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how do u kill the 13 colossus
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    thug4life posted on Jun 13, 2006 1:18:16 PM - Report post
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    drakkehn posted on May 06, 2007 3:11:01 AM - Report post
    Mr Chubby i would ask the mighty Wrathlos if i were you. He beat almost every colossus except #16. So Wrathlos has skill indeed.
    Its time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-do the mario!!!
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    datsun240z posted on May 08, 2007 9:04:47 AM - Report post
    As far as I know, this colossus doesn't have many attacks, the only real chall-
    enge is getting on it so you can reach its vitals. The only attack that I am
    aware of is when you are riding under the colossus, it will curve its body in
    an attempt to hit you with one of its multiple fins. Once you regain control of
    your character, ride Agro towards the flying colossus. When you have reached a
    good speed, hold R1 and press up on the left analog stick to stand. Equip your
    bow and shoot the white bulbs underneath the colossus. When you successfully
    punctured them all, the colossus will lower to the ground, allowing you to grab
    hold of it. Ride alongside the wounded colossus with Agro and get as close to
    its wings as you can. Jump and grab onto the little ridges on the colossus'
    wing. If you are having trouble grabbing onto its wing, try to either cut him
    off with Agro and jump on, or stand in its path and as it flies by jump and grab
    on. Do not ride along side it, he is too fast. The Colossus will fly back into
    the air, now you need to get on its back. When the wing is straight, loosen
    your grip, run and jump onto its back. Grab hold of its fur. The symbols are
    behind the creature's fins. Run behind one of the fins, grab hold of the colo-
    ssus, charge your strength and stab the symbol.

    Once you have struck the vital point a couple of times, it will disappear.
    The colossus will most likely retreat into the sand, and once it emerges again
    its bulbs will be refilled. Simply repeat what you did previously, shoot the
    white bulbs, grab onto the creatures wing, get onto its back and move to a
    different fin. There are three different vital points, each one behind one
    of its fins. You will probably need to puncture its bulbs and jump on its back
    three times until you can reach all of its vital points. Its fin will fold down
    and cover the last vital point if you reach it before the creature returns to
    the sand. Hold L1 so you know where it is while it is in the sand, this way you
    will be ready for it when it emerges once more.
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