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Hogwarts: A History please help me
princezach  posted on Jun 15, 2006 7:06:02 PM - Report post

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Please help me someone. I can't find the Hogwarts: A History book. I have been trying to get pass this part since 2004. Am I suppose to do something to the blue rock. I just don't get it. I need help pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, please. If anyone could just write how I get pass it that will mean much to me. Thanks very much!!!
Salazar11  posted on Jan 03, 2007 6:28:10 PM - Report post

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HOGWARTS:A HISTORY: Go down to find Hermione next to the tapestry. Here we go...another Midnight Mission Impossible. Not to mention the prefects. I suggest you pay a visit to the Weaselys shop and buy as much as you can to get rid of all your beans first. Now go out of the portrait. Remember the secret passageway? Its on the right under the bookshelf. Take that to get to the fourth floor, go down to the second and into the library reading room. *** Straight away there's a prefect down the middle column, so run behind the left bookshelf, send a Flipendo at the right wall. now run to the left side of, the bookshelf your hiding behind, wait till they go and inspect the right wall then run down the left side of the room and turn to run to the top right hand corner where there's a different yellow door labelled Library Annex, go through. This is a lot harder, theres a longer route and much more prefects so... *** First run to the bookshelf in front so you can see the prefects. The Hufflepuff runs away from you but the Ravenclaw moves forward. Wait till the Ravenclaw moves away from you then head to the first column you see and almost follow the Ravenclaw to the left side. He'll then move down the ride side of the bookshelf so you move up the left. When the camera changes to plan mode go right to the wall and down so so you are at the bottom of the far right book shelf, send a Flipendo to the left and go back up to hide again. Wait till you see them all gone, now run up all the way to the portait. Enter it. Move right to the ladder, you can search the many bookshelves for cakes or beans but when your done take the ladder up. You need to side-step along the shelf but be wary of books flying back into thier places, only move when its safe. If0 you fall, search for cakes. There are foor side-stepping floors before you reach a door. Go through to the next door, your in the restricted section. On the far right next to a gooey door you'll find a chest with an owl treat. Take it to the far left where theres a perch, you know what to do. Hedwig will drop a ladder down next to the gooey door, go up it. Now go to the wall, and run back to the side with the ladder to leap over above the gooey door. Leap to the next two bookshelves and you'll see a stone platform. Theres a rope blocking it so use Diffindo. Now jump in the middle to reach it, run to the end, Diffindo the rope and leap over the remaining bookshelves to reach the book. You could read it but I wouldn't bother because you'll hear it later. DUELS AND SKURGE: A new door opens, go through it, it's facing the one you use to come in. Get some cakes from the bookshelves on the right and have Flipendo ready. Now go through the archway to meet an insane bookshelf. Keep Flipendo-ing it so it gradually backs away and try to avoid books it will throw at you. Once you've made it back off to a certain point it will keel over. Grab the white block next to it, pull it back to where the bookshelf first was, then push it left to the end of the black and white path. Get some more cakes, then climb up the white block and onto the bookshelf. This bit is very annoying, it made Harry lose his beans and me lose my marbles. You have to Flipendo the books that block the way, when they fall jump to the next shelf and so on. Watch out for ghosts though, they will attack you and make you drop things. Use Lumos when you can to keep them away. The only advice I can think of is as soon as you've cast Flipendo cast Lumos before jumping. Also don't try and jump until the camera angle suits you. (A good way of changing the camera angle is to walk off the edge of the bookshelf you want the camera behind, hang there until it moves and then climb back up). Open the book to recieve Skurge. Use your new spell to remove the green goo around the room, this will reveal shelves you can use to restock. Now go back to the huge gooey door next to Hedwig's ladder. Skurge away the goo and enter.
Salazar11  posted on Jan 03, 2007 6:28:36 PM - Report post

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Go down the hallway and enter a new room. First go through the room on the left of the yellow door using Skurge, watch out for the ghost. Now there'll be a scene. Make your way through the rooms. After you press two switches Crabbe will enter, equip Expelliamus and Flipendo and go out to meet him for a duel. There is more points in this round, but use the same tactics as you did for Malfoy, when he's down continue through the rooms. Two more switches and Goyle will appear, equip your spells and do exactly what yo did with Crabbe. Malfoy will go off in a sulk, now you can go through the large yellow door. Skurge the next archway clean, now grab the white block and pull it through the archway next to the wall. Climb up, Skurge the levers and exit. Now Lumos the room and push the stone wall thats revealed, you are in the library reading room but you simply have to run to the door at the top of the screen. Now make you way to the seventh floor and up to Hermione. She'll read Hogwarts: A History to you and you can now end the day, but spend all your beans first ready for... Day Seven
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