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Final Mix?
Darkish  posted on Jun 09, 2006 8:49:57 AM - Report post

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I have done some researching and I have heard that Kingdom Hearts Final Mix or a game that contains Final Mix was only released in Japan...is this true?

If so, how can I get the basic plot or videos for this game.

Help would be appreciated.

ElkAshimoro  posted on Jun 09, 2006 9:09:52 AM - Report post

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Kingdom Hearts was re-released in Japan as Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix; this version has several events and a number of gameplay tweaks that are not in the American, European and Australian releases. Spoken dialogue is in English, with Japanese subtitles.

New scenes, clarifying certain plot points, such as Riku's journey and foreshadowing of Kingdom Hearts II, were included. A gameplay tweak allows the player to skip cutscenes after seeing them once. The optional bosses first included in the English version were introduced to Japanese players for the first time, along with the "Enigmatic Man", in an attempt to raise interest for the sequel. In another attempt at foreshadowing, a video called "Another Side, Another Story [deep dive]" plays along with "Another side, Another story..." if the player accomplishes certain tasks.

New music was incorporated; the tracks are "Disappeared" and "Another Side". The "Night on Bald Mountain" and "One-Winged Angel" tracks from the English version were included as well.

Other changes include new abilities, new weapons, new items, additional and recolored enemies; and gameplay tweaks to make the game easier for the player, along with two new difficulty levels.

ElkAshimoro  posted on Jun 09, 2006 9:18:17 AM - Report post

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The plot is identical. here are the differences:
1. New Bosses - Ice Titan, Kurt Zisa and Sephiroth are now in the game, just like the EU and American version of Kingdom Hearts. Also you can now fight one of the "Unknowns" featured in the secret ending at Hollow Bastion (You don't actually have to get all the Dalmations to be able to fight Unknown, despite what Walkthroughs say).
((NOTE: In the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth, Kurt Zisa, and Ice Titan were't bosses. They were added only in the English version. Final Mix was a sort of "Revenge")
2. Enemy Changes - Every enemy has been recoloured (meaning every enemy looks quite different) and there stats changed (e.g. higher HP)
3. New Heartless - The Heartless featured in the original games secret ending "Another Side, Another Story" can now be fought at "End Of The World", these heartless are named "NEO-Shadow" and work in a team when attacking. Others are:
- Chimera (Halloween Town)
- Pink Agaricus (Deep Jungle)
- Jet Balloon & Missile Diver (Neverland)
- Sniper Wild (Traverse Town)
- Black Ballade
4. Extra Secret Ending - Along with the original games secret ending, A new one can be unlocked entitled "Deep Dive", you can download this at the site in the KH2 Videos section.
5. New Cutscenes - There are 3 new cutscenes depicting Riku. In the first you find him talking to Malficient, Secondly you witness him being talked by Mickey and thirdly you see a flashback of him and Sora as children.
There is a new cutscene after defeating Sephiroth featuring him and Cloud fighting each other
There are more conversations that clear up some unexplained parts of the game, for example there is a conversation between Aeris and Sora when she explains Cloud is looking for Sephiroth NOT Aeris.
6. New Keyblades - There is 2 new keyblades that can be obtained, The "One-Winged-Angel" after defeating Sephiroth and "Diamond Dust" after defeating the Ice Titan.
7. Gummi Ship Missions - There is now "Gummi Ship - Missions" to make traveling between worlds more enjoyable as they actually have a good point.
8. Extra Ansem Reports - There is 2 new Ansem Reports which can be unlocked, Alternatively just view the Ansem Reports section under the KH1 menu.
9. New Abilities - Sora now has several new abilites, which are:
- Slap Shot [AP: 1] [Interrupts enemy attacks]
- Slide Dash [AP: 1] [Use keyblade to slide to closen in on enemys]
- Stun Impact [AP: 1] [A finishing combo which stuns enemys with lightning]
- Gravity Break [AP: 1] [A finishing combo, throws a black orb]
- Ripple Drive [AP: 1] [An uppercut attack which distances an enemy]
- Hurricane Period [AP: 1] [An aerial finishing attack that works quite fast]
- Zantetsuken [AP: 1] [finishing combo which can auto-defeat an enemy]
- Leaf Veil [AP: 5] [Enemys cannot hurt you when trying to heal]
- Tech Plus [AP: 2] [Tech points x2, x3 etc. depends on how many equiped]
- Encounter Up [AP: 1] [More heartless will appear]
Darkish  posted on Jun 09, 2006 12:47:29 PM - Report post

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So is there any way to buy Final Mix or do you have to go to Japan?
FinalFantasyMF  posted on Jun 09, 2006 12:59:16 PM - Report post

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maybe try ebay?
ElkAshimoro  posted on Jun 09, 2006 2:43:28 PM - Report post

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The game can only be bought in JAPAN and only ever in Japan, just like FF7 or FFX-2 International.

Unless you own a Japanese PS2 or a modded/chipped American/European PS2, Final Mix will not play on your English PS2.

Something called "Slide Card and Swap Magic" lets you play import games, and can be found by searching here Link

XxXRikuXxX  posted on Jun 10, 2006 3:09:52 AM - Report post

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yeah and a good site to buy the game is [url]www.play-asia.com'>Link
i bought it and played it through completely its definetely worth buying/playing it. a great game
WhirlwindLancer  posted on Jun 10, 2006 2:22:23 PM - Report post

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heres wut i got. i have the first gen PS2. they had three, the first made a huge loud whirling as u played. they then realeased a silent one, then the slim one. so i have the loud one, my question is: was this the same system that was released in japan, meaning i could play final mix, or is something completely different??
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