, to help lookout for the suspect. If another cop finds him, the GPS will automatically show you the way to him.

- Better Customization
Pretty much, more spoilers, spinners, trunk audio, Hydrolics, side skirts...all that shizzle like in Underground 2. A bit dissapointed how that wasnt there in the game. And also in NFSUG2, remember who you HAD to make your car look nice so that your star ratig will go up. Well, how about that in MW. And also the magazine shoot like in NFSUG2. And neon. Dont forget neons!
Wait, you may be thinking...whats the point of neons in a day-time racing game. Well...

- Night and Day racing.
Anybody played GTA? Well, the clock runs and every real life seconds is 1 minute in game. So how about that in MW? That way at night, you can see your cars neons, coloured lights and all that stuff. And you can also race during the night! And imagine what it will be like being chased by the police at night. The Heli can send downa light so that the cops can see where you are, and you can see where you are going.

Well, there is probably alot mroe stuff I can add on to here. I would love to see this kind of stuff in an actual game that I could buy. And remember, I just pretended that we had unlimited disk space so there is certaintly room for more stuff

N1YTR0  posted on Jul 11, 2006 5:34:50 PM - Report post

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You Authors sure can type huh..lol. Yeah i was totally bummed when i seen the mod shop, its nothing special at all. Need For Speed Carbon should be WAY better.... Coming out next fall I cant wait im gonna get it the 1st day it comes out, i love muscle cars
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